Castlevania: Dracula X Characters

Richter Belmont
A descendant of the legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont, Richter's girlfriend Annet and her sister Maria were kidnapped and taken to Dracula's Castle as revenge against the Belmont Clan. Once made aware of this, Richter sets his sights on entering Dracula's Castle to destroy the dark lord, and fulfill his destiny as a true member of the Belmont Family.

Annet Renard
Richter Belmont's girlfriend Annet has been kidnapped, and is being held in Dracula's Castle to lure Richter in as a plot of revenge against the Belmonts.

Maria Renard
Annet's sister Maria has also been taken by Dracula, and is being held captive in his dark castle. Richter must try to save them both before it is too late.


It is the year 1792 and the Prince of Darkness has returned yet again, this time to take revenge against the decedents of Simon Belmont, mainly Richter. Since Simon has passed away, Dracula has no choice but to go after the Belmont Clan to avenge what Simon did to him so many years ago.