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The Search Engine has been improved for easier searching including game abbreviations. You can type "sotn" in the Search Engine to bring up every page that mentions Symphony of the Night, or type "cv3" for any page that mentions Dracula's Curse.

You can also expand your search by adding words or phrases after "sotn" or "cv3" like Dracula, Weapons, etc, to bring up those pages faster.

You can also type nes, snes, gba, etc, in the search engine to bring up all games from those systems.

Here is a complete list of all game abbreviations used for this site:
The Adventure - adv
The Adventure ReBirth - advr
Aria of Sorrow - aos
Belmont's Revenge - br
Bloodlines - bl
Castlevania - cv
Castlevania 64 - cv64
Castlevania Chronicles - cc
Castlevania Judgment - jud
Castlevania Legends - lg
Circle of the Moon - cotm
Curse of Darkness - cod
Dawn of Sorrow - dos
Dracula's Curse - cv3
Dracula X - dx
Dracula X Chronicles - dxc
Harmony of Despair - hd
Harmony of Dissonance - hod
Haunted Castle - hc
Lament of Innocence - loi
Legacy of Darkness - lod
Lords of Shadow - los
Lords of Shadow 2 - los2
LOS - Mirror of Fate - mof
Order of Ecclesia - ooe
Order of Shadows - oos
Portrait of Ruin - por
Rondo of Blood - rob
Simon's Quest - cv2
Super Castlevania IV - cv4
Symphony of the Night - sotn
Vampire Killer - vk

Here is a complete list of all system abbreviations used for this site:
Nintendo - nes
Super Nintendo - snes
Nintendo 64 - n64
Nintendo Wii - wii
Game Boy - gb
Game Boy Advance - gba
Nintendo DS - ds
PlayStation - ps
PlayStation 2 - ps2
PlayStation 3 - ps3
PlayStation Portable - psp
Sega Genesis - sega
Xbox - xbox
Xbox 360 - xbox360

Advanced Search:

When you click the Advanced Search button it will expand like this:

Checking the "sprites" box like this example will bring up the Symphony of the Night Sprites page:

Changing the keyword from "sotn" to "dracula" will bring up every page containing Dracula Sprite Sheets: