Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Characters

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Characters


Richter Belmont
A member of the legendary Belmont clan, in Dracula's eyes Richter is guilty by association, and he kidnaps Richter's girlfriend Annette, along with her sister Maria, and 2 other villagers as a plot of revenge toward the Belmonts.

Maria Renard
Maria was taken along with her sister Annette, by Dracula's evil minions. She is held in the Entrance to Castlevania stage. When rescued, Maria becomes a playable character in the game.

Annette Renard
Richter's girlfriend, the lovely Annette Renard was kidnapped by Dracula in order to gain revenge on the Belmont clan by luring Richter to Castlevania to destroy him.

Tera is a nun who was also kidnapped by Dracula's dark forces. She is held captive in a cave within the Cemetery.

Iris is the daughter of a doctor from the town village. She too was taken captive and is imprisoned in the Mountain Range.

The Ferryman will take you over the larger areas of water on the Lake Bridge and Mountain Range stages.

Dracula's most loyal and trusted servant. Richter encounters Death at the beginning of the game, and meets him again in the Ghost Ship stage for an epic battle.

Shaft is a dark priest who revives Dracula to unleash his evil upon all.

It is the year 1792 and the Prince of Darkness has returned yet again, this time to take revenge against the decedents of Simon Belmont, mainly Richter. Since Simon has passed away, Dracula has no choice but to go after the Belmont Clan to avenge what Simon did to him so many years ago.
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