Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Food

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Food


1000 Year Egg
A duck egg preserved in clay.HP +90Frog

A toxic mushroom that induces hallucinations.HP -100Moldy Corpse

Beef Jerky
Restores 29 HP.HP +29Entrance

Apparently, it can be used to make some sort of food.HP +80Bee Hive

Birthday Cake
Happy birthday!HP +573 Vincent's Shop

Boiled Starfish
Has a firm-yet-slightly-elastic texture.HP +120Buried Chamber

One of the world's three great delicacies: sturgeon eggs.HP +1000 Nation of Fools

Extra strong. For the vampire hunter with a busy night ahead.MP +60Devil Wheel

Corn Soup
A creamy soup made from fresh yellow corn.HP +40Nation of Fools

Cream Puff
Soft, fluffy, and sweet, with a cream and custard filling.HP +80Forest of Doom

Delicious curry from a nearby Indian restaurant.HP +500Forgotten CityFake Trevor

A French pastry with an irresistable buttery aroma.HP +70Burnt Paradise

Foie Gras
One of the world's three great delicacies: duck liver paste .HP +1000Master's Keep

Fried Chicken
Crispy-fried, golden brown goodness!.HP +129Dodo

Gateau Fraise
A shortcake with large, fresh strawberries.HP +140City of Haze, 13th Street

Gateau Marron
A cake topped with chestnuts.HP +12013th Sreet

Bursting with flavorful juice.HP +60Wakwak Tree

Green Tea Cake
A chiffon cake flavored with green tea.HP +90City of Haze

Ground Meat
Handmade minced meat.HP +60City of Haze

A greasy little burger.HP +30Killer Clown

Hot Dog
Delicious! Just don't ask what's in it.HP +60Glasya Labolas

Ice Cream
A rich, fattening vanilla ice cream.HP +50Burnt Paradise

Jamon Iberico
One of the finest hams in the world.HP +140Cave Troll

A sophisticated cake made with almonds and brandy.HP +9013th Street

Langues de Chat
A long, thin, crisp cookie named "cat's tongue".HP +7013th Street

A melon of the finest quality.HP +300Invisible Man

A seafood dish flavored with curry powder.HP +120Merman

Helps build strong bones!.MP +50Catoblepas

A sweet dessert with many layers of pastry.HP +140City of Haze, 13th Street

Mint Sundae
Mint chip ice cream topped with whipped cream. Yum!MP +100Fake Sypha

Moldy Bread
Someone left it on top of the fridge and forgot about it.HP -300Forest of Doom

A deliciously appetizing mushroom.HP +50Moldy Corpse

New York Steak
A juicy, mouth-watering steak.HP +1000Dark AcademyGorgon

Noodle Bun
Stir-fried noodles wrapped in a bun.HP +30Dark Academy

NY Cheesecake
Cheesecake with a thick, rich taste.HP +110City of Haze

A veritable cornucopia of seafood, Spanish style.HP +120Forneus

It's nothing without maple syrup.HP +70Fleaman

Pasta Caronara
The sauce is made with fresh eggs, cream, and bacon.HP +200Nation of Fools

Peking Duck
A Chinese delicacy served with scallions and sauce.HP +250Cave Troll

Penne Arrabiata
A short pasta with a spicy tomato sauce.HP +196Harpy

Penters Natural
Candy that's been popular for generations.HP +25Wight

A Japanese confection shaped like a bird.HP +15Toad

Powdered Milk
Perfect for supplementing calcium intake.HP +57Dark Academy, Vincent's Shop

A savory pudding, flavored with caramel.HP +40Amalaric Sniper

Pudding Bucket
A bucket full of pudding. Don't worry, the bucket is new.HP +200Persephone

Pumpkin Pie
A flavorful autumn favorite.HP +60Sandy Gravel

Ramen Noodles
Ramen noodles in a flavorful pork broth.HP +300Fake Grant

Rice Ball
A rice ball with tasty salmon inside.HP +20Skeleton Farmer

Rotten Durian
Has introduced you to a whole new world of unpleasant odors.HP -500Nation of FoolsDemon Head

Rotten Meat
A slab of rotting, fetid beef. It smells terrible.HP -200Zombie

Rusty Food Tin
Are you brave enough to open it?.HP -600Forest of Doom

A rich Viennese chocolate cake fit for a count.HP +110City of Haze

Served al dente.HP +150Nation of Fools

Spicy Shrimp
A hot Chinese dish with plump shrimp.HP +160Ripper

Spoiled Milk
Its expiration date is from three years ago.HP -400Burnt ParadiseJack O'Bones

Large, freshly picked strawberries.HP +150Une

Tarte au Poire
A French pear tart.HP +100City of Haze

Tasty Meat
Restores 290 HP.HP +290Tower of DeathCatoblepas

Sip slowly and relax.MP +55Ghost Dance

Tinned Spinach
May give the illusion of increased muscle mass.HP +40Burnt Paradise

Touch & Pop
A popular candy from a few years ago.HP +30Nation of Fools

Tropical Sundae
A parfait filled with exotic tropical fruit.MP +150Skull Bartender

One of the world's three great delicacies: a rare mushroom.HP +1000Burnt Paradise

Wheat Roll
A healthy treat made from whole wheat.HP +65City of Haze, 13th Street
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