Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Talk Dialogue

Menu Screen Talk Dialogue
1. Charlotte: Objects outlined in blue, when stepped on, will trigger
some sort of reaction.

Jonathan: I see.

(You can only see this conversation at the start of the game, in the bridge)

2. Charlotte: You can attack enemies with physical or magical
attacks. When the enemy takes damage and flashes
blue, it means the attack had little effect.

Jonathan: That's good to know. So matching the right attack to
the right enemy is the key to success.

3. Charlotte: An abnormal status penalty doesn't seem to affect
your partner.

Jonathan: Oh. So by switching players, you can let the unharmed
one take up the slack.

4. Charlotte: Fighting as a pair is reassuring, but some attacks just
can't be avoided. If that ever happens, you need to be
brave enough to fight alone.

Jonathan: Okay got it.

5. Jonathan: Hey, your magic is weaker than I thought, isn't it?

Charlotte: Well, excuse me! If I have enough time to recite an
aria, my magic will be stronger. As the gauge builds up
higher and higher, the power will increase.

6. Charlotte: If you call your partner and touch the lower screen,
did you know that they'll move there?

Jonathan: Really? That's handy.

Charlotte: Since it's hard to touch while controlling things,
that move's aimed at advanced players.

7. Charlotte: You can unpetrify your partner by attacking them.

Jonathan: I see.

Charlotte: You can't be on alert while petrified, so watch out.

8. Charlotte: When your partner takes damage, the MP level goes

Jonathan: You need MP for strong attacks, so that can be a
big problem.

Charlotte: If the MP level reaches zero, you'll have to fight
alone. You have to be careful of this.

9. Charlotte: It seems the trick to deploying a command is to hold
the last direction and press the button.

Jonathan: I see. I'll have to try that.

10. Jonathan: Hit up + X in co-op to unleash an unstoppable attack.

Charlotte: This really eats up your MP, so wait for the best
time to use it.

11. Charlotte: Hey Jonathan. Don't you think the sub-weapons are
a little underwhelming?

Jonathan: Yeah, they're not as powerful as I thought they'd be.
On the other hand... It does feel like they get more
powerful the more we use them.

Charlotte: Maybe if we continue to use them, we'll be able to
unlock their full potential...

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm sure of it.

12. Charlotte: If something is troubling you, it is important that
we talk.

Jonathan: I can handle things myself. I prefer it that way. Let's
just both do our best.

13. Charlotte: I wonder if Vincent's all right.

Jonathan: He's weak, but he is a priest. He should be okay for a while.

Charlotte: You're right. He still has his sanity, so he's safe for now.

This talk conversation occurs once Vincent gets bitten and disappears once
he gets cured.

Boss Talk Dialogue
-----------------When running away from Behemoth------------------

Charlotte: Huh?! Something's after us!

Jonathan: This doesn't look good! Let's run for now!


Charlotte: It's head is totally immune to attacks!

Jonathan: So we aim for the body, right?


Jonathan: We had to run before, but here we can fight back!

Charlotte: But how?


Charlotte: With this monster, keep hitting the pot to make it
appear. According to the book, it's weak spot is it's

Jonathan: Hmm, in that case, we better work together on this one.
Also, it looks like we'll need to move the pot.


Jonathan: ... So beautiful...

Charlotte: Jonathan! What are you looking at? Don't lose your


Jonathan: Ewwwww, gross! I don't wanna touch that!

Charlotte: What are you saying?! If you don't beat them, you'll
end up joining them.


Jonathan: Damn vampire! Coming here alone!

Charlotte: Getting too cocky can be fatal.


Charlotte: Aim for the head!

Jonathan: There's two! Which one do we attack?

Charlotte: Go for the one that gets damaged!


Jonathan: If we let him do what he wants, he'll definitely revive
Dracula. We've got to stop him right here!

Charlotte: Gotcha. Still, he's a tough one. We have to be extra

---------------------Stella and Loretta Battle-------------------

Charlotte: If we could break the vampire's curse, we might be able
to save them.

Jonathan: Your magic's up to it. I'll keep them occupied.

---------------------------The Creature--------------------------

Jonathan: A lighting attack doesn't seem to work on this one.

Charlotte: Relax. This magical genius can use more spells than
just lightning attacks.

-----------------------------Mummy Man---------------------------

Jonathan: Check out bandage man here! How can I seriously fight
a guy who's already hurt?

Charlotte: Don't get all wrapped up trying to go after the mummy!


Charlotte: It's so fast!

Jonathan: Watch out for it's dash attack!


Jonathan: Petrifying eyes?! This is gonna be a pain!

Charlotte: Don't look directly at her! Turn around! That will
protect you!


Jonathan: I promised Eric. Now time to carry it out.

Charlotte: Right. Together, we can do this.

--------------------Battle with Dracula and Death----------------

Charlotte: I never expected Dracula and death to fight together.

Jonathan: But this is the only chance we'll get to defeat Dracula!

Charlotte: You're right. If we combine our powers, I'm sure we can

---------------------Final battle with Dracula-------------------

Charlotte: What amazing power! Is this the true power of Dracula?

Jonathan: No problem. His back's against the wall. let's finish him
off! Now!

Charlotte: Right!