Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Cheat Codes and Passwords

Thorn Whip and Holy Water: OFIC M5YX XD4C Q3AA
Dracula's Rib, Chain Whip, and Blue Crystal: OFIT M5QX 1P5S QBQA
Previous Items plus Dracula's Heart: SZMH QXE1 5PXW UESE
Previous Items plus Dracula's Nail, Flame Whip, and Red Crystal: TIRH DYDZ 4O5V 81B1
Previous Items plus Ring and Cross: MLIE WUCW VNKU SCBC
All Weapons: FD1L HZH4 NPBE USIR
Start game with all Items: MLIT WVCW T3KU SFZC
Start game with all Items and Full Experience: DINT XXDY 445X V3ZX
Dracula: RIG7 NVFX E45V 07BT
Dracula in under 5:12:00: EXKM WSUW 532U UWBG
Dracula (second ending): OYZY UQAU R12S SMIA
Dracula (third ending): C1DF O26D L1KN SWJK

Game Genie Codes
Start with 1 Life: PASGLILA
Start with 6 Lives: TASGLILA
Start with 9 Lives: PASGLILE
Start with 25 Hearts: IZSKZIAIL
Start with 75 Hearts: IYSKZIAIL
Start with more Energy: AISKTIAL
Start with less Energy: AZSKTIAL
Infinite Lives: SXOGGZVG
Infinite Hearts: SXESEASA
Infinite Energy: SZSSYLSA
Infinite Laurels: SZXIOPVG
Infinite Garlic: SZUISPVG