Castlevania: Order of Shadows Sub-Weapons

  • Crissaegrim
  • One of the rarest and most powerful weapons,
    the Crissaegrim can strike a target multiple times.
  • MP Usage: 15 MP
  • Demon Sword
  • Cursed by a dark priest, the Demon Sword
    was once wielded by a knight .
  • MP Usage: 12 MP
  • Cross
  • A holy cross that returns to Desmond when thrown.
  • MP Usage: 5 MP
  • Dove
  • Pets used by a family friend for protection.
  • MP Usage: 12 MP
  • Lightning Hammer
  • Energized with electricity, the lightning hammer
    is nearly indestructible.
  • MP Usage: 20 MP
  • Muramasa
  • The Muramasa has almost a life of its own,
    created by a legendary swordsman and blacksmith.
  • MP Usage: 10 MP
  • Platinum Blade
  • A blade forged of the purest platinum.
    Its light weight aids its speed.
  • MP Usage: 6 MP
  • Sacred Cross
  • Blessed with divine power, the sacred cross
    arches forward and returns to Desmond.
  • MP Usage: 7 MP
  • Throwing Axe
  • A Razor-sharp throwing axe capable
    of cutting throught stone.
  • MP Usage: 5 MP
  • Ujava
  • A Legendary sword created from
    one of Indra's thunderbolts.
  • MP Usage: 13 MP