Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Game Script

1. Intro
Ever since the solar eclipse of 2035, my life has never been the same. It was then that I realized that I, Soma Cruz, am the rebirth of Dracula…It was in his castle that I learned the truth…that I possessed the power to seize the souls of my enemies. That evil power almost engulfed me, but my friends pulled me from the brink.

About a year has passed since then, and I thought my troubles were over.

(Soma and Mina are standing in a city street) (Mina giggles)

Mina: Ha ha! Are you serious?

Soma: Yeah! And that’s when Hammer decided to…

(Mina moves closer to Soma)

Mina: Wait…Soma, can I ask you something?

Soma: Yeah, of course, Mina. What’s wrong?

Mina: It’s been a year since it all happened, hasn’t it?

Soma: Yeah, just about.

Mina: And what was it called? You know, the ability to use the power of monsters?

Soma: You mean the power of dominance? I lost it when we escaped Dracula’s Castle remember?

Mina: I know, but…it’s just that I get this terrible feeling inside…

Soma: It’s probably nothing… look, don’t worry, okay? This past year, I haven’t been able to use any of the powers I gained. And…

(Celia Fortner teleports in) (Soma faces her with Mina behind him)

Celia: You…you’re Soma Cruz, aren’t you?

Soma: Uh…yeah…and you are?

Celia: You may call me Celia.


But not for long. Come forth, my servants!

(Summons Skeleton)

Soma: What?! Mina, get back!

(Mina backs away)

Soma: Damn it! Of all the worst…!

???: Soma! You back off, too!

Mina: Mr. Arikado!

Celia: Genya Arikado, the guardian?! Hmph! You shall not interfere!

(Lighting bolt separates Soma from Mina and Arikado)

Arikado: A barrier! Quick, Soma! Use this!

(Arikado tosses a knife to Soma. Player kills Skeleton, Armor Knight, and Golem one after the other and takes their souls. The barrier is lowered as Mina and Arikado join Soma and Celia faces them.)

Celia: Soma Cruz, I shall see your demise. That is certain. Using whatever means…

(Celia laughs and vanishes)

Soma: Wait!

Arikado: Save your energy. You won’t catch her now.

Soma: Damn it!

Mina: Soma, are you all right?

Soma: Yeah, I’m fine. But that power…it returned! Arikado, what’s going on?

Arikado: The power didn’t “return”. It was always with you. You just never had a need for it since you fled the castle. And that set free all the souls that you had gained dominance over.

Soma: You mean I couldn’t use the power because I was never in any danger? Hmm. Anyway, who was that woman? She seemed to know you.

Arikado: Celia Fortner. She’s the priestess of a new and rapidly growing cult. We suspected she was up to something, so we’ve been keeping tabs on her.

Mina: But why would someone like that come after Soma?

Arikado: They want to resurrect the lord of darkness. Like some sought to do with Dracula.

Soma: I guess they don’t like the fact that I didn’t become the “lord of darkness.”

Arikado: Not only that, they intend to create a new lord by eliminating you.

Mina: E-eliminating?

Arikado: But Soma, you don’t need to get any more involved with this. Let us deal with it.

(Arikado leaves)

Soma: That woman…she said she would “see my demise.’

Mina: Soma…

2. Soma and Hammer at Lost Village outskirts
(Several days later…)

Soma: So, the cult’s base is here. Hammer’s info wasn’t so iffy after all.

Hammer: Gahaha! You doubted my word?!

(Soma turns to see Hammer)

Soma: H-Hammer? What are you doing here?

(Hammer approaches)

Hammer: What, are ya dense? Who told ya ’bout this place? Wait, it was me.

Soma: Well, yeah, but…

Hammer: Hey, you got your mind on doin’ something wicked huh? I want in, buddy. And hey, what happend to that pretty little lady? You remember, right?

Soma: You mean Yoko? She’s not coming. In fact, I haven’t told a soul.

Hammer: Huh? She ain’t comin’? Well, why not?! Aw man… well, since I’m here, I’d better make the best of it. I guess I’m back in business, and you’re my customer!

Soma: Hammer, look, I’m saying this for your own good. You really should leave.

Hammer: Can’t do that, I’m afraid. I know when someone’s in trouble and I’m not just gonna leave ya here.

