Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge Cheat Codes

Start with 10 lives: Candle, Candle, Heart, Heart

Sound Test: Heart, Heart, Heart, Heart

Expert Mode: Empty, Eyeball, Empty, Eyeball

Start with 1 Castle Completed: Candle, Heart, Heart, Orb

Start with 2 Castles Completed: Heart, Heart, Heart, Empty

Start with 3 Castles Completed: Heart, Heart, Orb, Empty

Start at Dracula’s Castle Entrance: Heart, Orb, Candle, Empty

Start at Dracula’s Castle Chapel: Heart, Candle, Orb, Orb

Start at Castlevania: (final stage) Eyeball, Heart, Candle, Heart

Game Genie Codes
99 lives: 998-DCD-E62 EA8-E0D-081