Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth Bosses

Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth Bosses


Bone Dragon King
The enchanted remains of a giant snake.Stage 3 (Mid-Boss)

The Creature
An artificial creature with command of electricity.Stage 5

Dracula's confidant.Stage 5

The Dark Lord and ruler of the castle.Stage 6

Dracula (2nd form)
A bat-like demon.Stage 6

Dracula(3rd form)
A powerful demon head and the true form of the Dark Lord.Stage 6

Giant Amoeba
A shapeless blob that is only vulnerable to damage dealt to its orb core.Stage 2 (Mid-Boss)

Giant Eyeball
A massive eye that holds magic powers and can spawn smaller duplicates of itself.Stage 1

A giant, man-made figure of stone animated by powerful magic.Stage 4

Man Beast
A man with the ability to shift between both muscular and thin, agile form.Stage 2

Phantom Bat
A massive bat with dark powers.Stage 1 (Mid-Boss)

Ruler Sword
A blade that is possessed by a dark will. Causes poltergeist phenomena.Stage 3

A bat-woman that uses seduction to catch her prey.Stage 4 (Mid-Boss)
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