Soma: Okay…I appreciate it.

Hammer: I’ll scope out the area and find a spot to set up shop. See ya around! (begins to walk away, pauses and mutters) Man, why wouldn’t he just tell her about this…?

Soma: …

3. Soma, Julius, and Yoko at the drawbridge
Soma: Huh? Those two…

Yoko: Oh! Soma!

Julius: …

Soma: Yoko. Julius. What are you two doing here?

Yoko: Funny you should ask that. We got wind of this cult from a tip by Arikado. I’m investigating with Mr. Belmont. I’m sure you remember him, the hunter.

Julius: Soma, please understand. If the darkness draws you in…I have no choice but to destroy you.

Soma: Yes, I know…

Julius: Then, there is no reason for you to be here.

Yoko: That’s right. You’re only putting yourself in danger.

Soma: That Celia woman…not only was she after me, she tried to harm Mina too. I’m not gonna stop until I find her.

Julius: You’re determined, I see. Then, I have nothing more to say.

Yoko: Wait. Wait, Julius. How can you just say that?

Julius: I’ll be going now.

Yoko: Wait a second. I’m coming too.

Julius: No, Yoko, you stay. We’ll need a contact here, just in case.

Yoko: Hey, wait! You can’t just…!

(Julius jumps over the wall and drops behind the raised drawbridge)

Yoko: Men! They’re so selfish! I bet you have no intention of going home, either.

Soma: Well, uh…

Yoko: Fine then. Here, take this.

(gives Soma Magic Seal 1)

Soma: And this is?

Yoko: A Magic Seal.

Soma: Magic Seal?

Yoko: The cult leader appears to create gates that draw the power of darkness. Monsters exposed to that power are said to be invincible.

Soma: So how am I supposed to destroy them?

Yoko: That’s where this Magic Seal comes in. Want to practice using it?

(No, that’s okay)

Yoko: Oh…well, that’s fine then.

(Sure I’ll give it a try)

Yoko: Good. Now watch closely. Draw a figure exactly as shown. (Magic Seal 1 is demonstrated) Okay, now you try it.

(if player performs the seal right)

Yoko: Good that’s it. Just don’t forget how you did that.

(if you flub)

Yoko: Wait, hold on. That’s not the right shape. The small circles indicate where you have to touch. Don’t be too hasty, okay? Oh, yes, and you also have to touch the points in the proper sequence.

Soma: I get it.

Yoko: Want to try again?

(Okay, once more)

Okay, I’ll show you again.

(after you’ve declined her offer at any time or succeeded at your attempt)

Yoko: Oh, one more thing. You can practice drawing a Magic Seal anytime. If you’re not sure how to do it, you should definitely practice.

Soma: Got it.

Yoko: A Magic Seal activates on its own when it’s needed. Give it a try and see. Okay now…let’s go, Soma.

Soma: Huh? Go where?

Yoko: It’s a dead end here. Only Julius could get in from somewhere like this. We should go back and find a different way in.

Soma: All right. If we have to…

Yoko: There’s no shelter from the rain and wind here either. Will you escort me?

Soma: Uh…sure, of course.

Yoko: Thanks. Let’s go.

3. Soma and Yoko at the door to Flying Armor
Yoko: This door…it looks like you’ll need a Magic Seal right away.

(Soma does Magic Seal 1)

Yoko: Most likely, you’ll need a Magic Seal to finish off the monster in here. Just be calm and focus. I’ll be waiting here.

Soma: No problem.

(player beats Flying Armor) (Yoko runs in)

Yoko: You did it!

Soma: Using Magic Seals is a piece of cake.

Yoko: Don’t be too sure. That Magic Seal won’t be useful forever.

Soma: What do you mean?

Yoko: They will probably prepare new and more complex patterns for Magic Seals.

Soma: Hmm…

Yoko: But not to worry. They’ll have the Magic Seal patterns hidden somewhere. If they don’t, the gates to the dark side will be useless.

Soma: I get it.

Yoko: I won’t keep holding you up as my escort anymore. I can manage now.

Soma: You sure? In that case, I’ll be going now.

Yoko: Oh, there is one more thing though. Julius may have some new information, so come see me if you’re close by. And Soma, please don’t do anything reckless.

