Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Game Script

Outside the Castle
(a priest walks around looking for someone)

???: !!

(a young man and woman shows up)

???: That whip! There's no mistaking it! You're Jonathan Morris!

Jonathan: Good eye. And you are...?

???: Ah, forgive me. I am Vincent Dorin.

Vincent: By order of the church, I have been awaiting you. To think
that the master of the legendary Vampire Killer would come
here! A blessing indeed.

???: Too bad he can't actually use it.

Jonathan: !! Charlotte! can't you even pretend to play along for

Charlotte: Well, that's the truth, isn't it? You can't lie to a

Vincent: Wh-What? Are you suggesting that whip is a fake then?

Jonathan: It's true. I Can't use the Vampire Killer. This whip
wasn't actually passed down through my family.

Charlotte: You've heard of the Belmont family, haven't you?

Vincent: Why of course I have! They've used that whip for generations
to destroy Dracula. And that family is related to the Morris
family by blood.

Jonathan: Been doing your research, huh? Unfortunately, the fact is,
We're not the true successors. No problem, though. I've won
every battle till now without the whip. Not one loss.

Charlotte: Lucky you have me to help you.

Vincent: Yes, I was wandering about that. And you are...?

Charlotte: Well, excuse me. If you're from the church, then remember
this! I am Charlotte Aulin!

Vincent: Charlotte... I've heard that name before... Charlotte...
Oh! You must be the great magician everyone's been talking

Charlotte: Heh-heh... "Great," you say?

Vincent: U-Unbelievable! To think that she was a mere child--

Charlotte: !! (has a funny annoyed facial expression)

Vincent: Oh, well, I mean, such a lovely young lady!

Charlotte: You heard that? Jonathan! He called me l-o-v-e-l-y!

Jonathan: ... So anyway, Vincent, you had some business with me?

Charlotte: !! (has a funny annoyed facial expression)

Vincent: Oh, yes, yes, I do! I have been ordered to assist you in
your quest. I've brought potions with me, but, well...

Jonathan: Well? what?

Vincent: It's a matter of... economics.

Charlotte: You want us to pay you, right?

Vincent: Um, well, if you insist...

Jonathan: Sure no problem. I Think we can take care of that.

Charlotte: I couldn't care less.

Jonathan: But more importantly, the castle. Is that really
Dracula's Castle?

Vincent: No one has seen Dracula thus far. However, the church
insists that it is indeed Dracula's Castle.

Charlotte: No doubt about it. This castle is pulsing with dark
magical power. I can't imagine it's anything but the
castle of Lord Dracula that I studied in the books.

Jonathan: Sounds like fun. Come on, better get going then.

Charlotte: Right with you.

Vincent: B-Be careful. I'll search for a safe place. I'll meet
you inside. Godspeed.

Meeting with Wind
Jonathan: !! Something's here?!

(a ghost shows up)

Charlotte: It's not human.

Jonathan: A Monster?!

Charlotte: No, wait! I sense no evil from him.

???: Ah,... You can sense me.

Jonathan: Who are you?

???: A ghost as you can see. Ghosts have no need for names.

Charlotte: Impossible! Somehow, he retained his consciousness
after dying. It must be the castle's magic!

Jonathan: I don't know about you, but he sure seems shady to me.

???: Think what you will. It's your choice. However can you
truly destroy me with a whip you can't even use?

Jonathan: Only one way to find out!

Charlotte: Wait, Hold on! How do you know he can't use the
Vampire Killer?

Jonathan: Huh?

Charlotte: I find it very odd to find a ghost not controlled
by Dracula's castle.

???: A smart girl, compared to this foolish boy. Just before I
died, I cast a magic barrier on myself, binding my soul to
this place. I'm free from the castle's control, but I'm
trapped here.

Charlotte: But a paranormal entity like you can easily be
affected by magic! Casting a barrier that repels the
castle's power is impossible, even for me! Just who
are you?!

???: My name is meaningless, but I suppose you need to call me

(wind can be heard blowing in the room)

Wind: Very well. Call me "Wind".

Charlotte: ... Mr. Wind.

Wind: Just Wind is fine.

Charlotte: Alright Wind. What are you doing here?

Jonathan: Didn't you hear him? He's trapped here, remember?

Charlotte: I understand that. But if he truly has this much
power, he could use other methods besides just
binding his spirit here.

Wind: My, my, my... You really are a bright little girl,
aren't you?

Charlotte: Stop treating me like a child. My name is Charlotte.

Wind: Ah, I understand. And who is this boy?

Jonathan: Who you calling a "boy"?! It's Jonathan. Jonathan

Wind: Hm. The reason I'm here, simply put, is regret. I will
not rest until the lord of this castle is vanquished.
I thought I would lend assistance to those who wish to
defeat him.

Jonathan: But, if you can't move from here, what do you intend
to do?

Wind: In spirit form I am able to grant items and techniques I
once possessed in life. I think they'll be of great help
to you.

Charlotte: In that case please help us.

Jonathan: No, I've been able to do fine without any of his
help so far. So why don't you just--

Charlotte: Right, "so far". But this is Dracula's Castle.
Even if you could use that whip, it won't help you
when you die. Don't you remember your father?

Jonathan: Enough of my father! Just leave it to me, okay? My
father's dead. Forget him.

