Super Castlevania IV Cheat Codes and Passwords

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Stage 2 - Forest

Stage 3 - Caverns

Stage 4 - Death Tower

Stage 5 - Castle Entrance

Stage 6 - Main Hall

Stage 7 - Library

Stage 8 - Catacombs

Stage 9 - Treasury

Stage A - Clock Tower

Stage B - Castle Keep

2nd Quest

Game Genie Codes
Infinite Lives: DD6C-DD66
99 Lives: BBB2-D4AF DDB2-D7DF 69B2-D70F
Invincibility: EEB3-DDDF (Using Meat cancels this)
Stop timer: 6D6D-DF06
Start with 99 Hearts: BBB3-D40F
Use weapon on first enemy for extra life: EEBA-D40F
1st Heart gives you 99 Hearts: EEB3-D46F
Unlimited ammo for most weapons: A689-0FD7
No energy lost when hit by some enemies: D22F-07D7
Kill enemies and bosses faster: D220-07D7
Weapon hits multiple times before reaching target: D221-04A7
Weapon keeps hitting enemy or candle until destroyed: D221-07D7
Weapons damage enemies or candles in front, above, or below: D225-04D7
Enemies, candles, and bosses destroyed in your presence: F223-04D7