Soma: Count on it. You take care too, Yoko.

(if you talk to her again in the same room)

Yoko: Soma, please don’t do anything reckless.

4. Soma, Celia, Dario, and Dmtrii at the Wizardry Lab
(Soma halts while walking down the corridor to Balore)

Soma: !! You!

Celia: Ah…you’ve come. Just as I predicted.

Soma: Celia Fortner…

Dario: You’re kiddin’, right? You tellin’ me this punk’s the lord of darkness? Ha!

Dmitrii: Judging matters merely on appearance? Tsk tsk. Simpletons are so vexing.

Dario: What’d ya call me, Dmitrii?!

Dmitrii: Hmph. I merely stated a fact.

Celia: Dario, Dmitrii. Both of you, enough.

Dario: Tch!

Dmitrii: …

Celia: Excuse their behavior. Welcome to our House, home to our Church.

Soma: You talk as if you were expecting me…

Celia: You fear that you will imperil innocents for who you are and can become. Am I not correct?

Soma: …yes. I fell for your ruse. Why would you want to resurrect the dark lord?

Celia: We do not desire the dark lord, per se. For God to be perfectly good, there must be a being of perfect darkness.

Soma: That has nothing to do with me. If this world does need a perfect dark being, one should emerge. Isn’t that how it works?

Celia: Perhaps that is so. And perhaps it is not. What is true, however, is that the power of darkness steadily grows faint. The lord of darkness must be enthroned without fail. And not a moment too soon.

Soma: But that doesn’t mean…

Dario: I heard enough already. Let’s rip this punk apart right here and now!

Celia: Have patience. He will try to stop me using whatever means. There is no need for haste.

Dario: Hunh? What are you saying?

Dmitrii: He is in our hands now. We can destroy him whenever, however we wish.

Celia: Correct. This will also serve as a test for the both of you.

Dmitrii: I see.

Dario: Wait a second! Test? What test? I didn’t hear about that!

Dmitrii: Are you incapable of thinking even a little? There is but one dark lord, yet there are two candidates–you and I.

Dario: Duh! I know that!

Dmitrii: Then get this through your hollow skull. Whoever defeats this boy becomes chosen as the lord of darkness.

Dario: Oh, I get it now…yeah, okay! This’ll make it fun! (makes a flame) Next time I see you, punk, I’ll burn you to ashes! (leaves)

Dmitrii: I shall depart, also. I see no significance in my presence here at this time. (leaves)

Soma: So those two are the dark lord’s candidates…

Celia: Correct. They were born at the same time as Dracula’s demise. They are inheritors of Dracula’s dark powers.

Soma: But that’s no guarantee that they can become the dark lord.

Celia: They can. By shattering Dracula’s soul. If you wish to stop me, I shall be waiting for you at the top. I may even change my mind if you survive my traps. (vanishes)

5. Soma Vs. Dmitrii at the Dark Chapel
Soma: ?!

(Dmitrii is hit by an energy ball from a Malachi, but throws the same ball at it and kills it)

Dmitrii: Oh, excuse me for that rather uncouth scene.

Soma: You’re one of the dark lord candidates…

Dmitrii: Dmitrii Blinov

Soma: You were fighting a demon. Does that mean you’ve forsaken Celia?

Dmitrii: You have drawn the wrong conclusion. This was merely a ritual to gain power.

Soma: A ritual?

Dmitrii: You witnessed it, yes? Unless you are as dim as Dario, you should have discerned my ability.

Soma: So that’s what it is. The ability to copy magic attacks…

Dmitrii: Ah, how observant of you. Now since there is no one else to disrupt us…

Soma: Hold it. I don’t have any reason to fight you. Do you have any reason for going along with Celia’s scheme?

Dmitrii: None whatsoever.

Soma: Well then!

Dmitrii: However I have this power. I wish to know the meaning of it, its significance. Is that not a natural desire?

Soma: And for that, you want to become the dark lord?

Dmitrii: Is that so wrong? Refining my power will finally provide me with answers. Let us begin.

(player beats Dmitrii)

Soma: It’s over!

Dmitrii: Tch, I came up short it seems!

Soma: I won’t take your life. Just give up.

Dmitrii: You dare pity me? Soon you shall be the one pitied upon. Gwaaah!

