Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Books

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Books


Blank Book
A book so frightening the words ran away, leaving it blank.ATK +10Vincent's Shop

Book of Death
A papyrus tome entombed with the dead.ATK +44Forgotten City, boulder room, top left (need Owl Morph)

Don Quixote
The story of a man who thought himself a gallant knight.ATK +18Great Stairway, right outside save room before Keremet

One of Charlotte's favorite books.ATK +3Start game with it

Tome of Arms 1
An encyclopedia of weaponry (Volume 1 of 3).ATK +8Entrance, under main hallway

Tome of Arms 2
An encyclopedia of weaponry (Volume 2 of 3).ATK +50Great Stairway, upper 5x4 room, on a ledge under the stairs

Tome of Arms 3
An encyclopedia of weaponry (Volume 3 of 3).ATK +80Burnt Paradise, bottom right, 3x3 room

Tome of Arms X
The secret lost volume, banned for its destructive secrets.ATK +70Complete quest "Lost Page"

Tristan and Isolde
The love story of a noble knight.ATK +28Forest of Doom, top left
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