Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Attack Items

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Attack Items


Bat Pentagram
Damages all enemiesATK +69Reverse CavernsCtulhu

Anti-aerial weaponATK +30Librarian ($500), Royal Chapel, Anti-ChapelSkelerang

Buffalo Star
Razor sharp throwing starATK +61Librarian ($8000), Reverse Colosseum, Floating CatacombsGhost Dancer

Bwaka Knife
Bwaka throwing knifeATK +30Librarian ($400), Clock Tower, Reverse Clock Tower, Anti-ChapelSpectral Sword (Poltergeist)

Sikh steel throwing ringATK +15Discus Lord

Cross Shuriken
Powerful throwing starATK +41Librarian ($5000), Catacombs (x2)Blade Master

Powerful! Be careful...ATK +100Bomb Knight

Fire Boomerang
Flaming boomerangATK +50Librarian ($1000), Anti-Chapel, Reverse EntranceSkelerang

Flame Star
Flaming throwing starATK +100Jack O' Bones

Heaven Sword
Enchanted throwing swordATK +21, DEF -2Cloaked Knight

Iron Ball
Plate Lord's iron ballATK +31Olrox's Quarters, Reverse Keep, Black Marble GalleryPlate Lord, Yorrick (Skull), Bone Pillar (Spiked Ball)

Throwing spearATK +50Librarian ($800), Anti-ChapelSpear Guard, Winged Guard, Bone Halberd, Scarecrow, Spectral Sword (Spear)

Karma Coin
Coin with 2 effectsATK +50Underground Caverns, Catacombs (x2), Reverse Clock Tower, Floating Catacombs (x2)Fire Warg, Orobourous

Magic Missile
Shoots magic arrowATK +30Librarian ($300), Royal Chapel, Clock Tower, Reverse Clock Tower, Anti-Chapel, Floating CatacombsBone Musket, Bone Archer, Sniper of Goth

Monster Vial 1
Summons Merman allyATK +40Merman

Monster Vial 2
Summons Bat allyATK +25Bat

Monster Vial 3
Summons Skeleton allyATK +30Catacombs (x4)Skeleton, Bone Ark, Yorrick, Nova Skeleton

Neutron Bomb
Damages all enemiesATK +30Forbidden LibraryPlate Lord, Cave Troll

Damages all enemiesATK +50Clock Tower, Underground CavernsCtulhu, Diplocephalus, Spellbook

Power of Sire
Damages all enemiesATK +40Abandoned Mine, Cave (x2)

Rune Sword
Flying Rune-inscribed swordATK +50, DEF -4Dodo Bird

Japanese throwing starATK +50Librarian ($2400), Royal Chapel, Clock Tower, Anti-Chapel, Reverse Clock Tower, Death Wing's LairFlying Zombie, Jack O' Bones

Creates pillar of flameATK +60Clock Tower, Royal Chapel, Reverse Clock Tower, Anti-ChapelApe Skeleton, Bomb Knight
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