(Dmitrii drops prone on the floor)

Soma: What? Dead? That can’t be?!

(black globe from Dmitrii’s body enters Soma)

Soma: Unh! What was that? Did I gain dominance over a human soul. No…I gained no power. But what was that light…?

6. Soma Vs. Dario at the Garden of Madness
Dario: Here at last! You really stepped outta bounds, punk!

Soma: Huh?

Dario: Dmitrii. I’m talking about Dmitrii.

Soma: I didn’t mean to kill your friend. I didn’t finish…

Dario: Hunh? Whaddaya sayin’? I wanted to pummel that uppity jerk myself!

Soma: Doesn’t your friend’s death mean anything to you?

Dario: Him? Ha! You gotta be jokin’. Ah, let’s get on with this already.

Soma: Why do you want to become the dark lord anyway?

Dario: Why? Look at this power! (burns forest around them) Can you imagine how crazy it’ll be with even more power?!

Soma: You’re insane!

Dario: And you yap way too much! Come on punk! I’ll roast ya to a cinder!

(player beats Dario)

Soma: You can give up trying to become the dark lord.

Dario: A punk like you…you’re not walkin’ away from this…

(begins to charge up) (Celia walks in)

Celia: Dario, enough.

Dario: Celia…don’t try to stop me! A man’s got his pride!

Celia: I know that. But I am not prepared to lose the last candidate. We’ll pull back for now. I have another plan…

Dario: Wroaah! (vanishes)

Celia: I underestimated you. But this game isn’t over yet. I shall be waiting on the uppermost floor. Come if you dare! (vanishes)

7. Soma and Arikado at Demon Guest House
Arikado: Soma!

Soma: ??

Arikado: I told you not to get involved, didn’t I?

Soma: Arikado! What are you doing here? I thought that you were protecting Mina…

Arikado: Mina is fine. My colleagues are providing protection. Besides, keeping you under observation gets priority.

Soma: You’re still treating me as if I were the dark lord. Haven’t you seen enough?

Arikado: I need you to understand. You are considered to be extremely dangerous…

Soma: …

Arikado: But since you’re here, I suppose I can’t stop you. While under my supervision, I’m prepared to overlook use of excessive force. Besides, we can’t just allow this cult to carry on this way.

Soma: Th-thanks. I appreciate it.

Arikado: Also, Mina entrusted me with this. It’s for you.

(hands Soma Mina’s Talisman)

Soma: What? A letter? And a talisman?

Mina: Dear Soma, if you’re reading this, you’ve proably gone after that cult. I had a feeling you would when you disappeared after that incident. I know that you worry about me, Soma. But I worry just as much about you too. I won’t ask you to come back right away because you’re way too stubborn. But please promise me that whatever happens, you’ll come back unharmed. Oh, and don’t forget about the talisman! I’m sure it’ll come in handy. I’ll be praying for you. Always, Mina.

Soma: Mina…

Arikado: Soma.

Soma: !!

Arikado: Brief me on the situation. What have you discovered?

Soma: Uh…sure. (I described what I had learned so far to Arikado)

Arikado: Understood. But the fact that Celia mentioned a “plan” doesn’t sound good.

Soma: The only thing I can do is keep climbing towards the top floor.

Arikado: Fine, you do that. In the meantime, I’ll try to track down Dario’s whereabouts.

8. Soma and Julius at the Condemned Tower
(Soma sees Julius observing a black misty grate in the floor)

Julius: …

Soma: Julius. What are you doing?

Julius: Huh? Oh, it’s you. This door is sealed by a powerful barrier. Something’s behind it too.

Soma: Do you sense something bad?

Julius: Yes. I can feel it in my gut, and it doesn’t feel good. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to check what’s behind the door.

Soma: Why is that?

Julius: The barrier’s too strong. I may be able to crack it, but just a bit. It’d be better to contact Yoko and await help. What about you?

Soma: Well… (I described what I had discovered to Julius)

Julius: The dark lord’s candidates. It sounds as if that should be my next target. I will see about joining Arikado.

9. Soma, Celia, Julius, and Arikado at Cursed Clocktower
(Celia teleports in)

Soma: ?!

Celia: You’ve only come this far? You seem to be taking this rather leisurely?

