Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Swords

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Swords


Agni's Flame
The flaming blade of Agni,the god of fire.ATK +40Flame Demon

Assassin Blade
A poisoned blade preferred by assassins.ATK +52Complete quest "Poison vs. Poison"

A simple, effective sword that is easy to wield.ATK +68Burnt Paradise, top left, middle of 3x3 room

A short sword used by sailors.ATK +21Zacchino

Damascus Sword
A superior sword that never loses its razor-sharp edge.ATK +88Alastor

A sword used in ancient Rome.ATK +35, DEF +2Dragon Zombie, Hill Guard

Heaven's Sword
A demon-slaying sword once wielded by an angel.ATK +35Flying Armor

A deadly, yet elegantly crafted sword.ATK +75Ruler's Sword

Long Sword
A common long sword.ATK +29City of Haze, second tall room after boss, top left

Milican's Sword
A sword that sometimes turns those it strikes to stone.ATK +40City of Haze, top right 2x4 room, top left exit (need either morph)

Rahab's Frost
An icy blade made from the fang of the water-dragon Rahab.ATK +40Razor Bat

Short Sword
A sword with a short blade.ATK +16Entrance, under main hallway

Stellar Sword
The blade of the legendary swordsman Maxim Kischine.ATK +70Complete quest "Almighty"
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