Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Skills

PS2 Buttons:
S = Square Button
T = Triangle Button
X = X Button
Guard = R1 or R2
Extension: SSSS - Additional combo attack.
Draw Up: STS - Draws in lightweight enemies for attack.
Vertical High: SSST - Tosses enemy unto the air by slamming the ground.
Rising Shot: S during Vertical High - An upward attack during a jump.
Fast Rising: T followed quickly by S - First attack becomes Rising Shot.
Spinning Blast: S during Draw Up - Slams whip energy into the ground while spinning in a jump.
Energy Blast: T during Rising Shot - Slams whip energy into the ground after a Rising Shot.
Sonic Edge: Rotate left analog + T - Unleashes sonic lashes in all directions.
A Extension 1: SSS in mid-air - A mid-air combo attack with the whip.
A Extension 2: SSSSS in mid-air - A more advanced mid-air combo attack with the whip.
Step Attack: During Quick Step, S or T - An attack during Quick Step.
Falcon Claw: X during double jump - A diving kick from a double jump.
Quick Step: Guard button + X - Moves quickly in the direction of the left analog to possibly avoid attacks.
Quick Step 2: During Quick Step, guard + X - Takes further evasive action after a Quick Step.
PerfectGuard: Guard at impact - Blocks most enemy attacks while gaining MP and hearts.