Soma: What are you trying to say?

Celia: Dario has grown stronger by fusing with the demon of fire I summoned for him.

(Arikado walks in)

Arikado: I see. Is that your plan?

Julius: Soma, back off.

(Julius runs in)

Soma: Arikado! Julius too!

Celia: Your presence is without meaning. No one can stop Dario now. The emergence of the new lord of darkness is all but certain now. (vanishes)

Arikado: Julius! I’m sensing a surge of magical power from the river. It must be Dario. You go after him. I’ll track down Celia. (leaves)

Julius: Soma, from here on you stay away and let us take care of it. (leaves)

10. Soma, Julius, and Dario at the Silenced Ruins
(Soma sees a kneeling Julius facing Dario)

Julius: Ungh!

Soma: Julius!

Julius: I’m fine. Don’t worry.

Dario: What? You done already? So much for the “legendary” Belmont!

Julius: Hmph. Talk all you want…

Dario: Hey, punk! Looks like I can get me a little payback from ya! But I’m not at full power just yet…the throne chamber on the top floor—you were headin’ there weren’t ya? That’s where we’ll settle scores once and for all. (vanishes)

Julius: Watch it. He’s tough. Especially for me, since I can’t use Magic Seals.

Soma: Hold on, Julius. You can’t use Magic Seals?

Julius: Uh-huh. What about it?

Soma: Well, didn’t you run into monsters that you couldn’t detroy?

Julius: No, I destroyed them before they could reconstitute. They weren’t a problem. But this time, I don’t think that’ll work.

Soma: (You’ve got to be joking. That should have been impossible.)

Julius: Forget about me. You can go on. I’ll be fine.

Soma: He’s expecting me. I’ll be on my way.

Julius: Watch out for his fire attacks. But you can do it. Don’t disappoint me.

Soma: Got it.

11. Soma Vs. Dario at The Pinnacle
Dario: What took ya so long?

Soma: Hmph, let’s finish this. I’ll show you why you can’t become the dark lord.

Dario: Ha! Even Belmont was no match for me. You think a punk like YOU can win?

Soma: Was there ever any doubt? Power is nothing if you don’t know how to use it. I’ll never lose to a fool dominated by his own power like you.

Dario: Well what’s the point of power if you don’t use it? Don’t act as if you know! It’s about survival of the fittest! Let’s see you try to survive me this time! Graaah!!!

11b. Medium Ending
Soma: I cut off the power from the dark side using a Magic Seal. Give up. It’s over…

Dario: B-But…

Arikado: Get away from him, Soma!

(Dario starts exploding)

Dario: Nooooo!

(dies in a burst of flame)

Arikado: He couldn’t resist the demon that had fused with his soul.

Soma: You’re saying he lost to the demon’s power?

Arikado: He perhaps could have been saved if the demon was cut from his soul, but…don’t let it concern you. That’s just what happens when you let your hunger for power overwhelm you.

Soma: …Arikado…what became of Celia?

Arikado: I’m sorry…we have units tracking her whereabouts now.

Soma: Hmm…so we’re done here. Let’s get out of here.

(at the entrance to the Lost Village, Soma doubles over)

Soma: Ungh…

Arikado: What’s wrong now, Soma?

Soma: N-nothing. I just felt something odd for a moment.

Arikado: Hmm…did anything strange happen in the castle?

Soma: No, nothing…wait! Come to think of it, when I fought Dmitrii, there was something weird.

Arikado: Go on.

Soma: I never finished him off. But he died anyway. And that’s when I felt something enter me…like a soul under domination.

Arikado: …we’ll have to investigate. Come, we’ll meet with Yoko right away and head for the Church.

Soma: Is something happening to me?

Arikado: I don’t know, but we’ll know soon enough.

12. After beating Aguni
Dario: Wh-what did ya do, punk?! My power…it’s gone…

Soma: I destroyed the demon that fused with your soul. And your power with it.

Dario: My…my power!

Soma: Having power doesn’t mean you can abuse it. Haven’t you learned your lesson?

Dario: Aiyeee!

(Dario runs and Celia enters)

Celia: You are much more than I imagined.

Soma: I came as I promised. Let’s stop this stupid chase.