Charlotte: ... Sorry. But still--

Jonathan: No, wait, I'm sorry... Guess I got a little
over dramatic there. You might be right, Charlotte.
Wind, perhaps we could use your help. Would you help

Wind: ... If you can complete the tasks I give, only then will
I help you.

(Jonathan and Charlotte accepts his task)

Jonathan: Deal. Let's go, Charlotte.

Meeting Vincent in the next room
Vincent: Oh, well, well! Welcome back!

Charlotte: Hmpf! So, you're selling your potions here?

Vincent: There aren't many now, but my stock will increase
little by little.

Jonathan: For a price, right?

Vincent: Yes, I'm afraid so, Master Jonathan.

Charlotte: Don't try anything shifty. And don't even try to
lie. Still, it is true that rural churches are
short on money, or so they say.

Vincent: Th-Thank you. You're lifesavers. Anyway, please have
a look.

Meeting Wind after completing his first task
Wind: Now you should be able to advance deeper into the castle.
If you complete the tasks I give to you, I shall teach
you even more, including magic skills. I may be able to
entrust you with other items in the future as well.

Jonathan: Sounds good to me.

Wind: Oh, one more thing... Regarding this castle's lord.

Charlotte: You mean Dracula right? I've read books about

Wind: Dracula isn't this castle's lord.

Jonathan: What do you mean? That's why they call this
"Dracula's Castle".

Wind: It is indeed Dracula's Castle. However, the castle's
lord is a vampire by the name of Brauner.

Charlotte: I've heard nothing about that!

Wind: As one would expect. His identity has been kept secret
for years, after all. He infuses magic into paintings to
increase his power. You will undoubtedly come across
these paintings in this castle. Search for these paintings.

Charlotte: He's using the paintings to make the castle's power
his, isn't he? Still, he isn't Dracula, after all, so
we're safe for now.

Wind: Be careful. His power grows stronger by the minute.

Jonathan: No problem. We won't let you be tied down here for
long. That's a promise.

Charlotte: trust us. Jonathan might seem unreliable, but he'd
never break a promise.

Wind: Heh, that's reassuring. Very well. Best of luck to you.

Jonathan: All right then. Let's go find those paintings!

Finding the first painting
Charlotte: This painting... Its power is incredible!

Jonathan: Must be one of those paintings...

Charlotte: Without a doubt. Hm... I've got it!

Jonathan: Care to share?

Charlotte: This paintings function. Brauner is using it to
control the power of this castle!

Jonathan: Well then, let's hurry up and rip it to shreds!

Charlotte: Impossible. Anything we do will be pointless. From
what I can tell, based on the theory of curse
amplification, this picture is a multilayer
quantum-space barrier. A kind of paranormal

Jonathan: Uh, okay... And what does that mean in human language?

Charlotte: ... In short, think of it as a series of walls that
surround the magic controlling Dracula's Castle. The
painting itself is just the outermost wall. As soon as
you break it, it'll regenerate. It's unbreakable.

Jonathan: How convenient. So now what?

Charlotte: I'll align my magic with the painting's so we can enter
it. That'll be the best way to circumvent the castle's
magic. the risk is quite high though.

Jonathan: No problem. C'mon, what do we have to lose?

Charlotte: Okay then. Here we go.

(Jonathan and Charlotte enter the painting)

Jonathan: So we're in the painting now?

Charlotte: The will of the artist is embodied here.

Meeting with Loretta after first boss battle
Charlotte: Phew, that monster just now seemed to be the core of
the magic energy.

Jonathan: Meaning Brauner can't use the castle's power now?

Charlotte: No, not quite. His control of the castle's power has
decreased a bit, but...

Jonathan: "Decreased a bit"?

Charlotte: I think there's something else...

???: My oh, my...

(a mysterious vampire woman appears in front of them)

???: I knew I smelled something. Seems like some maggots got

Jonathan: !! A vampire!

???: My, My, such attitude... You dare disrespect somebody of
my caliber?

Loretta: I am a LADY. Lady Loretta. As you said, your battle just
now may have weakened us a bit... However, I do have some
tragic news for you. This wasn't the only one of my father's

Charlotte: I know that. I can obviously tell by sensing the movement
of the magical energy.

Loretta: Heh-heh-heh... What an amusing sight. A child who fancies
herself an adult!

Charlotte: !!

Jonathan: Let's take her, Charlotte.

Charlotte: Right with you.

(Jonathan tries to strike Loretta but a strong force stops him)

Jonathan: !! The whip!

Charlotte: Jonathan, what are you doing?!

Loretta: Unfortunately, I have strict orders from father not to
fight you. Now if you'll excuse me...

(Loretta vanishes)

Charlotte: Why did you stop attacking?

Jonathan: It was like some strange power was... Oh, never mind.
I'm sure it was nothing. I probably just imagined it.

Charlotte: Oh, well. Like that vampire said, I sense other
paintings. I can't pinpoint their exact location, though.

Jonathan: We'll just have to find them.

Charlotte: Let's head back to the castle.

Meeting with Death at Great Stairway
Jonathan: !!

Death: I thought you would appear. the one who imposes upon my

Charlotte: He's swirling with black magic. I've read about him.
Dracula's eternal servant... Death.

Jonathan: Dracula isn't this castle's master anymore! Why are you

Death: My, what an odd thing to say. This castle belongs to Lord
Dracula. To him and no one else.

