Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Skills

Protect yourself against enemy attacks by holding down the R1 button.
Hector starts with it

Perfect Guard
Press the R1 button in the instant you are attacked to block and all enemy attacks.
Baljhet Mountains (Southwest of the entrance from Abandoned Castle, past the long corridor, in the square shaped room)

Quick Step
Press the X button and left analog stick when guarding to perform an invincible quick step.
Abandoned Castle F1 (room SE of save room)

Double Step
Allows a second quick step to be performed directly after the first one.
Abandoned Castle F2 (NE room on the inside)

See Damage
Amount of damage will be displayed.
Hector starts with it

See Enemy Names
Damage an enemy to see their names.
Hector starts with it

This volume contains detailed information on every monster you have fought.
Abandoned Castle F1 (room SW of save room)

I.D. Chart
View the evolution chart for all the Innocent Devils you have raised so far.
Baljhet Mountains (in a chest past the bridge, near the waterfall)

I.D. Evo Crystal
Defeated enemies drop these crystals, used when evolving Innocent Devils.
Abandoned Castle B1 (area you break pillar to drop platform, atop the platform)

Weapon Combine
Gather up materials and create weapons and armor. Carry out via a command on the status screen.
Abandoned Castle B1 (area you break pillar to drop platform, at the bottom)

Map Checker
Mark the map to remind yourself of key locations.
Garibaldi Temple (In a chest the upper room past stairs leading to 2F)

Press the O button when the lock-on is purple to steal items from enemies.
Baljhet Mountains (north, on the corner past the save point across from Julia’s Shop)
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