Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Unlockables & Cheat Codes


Play as Richter Belmont:
Beat the game once, then start a new file and name it RICHTER

Play as Axe Lord Armor:
Beat the game once, then start a new file and name it AXEARMOR

New game with 99 luck:
Beat the game and begin a new file with the name X-X!V''Q

Best Ending:
In the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter.
After completing both castles with a percentage of at least 196, defeat Dracula.

Good Ending:
In the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter.
After completing both castles with a percentage below 150, defeat Dracula.

Bad Ending:
Defeat Richter, while wearing the glasses Maria gave you.

Worst Ending:
Defeat Richter, but don't wear the glasses Maria gave you.

Music Test:
Beat the game with having of 190% map completion.
Start a new game and you will be able to listen listen to all the music in Librarian buy/sell window.

Message from Alucard and a Hidden Song:
Place the game disc into your CD Player (or use the player built into your Playstation).
Listen to track 2, Alucard will explain what track 1 is, and an extra song will be played.

Start game with Better Stats:
If you beat Dracula at the start of the game with Richter, without getting any sub-weapons
(you can however push triangle to ignite Richter's whip on fire)
AND without getting hit, you start the game off with Alucard with the following stats: HP: 80, MP: 20, HEART: 50, STR: 9, CON: 8, INT: 8, LCK: 12
Normally you start the game off with: HP: 70, MP: 20, HEART: 50, STR: 7, CON: 7, INT: 6, LCK: 8

Start the game with Heart Refresh:
Use up every single heart you have in the Prologue.

Start the game with a Neutron Bomb:
Collect 15 more hearts in the prologue.
(you start with 30, so you will end up with at least 45)

Start the game with a Potion:
You need to have full life at the end of the battle.
(this also works if you lose and let Maria bring you to full HP)