Charlotte: I get it. You've joined forces with Brauner because
you're thinking of resurrecting Dracula, aren't you?

Death: Brauner... Who are you talking about?

Jonathan: There's no point in playing dumb! We already know the
current master of this castle is a vampire by the name
of Brauner!

Death: Vampire Brauner... Even with my power, I didn't sense that.
It seems I have been dormant for far too long.

Jonathan: Don't tell me you didn't know. Well, it doesn't matter.
You're connected to Dracula. That makes you my enemy!

Death: Ha! You're no match for me!. Your father was much stronger
than you. And now he's dead!

Jonathan: Don't compare me to my father!!

Charlotte: Calm down, Jonathan! You can't beat him without a strategy!

Death: Oh, and to think he needs a little child to admonish him!

(Death flies away)

Charlotte: !!

Jonathan: Sorry, Charlotte. Whenever someone mentions my father, I
just lose it.

Charlotte: That's alright. It's not like you started hating your
father just now. But What's the point at getting angry at
someone who isn't even here?

Jonathan: It's because he's not here. Listen, My father only taught
me the basics of fighting. Then he went and got himself
killed, leaving me the heir to the whip! This whip I can't
even use. He was always so selfish.

Charlotte: There must have been a reason. You have to understand the
truth of why you've had to fight until now without the
whip's power.

Jonathan: Maybe so... But now Dracula may be reviving, and I can't
even use the power that I'm meant to use! Even though my
father could.

Charlotte: That's true, but...

Jonathan: Enough about all this talk about my father. Talking won't
change a thing. C'mon let's go. When Death makes an
appearance, Dracula can't be far away.

Charlotte: Yeah, you're right.

Meeting with Brauner, Stella, and Loretta in Sandy Grave
Brauner: Oh ho. I'm a bit surprised to find you inside of my

Jonathan: You must be Brauner.

(a female vampire goes forward angrily, ready to strike)

???: How dare you! Show my father some respect!

Brauner: Calm yourself, Stella. What could they possibly know
about respect? They're just humans, after all. Indeed,
I am Brauner. Master of this castle.

Jonathan: Are you trying to revive Dracula? What the hell are you
up to?

Loretta: Hmpf! Dracula, you say? Sister?

Stella: Watching these fools get worked up can be so entertaining.

Charlotte: It seems you have no intention of reviving Dracula.

Brauner: Why is it necessary to revive Lord Dracula? In the last
few centuries, he's failed at controlling humanity. I
will wait no longer. For the sake of my beloved daughters,
I will take this world from mankind. Humans bring death
and ruin to everything of beauty.

Jonathan: If you're not after Dracula, why has the castle

Brauner: Lord Dracula's power is great. I recognize that. And
through this castle, that power will allow the world
to be reborn.

Charlotte: You only want to use Dracula's power?

Brauner: ...

Charlotte: But it shouldn't be possible to separate Dracula
from his magic.

Brauner: Oh, but it is! What a clever young lady. So long as I
possess the power of the painting, I'll have no trouble
at all.

Stella: Father, you need not waste your time on such insolent

Jonathan: What did you say?!

Loretta: Yes... Allow me to demonstrate how utterly pathetic
they are.

Brauner: Well, no need to be hasty, dear. At the moment,
Dracula's faithful servant is sniffling around MY
castle. Disposing of him is our first priority.

Stella: But, father!

Brauner: You two have nothing to worry about. Please retire
to a safe place and get some rest.

Stella: ...

(Stella and Loretta leave the room via paintings)

Brauner: You heard me. We can dispose of this trash at any

(Brauner leaves via painting as well)

Jonathan: ... Brauner, huh?

Charlotte: He has incredible power. Just the sight of him
can drive an ordinary person mad.

Jonathan: Yep, it would've been messy. If only I could use
the whip!

Charlotte: Look, at least we're alive.

Jonathan: Yeah... But I'll make him regret ever crossing
paths with us!

Meeting with Stella in Tower of Death
Jonathan: !!

Stella: I've grown tired of waiting.

Jonathan: Show yourself, vampire!

Stella: Watch your tongue, mortal!! I held back with my father
present, but here, you're as good as dead.

Charlotte: I find it strange you'd come here alone. Well, it
simplifies things.

Stella: I alone will take care of you. I'll tear you apart,
limb by limb, then wring all the blood from your

(Stella fights you)

(after the battle Stella is on her knees)

Stella: What happened to me?!

Jonathan: You're finished!

(Jonathan tries to strike Stella but is blocked by icicles)

Jonathan: !!

(Loretta shows up)

Stella: My, my head...!

(Loretta descends to aid Stella)

Loretta: Are you alright, sister?

Stella: I... I'm fine. Loretta...

Loretta: you were warned not to leave the painting.

Stella: You may scold me later. These two are a threat to
father. We must take care of them now!

Loretta: No. For now, we return. Hear me both of you. If
you continue to oppose father, we will show you
no mercy. Oppose us, and we will kill you!

(Stella and Loretta vanish, leaving a locket behind)

Jonathan: What's this?

Charlotte: It's like a locket. There's a photo inside.

(a photo is shown with Wind, Stella, and Loretta)

Jonathan: !! This is wind!

Charlotte: And those two vampire girls!

Jonathan: What does it mean?