Celia: Very well. I can agree to that…

Soma: You don’t seem to be too concerned about this. It’s as if you knew this was going to happen.

Celia: Well, who am I to say? But there is more than one way to make a dark lord.

Soma: You don’t give up, do you? There aren’t anymore dark lord candidates.

Celia: That maybe true…but the game isn’t over just yet.

Soma: …

Celia: The center of the castle. I shall await you there.

Soma: Another trap? I thought we were gonna end this.

Celia: Trust me, we will…but first, there is something that I wish you to see. I shall be waiting. (vanishes)

13. Mina’s “Death”
(Soma enters Garden of Madness central room to see Mina hanging from a tree)

Soma: Huh?! Mina!!!

Mina: Soma!

Celia: Soma Cruz. Behold, the last moments of your loved one’s life.

(Celia’s hand charges up)

Soma: Wait! Stop!!!

(Soma moves forward, but Celia shoots Mina)

Mina: S-Soma…(bows her head and dies)

Soma: Mina!!!…you…

(Soma quivers in rage)

Soma: You heartless wench…

Celia: It certainly wasn’t easy spiriting her away. Go ahead. Hate me. You hate me enough to wish death upon me, don’t you?

Soma: You…you’ll pay for this…

(black globes swirl around him)

Celia: The power of chaos is gathering…I was right. Now hate me more. When your hatred peaks, the new dark lord shall emerge.

Soma: If it means getting Mina’s revenge, I’ll do it. Make me the dark lord. Mina…forgive me. I can’t honor your wish…

Celia: It’s coming…the birth of the new dark lord!


13b. Bad Ending
(Soma teleports next to Celia and kills her)

Celia: Wh-why? I brought you back into this world…

Soma: Shut up. You annoy me. That’s all the reason I need. Besides, the petty little humans will die off soon enough. Your turn came a little earlier, that’s all. Hahaha.

(outside, Julius and Arikado)

Julius: So…Soma has become the new dark lord. I have no other choice…the battles of the past are to be waged once again…

Arikado: I had assumed that he would have equipped the talisman from Mina…it would have protected him. But alas, I will have to unleash my power…

(both run into the castle)

14. Wore Mina’s Talisman
???: Soma! Don’t be fooled!

Soma: !!

Arikado: That Mina is a fake!

Celia: Arikado! Why must you always get in the way?

Arikado: How clever of you to use a Doppleganger. Ah, but you haven’t won just yet…

(Soma falls and stops gathering the chaos)

Soma: Uuuuugh!

Arikado: What?! What’s wrong?

(black clouds that were on Soma go to Mina-Doppleganger and swirl around it causing a bright light) (the figure lowers from the tree and the light dies, revealing Dmitrii)

Celia: D-Dmitrii…

Dmitrii: I should thank my lucky stars for making good my escape. I managed to loosen myself when the boy’s emotions shifted momentarily.

Celia: I thought you’d died…

Dmitri: Shedding my former body was a desperate gamble. But it has worked out quite well.

Arikado: You copied the power of dominance from Soma?

Dmitrii: Ah, so you understand. I touched the boy’s soul and copied his ability. And I have been doubly lucky in finding a replacement for my body.

Celia: Y-you obtained the same power as Soma Cruz?

Dmitrii: When I fought the boy, I confirmed one thing. Dracula’s heir need not be the inheritor of the dark lord’s power. I only need the same ability to become the true dark lord’s heir. And of course, only I could gain that ability.

(Arikado steps forward)

Arikado: I won’t allow that.

Dmitrii: Have patience, Arikado. Or perhaps I should address you with your real name? When the boy began his dark transformation, I scanned memories of his past lives. Make one move, and the boy will die. You don’t wish that, do you?

Arikado: Hmph.

(Soma rises)

Soma: Does becoming the dark lord really mean that much to you?

Dmitrii: I have told you before. I wish to learn what my power signifies. Celia. I must gain dominance over more powerful demons. I will surpass the boy.

Celia: So be it. (points) Soma Cruz, I take back what I said to you. It seems that death is your only destiny.

(Celia and Dmitrii vanish)

Soma: Arikado, where do you think they’ve gone?

Arikado: I imagine that they’ve gone to the basement of the tower next to the castle. A foul, unearthly energy emanates from there. There must be a portal to the dark side that fuels the castle’s existence.

