Castlevania: Bloodlines Characters

John Morris
The son of the great Quincy Morris, John witnessed his father's defeat against Count Dracula, only to watch Quincy pass away from what happened during the battle. Since that day John Morris has vowed to rid the world of all evil.

Eric Lecarde
As John's close friend, Eric Lecarde has seen the unthinkable, as he witnessed the historic battle between Quincy Morris and Count Dracula. Eric has volunteered to aid John Morris in his quest to destroy the memory of Dracula.

Elizabeth Bartley
In the year 1421, Elizabeth Bartley was found kneeling over the body of a dead young man. He had two puncture wounds in his neck. She was tried as a vampire and found guilty. The niece of Count Dracula she truly was, and now she is back, and wants to revive the Count to wreak havoc on all humanity.


After being defeated by Quincy Morris, Count Dracula has not been heard of until his niece Elizabeth Bartley was brought back to life by a witch named Drolta Tzuentes. Elizabeth's goal is to revive her uncle, and bring pain and suffering to all humans throughout Europe.