Charlotte: I have no idea. We should go ask him about it.

Jonathan: Yeah, good idea.

If you head to Forest of Doom without showing the locket
Charlotte: ?!

Jonathan: What is it, Charlotte?

Charlotte: There's something about Stella's locket. I can't
quite put my finger on it, but it bugs me. I can't
focus like this. I think we should go talk to Wind.
Don't you?

Jonathan: Yeah you're right. Let's head back and have a little
talk with him.

Conversation with Wind after the battle with Stella
Jonathan: Wind! What's the meaning of this?!

Charlotte: Look at this photo.

(the photo in the locket is shown)

Wind: !!

Charlotte: You owe us an explanation.

Wind: ... Ah, indeed, I do. Let me tell you my real name.
It's Eric. Eric Lecarde.

Jonathan: You don't mean... The man who fought by my father?

Eric: Yes. John was my best friend.

Charlotte: Then what's your relationship with the two girls
in the photo?

Eric: They're my daughters.

Jonathan: H-Hold on a sec! Aren't they Brauners daughters?!

Eric: Brauner lost his real daughters in World War One. His
anger and grief awakened his hidden power, which he used
to become a vampire.

Charlotte: So his daughters...

Eric: He believes the daughters he lost in thw war were reborn
as my daughters.

Jonathan: So he kind of just stole them from you?

Eric: His daughters were his life. Now that he has them back,
he wants to punish the humans whose war has ruined his

Jonathan: I see. That's why the whip started acting up in front
of those two. It's because they carry the blood of
the Lecarde family!

Charlotte: Of course! The Vampire Killer!

Jonathan: Eric, if you fought by Jonathan's father, then you
must know how to unlock the Vampire Killer's power!

Eric: yes, I do know. But...

Jonathan: If you know then tell me! What should I do?!

Eric: ... In order for the Morris family to use the Vampire
Killer, you need the power of the Lecarde Family. But
I can't help you, and of course, now that my daughters
have been turned to vampires...

Jonathan: So in the end... This whip is useless. I guess my
being its heir is just the emptiest, most meaningless
title of all.

Eric: ... I was forbidden to tell you this, but I think the
time has come. The reason your father died...

Jonathan: I know why he died. They say he was mortally wounded
when he stopped Dracula's resurrection.

Charlotte: Even I know that was the cause.

Eric: You're wrong.

Jonathan: ?!

Eric: For one who is not of the Belmont family, to use the
true power of the Vampire Killer, they must give up a
part of their own life. That's why my family acts as the
power's key. So that it can only be used when truly
necessary. John used the whip too much...

Jonathan: So what are you saying? You mean my father died
because of this whip?

Eric: Exactly. Which is why he didn't want to teach you how
to use it. he wanted you to develop the strength to
survive without using the whip. No matter how much you
hate him for doing that, in the end, he was only looking
out for you.

Jonathan: ...

Eric: You may not yet wield your whip like a Belmont, but that
power can be yours. I know that John had his reasons.

Jonathan: Father...

Charlotte: I know there was a reason. Aren't you glad, Jonathan?

Jonathan: I just don't get it... Why did the Belmonts give this
thing to the Morris family?! If not for this, we would
be spared so much pain!

Eric: Because the Belmonts cannot touch the whip now. It is
predicted that Dracula will be revived in year 1999. I've
heard that the Belmonts must not touch the Vampire Killer
until then.

Jonathan: But...!

Eric: Others have appeared to revive Dracula in the meantime.
somebody has to stand up and stop them. And only the
Morris family is able to do that!

Jonathan: ... Oh, well then. At least I finally know the truth
about my father and the whip. Still, are you okay with
this? This job that we have to do is gonna end up
hurting your own daughters.

Charlotte: I wonder if there's a chance we can save those two if
I use some kind of purification spell.

Eric: The chances are very slim. You should know that. Even I
never knew how to do it. I appreciate your sentiments, but
I am resigned to their fate.

Charlotte: I see...

Eric: Forgive us, Jonathan. For placing this burden upon you.

Jonathan: No problem. I'll just do what I can. And if you've
accepted it, so do I. Let's go, Charlotte.

Charlotte: Right.

Gear Room in the Tower of Death
Charlotte: You know, that cog we found earlier will probably
fit here.

Jonathan: You think?

(cog is inserted and the gate is opened)

Jonathan: We can get through now!

Charlotte: Let's go.

Conversation with Eric after learning Sanctuary
Eric: ?! You learned a purification spell?

Charlotte: Yes. Now I can break the vampire's curse.

Eric: Indeed you can. But if they become full vampires, it
may be too late.

Jonathan: We won't know if it's too late until we try.

Eric: Yes, that's true. Still... Even if you break the curse,
please do not tell them about me.

Charlotte: Why not? I'm sure that they'd both want to see you.

Eric: My daughters think that I'm dead. The truth is, my body
is gone. Besides, Brauner comes first!

Jonathan: But, still!

Eric: It's alright. It's the fate of my family. My daughters
have a task they must perform. If I can see them one
last time before I pass away, that's good enough for me.

Jonathan: Okay. I gotcha.

Charlotte: Let's get going. But let's hurry. We have three
people to meet.

Jonathan: You're right.

Battle with Death in the Tower
Death: That look you have... I'm assuring you've run into

Jonathan: That's none of your business! You won't escape
this time!

