Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Characters

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Characters


Adrian Farenheights Tepes, better known as Alucard, the son of Dracula. It is the year 1797, and Alucard has awakened from a self induced slumber, as he ventures to Dracula's Castle to find out what exactly has happened to cause the balance of power to shift from good to evil.

Count Dracula, whose real name is Vlad Tepes Dracula, has been brought back by the dark priest Shaft to rid the world of the human race. This time Dracula has one of the strongest armies of monsters on his side, as they combine their forces to prevent Alucard from making his way to Dracula's Lair.

Dracula's most loyal servant, Death is the first individual that Alucard meets in the castle. He warns Alucard of making any attempt to defeat Dracula, and then robs him of his weapons and armor. Death and Alucard have a showdown later on in the game.

The dark priest Shaft has one goal in mind, to resurrect Count Dracula, and unleash his evil upon the world.

Maria Renard
The sister of Richter's girlfriend Annette, Maria Renard came to Dracula's Castle in search of Richter, who mysteriously vanished 4 years ago.

Richter Belmont
Richter Belmont, a member of the great Belmont clan, has been missing for 4 years since the events of Rondo of Blood. It turns out Richter is lord of the castle, as he is being controlled by Shaft, and stands in Alucard's way.

Master Librarian
The Librarian will not aid anyone who opposes the master, Count Dracula. But for a price, he'll supply Alucard with weaponry, accessories, maps, and other useful items.

The Ferryman, or Oarsman as he is sometimes referred, will take Alucard across areas of the frozen waters in the Abandoned Mine.

Succubus takes Lisa's form in a flashback Alucard has of her death. She changes Lisa's last words spoken in an attempt to distort Alucard's feelings in regards to humans, and turn him to the dark side.

Alucard's mother, Lisa is the only human that Dracula has ever loved. She was burned at the stake after accusations of witchcraft, which led to Dracula's rage many years ago. The events of Lisa's death are reminded to Alucard throughout the game.

Maria Renard
Maria Renard looks slightly different on the Sega Saturn version of the game. She is also a boss, and a playable character on the Saturn version.

Richter Belmont
The Sega Saturn version of Richter Belmont, wearing a jacket.
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