Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Armor

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Armor


Alucard Mail
Resists fire, lightning, iceDEF +20Death Wing's Lair

Alucart Mail
Resists fire, lightning, ice?DEF +2Marble Gallery

Axe Lord Armor
Wearer becomes an Axe KnightDEF +15, ATK +2Long Library, Royal ChapelBone Pillar

Brilliant Mail
Increases sub-weapon strengthDEF +12, INT +1Sniper of Goth

Bronze Cuirass
Bronze cuirassDEF +3Long LibraryAxe Knight

Cloth Tunic
Simple cloth tunicDEF +1Zombie, Bloody Zombie

Dark Armor
Impervious to evil attacksDEF +8Malachi

Diamond Plate
Diamond breastplateDEF +15Librarian ($12000)

Dracula Tunic
Embroidered nobleman's tunicDEF +14, ATK +3, STR +1, CON +1, INT +1Long Library

Fire Mail
Strong vs. fire-based attacksDEF +4Castle KeepGremlin, Hellfire Beast

Fury Plate
DEF goes up when damage takenDEF +13, ATK +1Reverse ColosseumMinotaur

God's Garb
Strongest of all armorDEF +26, CON +2Guardian

Gold Plate
Gold breastplateDEF +8Clock TowerBlade, Gurkha, Hammer Knight

Healing Mail
Restores HP while walkingDEF +4Clock Tower

Hide Cuirass
Tanned leather cuirassDEF +2Alchemy LabDhuron

Holy Mail
Strong vs. holy attacksDEF +11Entrance

Ice Mail
Strong vs. ice-based attacksDEF +8Clock TowerFrozen Shade

Iron Cuirass
Iron cuirassDEF +4Librarian ($1500)Flea Armor, Spear Guard

Lightning Mail
Strong vs. Lightning attacksDEF +8Reverse KeepHellfire Beast

Mirror Cuirass
Polished to resist stoningDEF +3Outer Wall

Mojo Mail
Increases magic attack powerDEF +15Tin Man

Platinum Mail
Platinum breastplateDEF +10Castle KeepRock Knight

Silver Plate
Silver breastplateDEF +6Royal Chapel

Spike Breaker
Spike-breaking armorDEF +12Catacombs

Steel Cuirass
Steel cuirassDEF +5Librarian ($4000)

Walk Armor
DEF increases with map coverageINT -1Catacombs
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