Death: You do realize there's no connection between myself
and Brauner, don't you? And yet you still challenge

Charlotte: If my research is correct, you have a strong
desire to see Dracula revived, correct?

Jonathan: Even if you're not working with Brauner, you still
have to be defeated! Challenging me even if you can't
use the whip...

Death: How utterly absurd. But I'll play with you anyway.

(battle begins)

(after defeating Death)

Death: Ugh! How can someone like YOU possess such amazing powers?!

Jonathan: I may not have the whip's power, but I can still kick
your ass!

Death: Hmph, I underestimated you... Still, I have my reasons for
holding back...

Charlotte: Is that your excuse? How typical. Now resign yourself
to your fate!

Death: Know the limits of your power. You still have tasks to
perform, so for now I shall take my leave.

(Death flees and says "We'll meet again!")

Jonathan: Damn it! He ran away.

Charlotte: Say, what do you suppose Death meant when he said we
still have a task to perform?

Jonathan: Forget it. We can take on anyone. No problem!

Charlotte: How can you always be so confident?

Jonathan: I like to think positive, that's all. Look stop
worrying too much and focus on what we have to do:
Defeat Death and Brauner, got it?

Charlotte: Okay, okay. Worrying only makes things worse than
they really are, right?

Jonathan: You got it.

At the barrier blocking the Throne Room
Jonathan: What the? I can see the way ahead but I can't move

Charlotte: Hold on a minute... This is the way to the throne,
but it's spatially segreted.

Jonathan: And that means...?

Charlottte: Simply put, there's something like an invisible
wall here. Brauner said he had separated Dracula
from the castle. This is what he was talking about.

Jonathan: So, long story short, we can't move from here.

Charlotte: Exactly. Let's find another route.

Meeting with Eric before facing the twin sisters
Jonathan: Say, Eric, there's something I wanna ask you.

Eric: Sure. What is it?

Jonathan: Did my father know the Vampire Killer would
consume his life when he used it?

Eric: No. We only learned the truth after Dracula was
defeated. We found out using magic after noticing
John took so ling to recover.

Jonathan: I see...

Charlotte: Jonathan? Why did you ask that?

Jonathan: Grandfather was already dead by the time I was
born. I was wandering grandfather gave him the whip
knowing the truth about it.

Charlotte: Hm. I wonder...

Eric: Have no worries. Your grandfather mas exceptionally
strong, but kind.

Charlotte: That's good to hear, right, Jonathan?

Jonathan: I suppose...

Meeting Vincent after he gets bitten
Jonathan: Huh? Vincent's not here?

(Vincent runs into the room)

Vincent: Um... Um... Um...

Charlotte: What's wrong? Something bothering you?

Vincent: There was an attack... A biting.

Jonathan: Huh?

Vincent: A vampire bit someone!

Charlotte: What? Who?

Vincent: M-M-ME!

Charlotte: What?!

Jonathan: Seriously?!

Vincent: Wh-Wh-What'll I do?! Do something! Do something,

Charlotte: J-Just calm down! You've still got time before
you turn into a vampire.

Vincent: !! Y-Y-Yeah... That's what they say. Purification spells
are effective in the early stages. I beg of you! Do
something for me! Get that purification spell!

Jonathan: Charlotte, can you do something?

Charlotte: I don't know. I'll just have to try the magic I
already possess.

(if you cure him)

Vincent: (ROARS) Fantastic! You two really are incredible!

Charlotte: Except it was just me who did it.

Vincent: Now I can get back to business! You have my eternal

Jonathan: So how about a freebie as a token of gratitude?

Vincent: Absolutely not! That has nothing to do with this!
A man has to earn a living!

Jonathan: ...

Charlotte: He really takes this seriously.

Battle with the twin vampire sisters
Jonathan: !!

Stella: We tire of waiting for you. Are you ready to die yet?

Jonathan: Hold it! You two are being tricked by Brauner!

Loretta: What a pathetic joke. I have no time to waste listening
to the words of a despicable human.

Charlotte: Nothing we say will matter. They're completely under
Brauner's control. Still, I may be able to do something
now. Jonathan! Help me out here!

Jonathan: Leave it to me!

Stella: Well, for what you have done, we'll play as hard as you
like! Let's go Loretta!

Loretta: Yes, Stella!

(if you defeat them you get the bad ending)

Bad Ending
(the sisters are defeated)

Jonathan: Forgive me, Eric.

(Brauner appears from a painting, defending the fallen sisters)

(Stop it!)

Brauner: P-Please! Don't hurt my daughters! I beg of you!

Jonathan: Why are you trying to stop me?

Charlotte: We know the truth. You aren't really related to each

Brauner: Family isn't just about blood relations! We are joined
together by our very souls! Enough! We shall flee the

Jonathan: What?!

Brauner: I can't endanger my daughters any further! Destroying
this castle... That's what both of you want, right?

(Brauner and the sisters leave via painting)

Jonathan: Hey wait!

Charlotte: The castle's crumbling! We have to run!

Jonathan: Damn you, Brauner!

(the castle crumbles)

Jonathan: Damn it! In the end, that monster Brauner escaped.

Charlotte: Still, we stopped Dracula's revival, so that's
good enough, don't you think?