Game Shark Cheat Codes
Player Level V99: 80097BEE 0FFF
Infinite MP: 80097BB0 00FF
Infinite Gold: 80097BF2 0FFF
Infinite Hearts: 80097BA8 00FF
Infinite Health: 80097BA0 270F 80097BA4 270F
Max Attack: 800F4BF6 1400
Max Guard: 800F504E 1400
Max STR: 80097BB8 03E7
Max CON: 80097BBC 03E7
Max INT: 80097BC0 03E7
Max LCK: 80097BC4 03E7
Max EXP: 80097BEC 423F 80097BEE 000F
All Special Items
(Set One):
80097982 8180
80097984 8382
80097986 8584
80097988 8786
80097964 0303
80097966 0303
80097968 0303
8009796A 0303
8009796C 0303
8009796E 0303
80097970 0303
80097972 0303
80097974 0303
80097976 0303
All Special Items
(Set Two):
80097978 0303
8009797A 0303
8009797C 0303
8009797E 0303
80097980 0303
Have Knight Shield: 30097990 0010
Have Iron Shield: 30097991 0010
Have Axelord Shield: 30097992 0010
Have Dark Shield: 30097994 0010
Have Shaman Shield: 30097996 0010
Have Skull Shield: 30097998 0010
Have Alucard Shield: 3009799A 0010
Have Basilard: 3009799C 0010
Have Short Sword: 3009799D 0010
Have Combat Knife: 3009799E 0010
Have Nunchaku: 3009799F 0010
Have Were Bane: 300979A0 0010
Have Rapier: 300979A1 0010
Have Karma Coin: 300979A2 0010
Have Magic Missile: 300979A3 0010
Have Takemitsu: 300979A5 0010
Have Shotel: 300979A6 0010
Have Orange: 300979A7 0010
Have Banana: 300979A9 0010
Have Shiitake: 300979AF 0010
Have Parfait: 300979B3 0010
Have Spaghetti: 300979C1 0010
Have Meal Ticket: 300979D0 0010
Have Power of Sire: 300979D2 0010
Have Pentagram: 300979D3 0010
Have Bat Pentagram: 300979D4 0010
Have Shuriken: 300979D5 0010
Have Cross Shuriken: 300979D6 0010
Have Buffalo Star: 300979D7 0010
Have Flame Star: 300979D8 0010
Have TNT: 300979D9 0010
Have Bwaka Knife: 300979DA 0010
Have Boomerang: 300979DB 0010
Have Javelin: 300979DC 0010
Have Tyrfing: 300979DD 0010
Have Namakura: 300979DE 0010
Have Knuckle Duster: 300979DF 0010
Have Sword of Hador: 300979F0 0010
Have Zwei Hander: 300979F1 0010
Have Luminus: 300979F3 0010
Have Harper: 300979F4 0010
Have Obsidian Sword: 300979F5 0010
Have Gram: 300979F6 0010
Have Jewel Sword: 300979F7 0010
Have Mormagil: 300979F8 0010
Have Fire Brand: 300979F9 0010
Have Thunderbrand: 300979FA 0010
Have Ice Brand: 300979FB 0010
Have Stone Sword: 300979FC 0010
Have Holy Sword: 300979FD 0010
Have Terminus Est: 300979FE 0010
Have Dark Blade: 30097A00 0010
Have Fist of Tulkas: 300979A02 0010
Have Gurthang: 30097A03 0010
Have Mourneblade: 30097A04 0010
Have Alucard Sword: 30097A05 0010
Have Mablung Sword: 30097A06 0010
Have Badelaire: 30097A07 0010
Have Equipable Sword Familiar: 30097A08 0010
Have Great Sword: 30097A09 0010
Have Mace: 30097A0A 0010
Have Morning Star: 30097A0B 0010
Have Star Flail: 30097A0D 0010
Have Moon Rod: 30097A0E 0010
Have Chakram: 30097A0F 0010
Have Fire Boomerang: 30097A10 0010
Have Iron Ball: 30097A11 0010
Have Holbein Dagger: 30097A12 0010
Have Blue Knuckles: 30097A13 0010
Have Dynamite: 30097A14 0010
Have Osafune Katana: 30097A15 0010
Have Masasume: 30097A16 0010
Have Muramasa: 30097A17 0010
Have Heart Refresh: 30097A18 0010
Have Rune Sword: 30097A19 0010
Have Uncurse: 30097A1B 0010
Have Strength Potion: 30097A1E 0010
Have Luck Potion: 30097A1F 0010
Have Smart Potion: 30097A20 0010
Have Attack Potion: 30097A21 0010
Have Shield Potion: 30097A22 0010
Have Resist Fire: 30097A23 0010
Have Resist Thunder: 30097A24 0010
Have Resist Stone: 30097A26 0010
Have Resist Holy: 30097A27 0010
Have Resist Dark: 30097A28 0010
Have Elixir: 30097A2B 0010
Have Vorpal Blade: 30097A2D 0010
Have Yasutsuna: 30097A2F 0010
Have Library Card: 30097A30 0010
Have Alucard Shield: 30097A31 0010
Have Silver Plate: 30097A39 0010
Have Platinum Mail: 30097A3B 0010
