Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Armor

Alucart Mail

Look carefully, one letter is different! It's not who you think! Also offers terrible defense.
DEF +1

Banded Mail

Created by an empire in the West, but taken and imprved by an island in the orient.
DEF +28
CON +5

Black Belt Suit

The color of the belt indicates rank, with black being the highest. Proof of a lethal fighter.
DEF +5
STR +5
CON +5


The tightly fitted golden plates comprising this armor could be dragon scales. A snug fit.
DEF +16

Chain Mail

Countless metal rings linked to form armor. Takes a long, long time to make.
DEF +20

Clown Suit

Worn by the heroic Vampire Hunter Comesafter C. Filled with the rage of those he killed.
DEF +3
LCK +5

Cuirassair Armor

Designed to cover the weak points of field armor; very easy to use and wear.
DEF +40

Dracula's Clothes

Created over thousands of years by the denizens of the dark, they absorb human blood. All powerful.
DEF +30
STR +10
CON +10
LCK -5

Eastern Armor

From a small country in the Far East, comprised of many small metal disks. A collector's item.
DEF +15
CON +5

Field Armor

Armored focused on high defense for heavy infantry. So heavy that few wear it by choice.
DEF +35

Half Plate

Safe, sturdy armor that also allows freedom of movement. Highly decorated and attractive.
DEF +24

Hanzou's Clothes

Said to have been worn by a famous assassin from the Far East with much tension and suspense.
DEF +10
STR +10
CON +10

Hard Leather Armor

Layer upon layer of leather built up to make tough armor, yet still allows free movement. Very popular.
DEF +8

Hide Armor

Clothing covered in animal furs. Mainly used by hunters; popular because of its warmth.
DEF +3
CON +5

Kendo Suit

A traditional sword-play uniform from a small, far Eastern island. Boiling hot in the summer.
DEF +10


Beautiful armor made of leather scales. A historical piece from a once mighty empire.
DEF +12


Old but sturdy armor detailed with beautiful relief, a symbol of the metallurgic quality at the time.
DEF +10

Maximillian Armor

High level techniques are required to created this aerodynamic armor. So smooth that it's very light.
DEF +50

Parade Armor

Armor designed for formal occasions, but offers such high defense that it is now also used in battle .
DEF +45

Plate Mail

Armor created with the requests of wearers in mind. Perfect in battle; standard garb for many soldiers.
DEF +32

Prince's Clothes

Oh, my prince! All the girls dream of a shining prince coming to whisk them away...or so I've heard.
DEF +3
LCK +10

Soft Leather Armor

Cheap and easy to find, great armor for the beginner. Crafted with love and care.
DEF +5

Special Ops

Worn by operatives on special missions; proof of the top brass's implicit trust.
DEF +2

Sports Jersey

Girls may wear this to avoid the looks from boys brought on by a sports kit...or so I'm told.
DEF +3
CON +5

Sports Kit

How many times have I told you?! Take this home and get it washed every once in a while! It stinks!.
DEF +2
STR +5