Jonathan: You're concerned how I feel? Well, I guess you are

Charlotte: After all, I do feel a little responsible for you
so... Oh by the way! Where's Vincent? You think he
escaped the castle? Oops. I knew we forgot something!

(Eric appears)

Eric: Have no fear. He's just fine.

Charlotte: Eric! Is that true? Thank goodness! I'm sorry I
wasn't able to keep my promise to you...

Eric: It's alright. Now that Dracula's Castle is gone, I'll soon vanish.
I have one last request though. My daughters...

(Eric is vanishing)

Jonathan: Eric!

(Eric is disappears)

Jonathan: ... He disappeared.

Charlotte: I wonder what he was trying to ask us at the end.

Jonathan: Beats me. But look, we have to track down Brauner

Charlotte: You're right. Along with those other two.

Jonathan: Alright, let's go, Charlotte.

Charlotte: Right.

(credits roll)

If you save them by casting Sanctuary on them
Jonathan: Is that it?

Charlotte: The spell was perfect. Now let's see if it was effective.

Stella: ...

Loretta: ...

Stella: I... !! Loretta, are you alright?

Loretta: ... S-Stella...

Jonathan: The vampire's control seems to be fading. It's a success!

Charlotte: Well, of course. "No problem", as you would say.

Loretta: We... What have we been doing?

Stella: ... The heir to the Vampire Killer. Jonathan Morris,
correct? I apologize for all that we have put you through.

Jonathan: Huh? Oh sure. N-No problem.

Stella: And Miss Charlotte, thank you so much for setting us

Charlotte: Sure thing. The curse may be lifted, but you should
still take it easy.

Stella: No, I don't think so. Loretta, I think we should stand up.

Loretta: Stella, are you alright? After what we've been through?

Stella: I know. But there's a job that we must do now.

Loretta: But...

Stella: Remember your dignity! We'll have time to mourn what
happened when it's all over.

Loretta: ...

Stella: I'm sorry you had to see that. Once more, our family
shares the fate of the Morris family. We are Lecardes,
after all. I am Stella. And this is my younger sister...

Loretta: Loretta.

Jonathan: And we are...

Stella: We already know. Anyway, we must hurry. We must defeat
Brauner. The piece he's making now is meant to destroy the

Jonathan: What?

Loretta: He said it was almost complete. It's in the studio painting.

Charlotte: Where's the studio painting?

Stella: It's in the inner room.

Loretta: But even for us, entering the picture is impossible.

Stella: There is one option, however.

Jonathan: What is it?

Stella: The studio painting is sealed by four paintings surrounding it.

Charlott: Meaning we need to break the seal to enter the painting.

Jonathan: I see. you'll help us right?

Loretta: W-Well...

Charlotte: It's no use. I'm amazed they can even talk like this after
being under such a powerful curse. they can't move.

Stella: That's true, but that's not all.

Loretta: The door to the inner room can only be opened by either
Brauner or ourselves.

Jonathan: So, you'll stay here and open the door for us. Sure,
no problem.

Stella: One more thing. It's about the Vampire Killer.

Loretta: We can perform a ritual to unlock the power of the whip.

Jonathan: I know, I know. Using it will consume my soul, right?

Stella: Please don't forget that. You must use it wisely. If
you're prepared, then just tell us.

Charlotte: Listen, about your father...

Stella: None of that! Once this is all over, then you can tell
us about him.

Loretta: Father... Before our own eyes...!

Stella: Loretta!

Loretta: I... I understand.

Stella: Let's all do what destiny had intended for us...

Jonathan: Right. No problem.

(Stella reveals a secret passage)

If you decide to unlock the Vampire Killer's power
Stella: Are you prepared to unlock the power of the Vampire

"Yes, I am."
"Wait, not yet."

(if you pick "Wait, not yet")

Stella: When you're ready, you can ask us at any time.

(if you pick "Yes, I am.")

Stella: You will have to face this challenge alone. Are you
sure about this?

"No problem!"
"No, hold it."

(if you pick "No, hold it." you will get the same message as above)

(if you pick "No problem.")

Stella: I understand. Loretta, begin preparations.

Loretta: Right away, Stella.

Stella: Miss Charlotte, please stand back.

Charlotte: Right.

(Charlotte leaves the room)

Loretta: All right, then. I shall now incarnate the last memory of
the Belmonts inhabiting the whip.

Stella: Fight the memory and defeat it to make the whip recognize
you as its rightful owner. Once you do that, You'll be able
to trigger the whip's true power.

Jonathan: I see. No problem. Let me have it.

Stella: Ready, Loretta?

Loretta: Yes, Stella.

(Jonathan fights Richter, the whip's memory)

(if you lose the battle)

Stella: Sorry, it was a little tougher than expected, wasn't it?

Jonathan: Yeah... I guess so.

Loretta: Don't worry. There will be other opportunities.

Charlotte: Indeed. The whip is important, but for us, there are
other things that have even greater importance.

Loretta: Plus there may be some items that can give you upper hand.

Stella: We're sure the time will come when you'll be able to wield
the true power of the whip. Just be patient and remain

Jonathan: You're right.

(if you talk to the sisters again after you lose)

Stella: Another attempt, I see. Loretta, are you ready?

Loretta: Yes, Stella.

(if you lose the battle again)

Charlotte: It seems fate was not on our side this time.

