Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Special Items

  • Dash Boots
  • Double-tap left or right to dash.
  • Found: Catacombs
  • Drop: Earth Demon

  • Double Jump
  • While in the air, press the jump button to execute another jump.
    Very useful for reaching new areas.
  • Found: Catacombs
  • Drop: Cerberus
  • Tackle Dash
  • Press forward and the special move button to do a tackle attack.
    This can damage enemies and destroy certain blocks.
  • Found: Audience Room
  • Drop: Necromancer
  • Kick Boots
  • Enables the wall kick with the use of the special move button.
    Use this to move up narrow spaces between walls.
  • Found: Machine Tower
  • Drop: Iron Golem
  • Heavy Ring
  • This ring lets Nathan move heavy blocks.
  • Found: Underground Gallery
  • Drop: Dragon Zombie

  • Cleansing
  • Cleanses the poisoned water in the Underground Waterway.
  • Found: Underground Warehouse
  • Drop: Death
  • Roc Wing
  • You can execute a high jump with pressing up and the special move button.
    There's no limit on how many jumps can be done.
  • Found: Underground Waterway
  • Drop: Camilla
  • Last Key
  • Opens the door to the Ceremonial Room.
  • Found: Observation Tower
  • Drop: Hugh Baldwin