Have Fire Mail: 30097A3D 0010
Have Ice Mail: 30097A3F 0010
Have Spike Breaker: 30097A41 0010
Have Dark Armor: 30097A43 0010
Have Holy Mail: 30097A45 0010
Have Brilliant Mail: 30097A47 0010
Have Fury Plate: 30097A49 0010
Have God's Garb: 30097A4B 0010
Have Ballroom Mask: 30097A4F 0010
Have Felt Hat: 30097A51 0010
Have Goggles: 30097A53 0010
Have Holy Glasses: 30097A55 0010
Have Stone Mask: 30097A57 0010
Have Gold Circlet: 30097A59 0010
Have Opal Circlet: 30097A5B 0010
Have Beryl Circlet: 30097A5D 0010
Have Coral Circlet: 30097A5F 0010
Have Silver Crown: 30097A61 0010
Have Reverse Cloak: 30097A65 0010
Have Elven Cloak: 30097A66 0010
Have Crystal Cloak: 30097A67 0010
Have Royal Cloak: 30097A68 0010
Have Blood Cloak: 30097A69 0010
Have Joseph's Cloak: 30097A6A 0010
Have Twilight Cloak: 30097A6B 0010
Have Moonstone: 30097A6D 0010
Have Sunstone: 30097A6E 0010
Have Bloodstone: 30097A6F 0010
Have Staurolite: 30097A70 0010
Have Ring of Pales: 30097A71 0010
Have Zircon: 30097A72 0010
Have Aquamarine: 30097A73 0010
Have Turquoise Ring: 30097A74 0010
Have Onyx: 30097A75 0010
Have Garnet Ring: 30097A76 0010
Have Opal: 30097A77 0010
Have Diamond Ring: 30097A78 0010
Have Lapis Lazuli: 30097A79 0010
Have Ring of Ares: 30097A7A 0010
Have Gold Ring: 30097A7B 0010
Have Silver Ring: 30097A7C 0010
Have Ring of Varda: 30097A7D 0010
Have Ring of Arcana: 30097A7E 0010
Have Mystic Pendant: 30097A7F 0010
Have Heart Broach: 30097A80 0010
Have Necklace of J: 30097A81 0010
Have Gauntlet: 30097A82 0010
Have Ankh of Life: 30097A83 0010
Have Ring of Feanor: 30097A84 0010
Have Medal: 30097A85 0010
Have Talisman: 30097A86 0010
Have Duplicator: 30097A87 0010
Have King's Stone: 30097A88 0010
Have Covenant Stone: 30097A89 0010
Have Nauglamir: 30097A8A 0010
Have Secret Boots: 30097A8B 0010
Weapon Modifier: 80097BFC 00??
Have over 200% completion value: 8003C760 0787
Right Hand Item Modifier: 80097BC00 00??
Left Hand Item Modifier: 80097BC04 00??
Head Garb Modifier: 80097BC08 00??
Armor Modifier: 80097BC0C 00??
Cloak Modifier: 80097BC10 00??
Other 1 Modifier: 80097BC14 00??
Other 2 Modifier: 80097BC18 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code:
01 - Dagger
02 - Axe
03 - Holy Water
04 - Cross
05 - Bible
06 - Watch
07 - Rebound Gem
08 - Salt
09 - Agunea
Super Jump: 80097448 0090
Multi Jump (With Jump Stone): 80072F64 0004
Save Anywhere: 3003C708 0020
Move During Cut Scenes: 80072EFC 0000
Rapid Fire: 80072EE8 0000
Damage enemies when they walk into you: 80072F1C 0010 80073418 0001
Be at Level 1: 80097BE8 0001
80097BEC 0000
80097BEE 0000
Medusa Heads drop
$5,000 treasure chest:
8007AA40 0002 8007AA44 000B
Chameleon Alucard: 800733EE 8163
Infinite Stopwatch time: 80074BD4 0099
Have NOWMAKE Sword equipped (Right Hand): 80097C00 00AF
Walk on air (Press Down+Triangle to get down): 80072F20 0001
D0097490 4040
80072F20 0000
Teleport to Level Entrance (Press L2+Left): D0097490 8001
8003C9A4 0000
Teleport to Library (Press L2+Right): D0097490 2001
80073FBE 0041
Enter Debug Room: 80097918 0040 800974A0 0040
Steal Enemies Health (Select=On, Start=Off): 8007569C FFFF
800756C6 0002
D0097492 0100
80075698 0082
D0097492 0800
80075698 0000
Muramasa Attack Power Max: 80097C40 657C
80097C42 000F
Badelaire Attack Power Max: 80097C30 03E7
Special Weapon Max Damage: 80074B98 FFFF
Familiar Max Damage: 80073708 FFFF
Remove Walls (L2+Up=On, L2+Down=Off): D0097490 1001
800730A8 0000
D0097490 4001
800730A8 0001
Can control character during Boss Tactics demo
(Press R1+Circle to turn on, Press R2+Circle to return to library):

D0097496 0028
80097914 0000
D0097492 0022
80097914 0003