Stella: There's no reason to worry. We'll always be here
to help.

Loretta: Come back again anytime.

(if you win and defeat the whip's memory)

Charlotte: Ah, you've returned.

Stella: You seem to be in one piece.

Charlotte: Well, how did it go? How's the Vampire Killer?

Jonathan: Hey, no problem. It's power is pretty scary though.
looks like the legends about it weren't lying.

Loretta: But, um...

Jonathan: I know. Don't overuse it, right? Well, I'll try my best.

Charlotte: I'll be with you so relax. You'll be fine.

Conversation with Eric after curing the vampire twins
Jonathan: Eric! We lifted the curse from your daughters!

Charlotte: Thanks to my magical genius.

Eric: You were in time?! I don't believe it. It's a miracle!

Jonathan: They said they won't ask about you until this is all

Eric: That's good. If they knew what I've become, it would only
upset them.

(if you haven't unlocked the Vampire Killer yet)

Eric: Now you can unlock the true power of the Vampire Killer.

Charlotte: That's what they said.

Jonathan: I'll give it a try if I feel like it.

Eric: Well, then. Now that you know how John Felt, perhaps
that will be enough.

(if you already unlocked the Vampire Killer)

Eric: Hm? You already unlocked the Vampire Killer?

Jonathan: Yep.

Eric: If you understand how your father felt, then it's best
not to use the whip after this battle ends.

Jonathan: Well, I'll do what I can. I prefer not to die young.

Conversation with Vincent if you still haven't cured him
Vincent: Umm, excuse me...

Jonathan: What is it?

Vincent: A little bird told me that you two had lifted the
vampire's curse, so... If it's true, can you cure me?

Jonathan: Oh! (I forgot.)

Charlotte: R-Right. It's a piece of cake for a genius such as

Vincent: P-Please! I beg of you!

Talk with Vincent before the battle with Brauner when cured
Vincent: Ready to face the castle's lord? Do your best,
Master Jonathan. Miss Charlotte.

Jonathan: Sure, no problem

Charlotte: Nothing's impossible for me.

Conversation with Eric before the battle with Brauner
Eric: All that is left now is Brauner.

Jonathan: I haven't forgotten my promise to you. I swear
by it.

Charlotte: And I'll be there with him.

Eric: Right, I believe you. Still, don't do anything foolish.

Jonathan: No problem.

Battle with Brauner
(Jonathan and Charlotte enter the studio painting)

Brauner: Stella, Loretta. I told you not to come here.

Jonathan: Hey! Hey! Who are you talking to? They're busy
following orders!

Brauner? You! You two! What have you done to my daughters?

Charlotte: Sadly for you, they've regained their senses. Thanks
to my magic.

Brauner: How can this be?! How could you two understand? Those two
are the reincarnations of my dead daughters!

Jonathan: I don't care! being a family means being connected by
heart. Ties of blood and soul is insignificant. When I
learned why my father did what he did, I understood. You
used a curse to manipulate your "dear daughters"! now THAT'S

(Brauner angrily destroys his cane)

Brauner: And now I must suffer the loss of my daughters to humanity
again. I'll show you how that feels. And then I'll make those
girls my daughters once more!

Jonathan: Now THAT'S a problem. Sorry, can't let you do that.

Brauner: Behold, the power of my painting!

(battle starts)

(after brauner is defeated, he is on his knees)

Brauner: Damn you, humans... You selfishly start wars and despoil the
earth. Perhaps justice wasn't on my side but I will never
admit that it was on yours.

Jonathan: Fine either way. After all, "justice" is just a matter of
perspective. The fact is, you're just a coward who couldn't
face the truth. You couldn't accept your fate, so you just
abandoned humanity to get what you wanted.

Brauner: I just... I just wanted to protect my family.

(Death appears above Brauner following a slash)

Death: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Brauner: (screams)

Jonathan: !!

Death: Well done! Now the interloper is no more!

Jonathan: What?

Death: The studio painting was cutting off the throne needed to revive
Lord Dracula. A clever plan. Alas, now my lord can be revived!

(Death flies away and Brauner dies)

(Jonathan and Charlotte enter the painting to the throne room)

Charlotte: I sense terribly powerful magic up ahead.

Jonathan: Meaning Dracula's that way, restoring the castle's

Charlotte: Without a doubt. This is what Death was after.

Jonatahn: Come on, we can't just sit around and let this happen.
Let's go Charlotte!

Charlotte: Hold it! Our enemy is a legendary monster! This won't be

Jonathan: You're right. Maybe we should check our supplies first.

Conversation with Eric before the final battle
Eric: This power! Has Dracula been revived?!

Jonathan: Afraid so.

Charlotte: Brauner was sealing Dracula away, so when we destroyed

Eric: Strange Even Brauner's seals would be easily Broken by
Dracula's power, and yet--

Charlotte: !! Perhaps Dracula still hasn't revived completely!

Eric: Perhaps.

Jonathan: Either way, our only choice is to defeat him. And I'd
prefer the easiest way to do that.

Charlotte: Alright, let's go.

Eric: This is your final battle. Don't do anything foolish
and get killed, you hear?

Jonathan: ... Let's go!

Conversation with Vincent before the final battle
Vincent: Master Jonathan, is it true that Dracula has been

Jonathan: Yeah, it's true.

Vincent: Oh. Oh... What'll we do?

