Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Materials


A mythical metal said to be the hardest in existence. Amazing that it actually exists in raw form.
Final Guard
Infinite Corridor


A very light metal used by some alchemists, but mostly unknown. Makes very light armor.
Armor Knight, Lesser Demon, Orc
Abandoned Castle

Ancient Memory

A stone fragment with ancient memories engraved on it. Used for primitive weapons.
Blaze Master Lv.14, Fishman, Merman, Sniper Orc

Angel Halo

Its name comes from its shape and its shine. Has strong holy powers.
Mortvia Aqueduct


A blue ore as clear and deep as the sea. Appears moist to the touch.
Mortvia Aqueduct, Forest of Jigramunt

Beezelbub's Seal

The spirit body of Beezelbub, sealed in amber. Overflowing with phantom's energy.


Deep bluish bronze. Pretty common as a material and not that strong, but has many uses.

Carbon Steel

The base for amazingly tough steel. Very precious, it makes great weaponry or armor.
Sniper Orc, Great Armor
Forest of Jigramunt, Infinite Corridor


Lighter and more resistant to heat than metallic materials. A light, white color.
Rapid Sniper, Skeleton Trooper Lv.35

Ceremonial Tool

An amber artifact used in ancient rituals. An ancient weapon is said to be made from this.
Blaze Master Lv.14, Vassago
Infinite Corridor

Damascus Steel

A beautiful layered selection of metals expertly combined. Hard and resistant, it never rust.
Iron Gladiator
Cordova Town, Aiolon Ruins

Dark Crystal

Evil, dark matter that lingers in space. Must be handled extremely carefully.
Evil Core Lv.42
Baljhet Mountains, Infinite Corridor

Dark Matter

Evil, dark matter that lingers in space. Must be handled extremely carefully.
Blaze Phantom
Mortvia Aqueduct

Devil Iron

Ore that glows blue. Has very strong magical powers.
Minotaurus Lv.30

Devil's Vein

The blood of many devils, solidified by magic. Black and sickly, don't look at it for too long.
Isaac Lv.34
Forest of Jigramunt

Dragon Scale

Although not actually taken from a dragon, so hard and flameproof that it may as well have been.
Skeleton Rider
Baljhet Mountains, Forest of Jigramunt


Said to make up a large part of the universe, but further details remain unknown.
Lizard Shaman
Garibaldi Temple, Forest of Jigramunt, Infinite Corridor

Forgotten Memory

Has existed since the creation of the Earth. Used to make weapons, but almost impossible to work with.
Amduscius, Unicorn
Infinite Corridor

Frenzy of Wind

A bright, flesh green ore. You can hear the wind if you hold it close to your ear.
Aiolon Ruins


A heavy red metal in many leyers. Said to draw out a human's latent power, but who really knows?
Crazy Armor Lv.9, Red Ogre

Holy Man's Vein

The blood of a high ranking holy man solidified by magic. Filled with the holy power to crush evil.
Dead Baron, Dead Fencer
Infinite Corridor

Immortal Fragment

A piece of eternity itself. Releases endless amounts of energy. Really shouldn't exist to be honest.
Saint Germain Lv.37

Indigo Steel

Fairly easy to find, bright indigo in color and pretty heavy. Melts at high temperatures.
Assassin Zombie, Lizard Shaman, Red Ogre, Wolf Skeleton Lv.23


Rarely used to make weapons, but... maybe...?
Assassin Zombie

Jet Black

A primitive material used since the dawn of time. Still used to make many basic weapons.
Cockatrice, Efreet, Lizard Man

Knight's Vein

The blood of a great knight solidified by magic. It's burning-hot red, too hot to hold for long.
Bone Soldier, Dead Baron, Dead Fencer, Phantom Sword, Spectral Sword

Lightning Stone

A stone made when lightning strikes a crystal by chance. Has massive energy, and shocking to touch.
Thunder Demon
Infinite Corridor

Midas' Gold

Amazingly pure gold. Worth a great deal, but not the best material to make things from.

Miracle Egg

No one knows what will be born from this egg. Looks as though it could suck you right in.
Evil Core Lv.42, Golden Bones
Dracula's Castle


The ultimate metal, created on a phantom continent. Shines with a red light.
Aiolon Ruins


Hardened 'warmth' collected from a variety of objects; gives off natural heat in its pure form.
Flame Demon
Infinite Corridor

Purple Glitter

A crystal that glows a strange purple. Very rare, said to fall from the sky.

Red Steel

Red steel, made from solidified magma. Hard, good for armor and non-edged weapons.
Armored Sprinter, Harpy, Necromancer, Undead Lord

Spirit of Fuji

A godly material from a distant mountain in the East. Prized for its use in many different weapons.
Dark Warlock, Necromancer, Wizard,Lesser Demon
Mortvia Aqueduct, Aiolon Ruins, Infinite Corridor


Regular steel. Easy to find but brittle and hard to shape. Used more for weapons than armor.
Bone Soldier, Dark Warlock, Great Armor

Sun Tears

The innocence of the shining sun captured in amber. Will shine brightly for eternity.
Flame Demon

Vampire Blood

A pure red jewel, created from drops of blood from those killed by Dracula. Mark of a demonic king.
Dracula (2nd form)
Tower of Evermore

White Steel

White steel, easy to come by and cheap to buy. Quite weak when used alone, but easy to work with.
Ghoul, White Gravial

Wild Memory

A strange stone fragment with ancient memories carved on it. Used for simple weapons.
Fenrir, Skeleton Blaze Lv.5, Zombie