Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Potions and Medicine

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Potions and Medicine


Cures poisoningLibrarian ($200), Long Library, Underground Caverns, Black Marble Gallery, Reverse EntranceBone Pillar, Corpseweed, Ghost

Unpetrify (Fairy use only)Librarian ($200), Marble Gallery, Reverse Outer Wall, Reverse EntranceGorgon, Hammer

Attack Potion
Temporarily raises ATTMarble Gallery, Floating Catacomb

Restore all HPLibrarian ($8000), Underground Caverns, Reverse Caverns, Floating Catacombs

Heart Refresh
Restores 500 heartsBlack Marble Gallery, Death Wing's LairArcher, Venus Weed, Blue Venus Weed

High Potion
Restores about half HPLibrarian ($2000), Reverse Keep, Reverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's Lair, Necromancy Laboratory, Reverse EntranceFlea Armor

Life Apple
Heals (Fairy use only)Entrance, Marble Gallery, Reverse Clock Tower, CaveHarpy

Luck Potion
Temporarily raises LCKOlrox's Quarters, Reverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's LairImp, Bitterfly

Manna Prism
Restores all MPLibrarian ($4000), Olrox's Quarters, Anti-Chapel, Death Wing's Lair, Necromancy Laboratory, Reverse CavernsEctoplasm, Salome

Raises some HPLibrarian ($800), Alchemy Laboratory, Marble Gallery, Long Library, Royal Chapel, Black Marble Gallery, Reverse CavernsBat, Corpseweed

Resist Dark
Resistance to darknessCastle Keep, Necromancy Laboratory, Black Marble GalleryPhantom Skull, Karasuman

Resist Fire
Resistance to fireOlrox's Quarters, Reverse Keep, Forbidden Library, Black Marble Gallery, Floating CatacombsGremlin

Resist Holy
Resistance to holyCastle Keep, Black Marble Gallery

Resist Ice
Resistance to iceUnderground Caverns, Reverse Keep, Forbidden LibraryFishead

Resist Stone
Resistance to stoneCastle Keep, Reverse Keep, Forbidden LibraryMedusa Head

Resist Thunder
Resistance to thunderAlchemy Laboratory, Reverse Keep, Black Marble Gallery, Floating Catacombs

Shield Potion
Temporarily raises DEFReverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's Lair, Floating CatacombsSkeleton

Smart Potion
Temporarily raises INTReverse Clock TowerMarionette

Str Potion
Temporarily raises STRRoyal Chapel, Reverse Clock TowerWereskeleton

Removes curseLibrarian ($200), Long Library (Infinite), Forbidden Library (Infinite)Ectoplasm
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