Charlotte: Calm down. It'll ba alright. We'll handle it somehow.

Jonathan: Yeah, no problem.

Final battle with Dracula and Death
Jonathan: Dracula...

Charlotte: I can't believe this power. No wonder he's called
the Lord of darkness!

Dracula: ...

Jonathan: Oh, so you're ignoring me? Turn and face me!

(Jonathan tries to strike Dracula, but death blocks him)

Death: You will not touch Lord Dracula! This time, let's fight
for real!

(Dracula throws his wine glass to the floor)

Dracula: Enough with this sideshow. Why don't we show him our
combined power?

Charlotte: ?! A Death and Dracula joint attack? That was never
mentioned in any book I've read!

Jonathan: Well, there's two of us. So I guess that makes it even.
No problem, bring it on!

(battle starts)

(When halfway through the battle, death combines his power with Dracula)

Death: My power! Use my power!!

Dracula: Soul Steal!

(Dracula turns into a huge winged demon)

(when Dracula is defeated, he is on his knees)

Jonathan: Too bad pal. As long as were here, you won't be revived.

Charlotte: Still, that was an impressive display of impromptu

Dracula: Say what you will. But I can see it... One day, my power
will be fully revived!

Jonathan: fully or not, you're never, ever going to win.

Dracula: I look forward to seeing who will have the last laugh.

(Dracula perishes in the sunlight)

Good Ending
(the castle crumbles and everyone is seen outside)

Jonathan: It's all over.

Charlotte: Yeah...

Stella: We sure caused a lot of trouble.

Loretta: How can we make up for it?

Stella: As the older sister, I accept full responsibility. With
that, I must ask a favor of you two.

Loretta: No, you can't take all the blame!

Stella: Loretta, be silent, please.

Jonathan: Look, it's all settled now. If we keep quiet, there's
no problem, right?

Charlotte: I... I suppose...

Stella: I can't allow that.

(Eric appears in front of them)

Eric: Well done, both of you.

Jonathan: Eric... Well, I did make a promise.

Loretta: Father?! Is it truly you?

Eric: Yes, my dear.

Stella: ...

Eric: Forgive me, Stella, you seem to have worried the most in all

Stella: No, father. It's an older sister's duty to.

Eric: Yes, but still... Don't overdo your role, okay?

Stella: ...

Loretta: ...

Eric: I'm truly glad I could see you both at the moment of my
death. Live for all you're worth. And you, Jonathan.
Charlotte... I truly am grateful.

(Eric is disappearing)

Loretta: Father!

Stella: Don't go!

(Eric passes on and Stella falls to her knees)

Stella: Father! FATHER!!!

Jonathan: He passed on...

Charlotte: Thank you, Eric... For everything.

Loretta: Stella, forgive me. You tried so hard for my sake.

Stella: (SOBS)

Loretta: I'm going to become stronger. I'll try hard so that
you'll never have to worry again. You need not always
work so hard.

Jonathan: That's right. Eric said that himself, didn't he?
Whatever you do, don't overdo it.

Charlotte: Jonathan, for you, trying harder might be a good

Jonathan: Ha-ha-ha! Sure, no problem! Why can't you learn to just
let things be? I mean, a kid like you...

Charlotte: !! (has that funny angry look in her face again)

Loretta: Excuse me... You two...

Stella: Forgive me. All of you. I can see I've caused you all a
lot of worry. But I'm alright now.

Jonathan: ...

Charlotte: Oh no, I forgot!

Jonathan: What?

Charlotte: About Vincent.

Jonathan: Uh-oh. Quick, we gotta find him! Charlotte!

Charlotte: Right!

(Jonathan and Charlotte go look for Vincent)

Stella: Loretta, let's help them.

Loretta: Yes, Stella.

(Stella and Loretta help in their search)

(Vincent appears out of nowhere)

(if you cure Vincent)

Vincent: Huh? Wait a second! Hey! I'm over here!

(Vincent chases them)

(credits roll and the game ends)

(if you don't cure Vincent, he runs after you)

Vincent: I want to be purified too!

(credits roll and the game ends)

Sisters Mode: Outside the Castle
(Stella and Loretta fly to the castle entrance)

Stella: Father must have come to this castle.

Loretta: Stella, Father said we weren't to come here, no
matter what.

Stella: I know that, but he's never been so late coming
back before. You're worried too, aren't you?

Loretta: Well, yes, but.. But I'm scared!

Stella: So am I. But we have to go!

Loretta: !! I just sensed Father's power.

Stella: !! He's alive! Let's hurry!

Loretta: Right.

Sisters Mode: Ending Scene
(Stella and Loretta enter Brauner's painting)

Stella: !!

Loretta: Father!

(Stella walks over to Eric, who seems to be injured)

Eric: S-Stay back!

Stella: But you're hurt so badly!

Eric: !! Brauner!

(Brauner appears behind Stella)

Stella: !!

(Brauner takes a bite and sucks Stella's blood)

Loretta: Stella!

(Brauner moves over to Loretta, who falls to her knees)

Brauner: Have no fear. I shall grant you a world of peace,
my beloved daughters...

Loretta: ...

Eric: Stop it... STOP IT, PLEASE!!!

(The screen fades with Eric grasping his hand towards Brauner)

(game ends)

(all events from the main game then follow afterward.)