Soma: I see…

Arikado: Don’t do anything rash. You’re not in any shape to fight now. Let us handle this.

Soma: His power is mine. I must be the one to stop him.

Arikado: …fine. But Julius and I will go in first. (leaves)

15. Soma, Julius, and Arikado at the Condemned Tower
(Soma sees Julius and Arikado standing on either side of the black barrier)

Julius: Break the barrier? It’s definitely possible. But there’s no guarantee I’ll have energy left to fight.

Arikado: Without your power, it’s impossible for us to get through. They have to be stopped at all costs.

Julius: …well, I suppose this is an emergency. Fine. Stand back. Here goes.

(does Cross Crush)


(barrier breaks)

Julius: Ungh…the barrier…it’s gone.

Arikado: I’m sorry.

Julius: Go already! There’s no time for chitchat.

Arikado: Right.

(Arikado drops through the floor)

Julius: Soma? Growing old is a horrible thing.

Soma: Just relax. Don’t worry. We’ll take it from here.

Julius: All right. I’m counting on you. Don’t let me down, kid.

16. Final Battle at the Abyss
(Soma sees Arikado kneeling)

Soma: !!

Arikado: Soma?

Soma: What happened?!

Dmitrii: He arrived too late, quite simply.

Arikado: He gained dominance over a calamitous demon. I tried to prevent the summoning ritual from happening, but…

Dmitrii: Your dark power failed to overcome the power I gained from the sacrifice.

Soma: Sacrifice?

(above, Celia is hanging from a cross of flesh)

Soma: C-Celia!

Dmitrii: Such an unseemly sight. Be gone.

(cross and Celia are sucked into the distance)

Soma: You killed your own ally?

Dmitrii: She had always dreamed of seeing the dark lord. She served me to the end in my becoming. She should feel honored. Not only that, she even helped me take care of that pesky Arikado.

Soma: ?!

Arikado: He’s right. His sacrifice reversed the flow of my dark power.

Dmitrii: The stage is now set. We shall see whose power of dominance prevails…

(Dmitrii pulses with black energy)

Soma: Wh-what?

Dmitrii: Th-This cannot be…my dominance should be complete!

Arikado: So that’s what’s happening…

Soma: Arikado, what’s going on?

Arikado: The power of dominance isn’t easily contained. He isn’t like you. His soul can’t withstand a power that intense.

Dmitrii: Liar!!! I’ve heard enough from you!

(blasts Arikado away)

Arikado: Gwoh!

Soma: Arikado!

Dmitrii: I am the chosen one! I am the dark lord! I shall not succumb to the power! Wrooooaah!

Soma: It’s useless. You can’t control it.

Dmitrii: Gwroaaaaah!

(Dmitrii crashes to his knees as something begins to emerge from his body in a blast of white light)


(light dies to reveal Menace)

Soma: The demons under his dominance…they fused as one? Letting this out would be a disaster…it must end here!

17. Best Ending
(black globes unleashed by Menace’s death fly into Soma)

(Dmitrii’s screaming face is briefly shown)

Soma: I…

(Menace’s face)

Soma: I…

(Mina’s face)

Mina: Stop!

(globes fly away from Soma as the room around him begins to shake)

Arikado: What are you doing? This place won’t hold. We have to get out.

(on a cliff overlooking the castle and the rising sun, the cult headquarters crumbles)

Arikado: We’re finished here. Let’s go.

Soma: …

Arikado: Soma, what’s wrong?

Soma: Tell me. Just what is the dark lord?

Celia: What Celia told you wasn’t neccessarily wrong. The dark lord is the entity opposite to God.

Soma: Then that means there will always be a need for a dark lord. All because I ducked out from becoming the next in line!

Arikado: Don’t misconstrue me! Perhaps there is a need for the dark lord…but there is no reason at all for you to become the dark lord.

Soma: But if it weren’t for me, none of this would have happened!

Arikado: You are neither a god nor a demon. You’re only human. You have no chance at ever achieving perfection. Or are you saying you want to be the dark lord?

Soma: No…of course not.

Arikado: Then stay true to that. Look.

(camera shows Julius, Yoko, and Hammer standing behind Arikado)

Arikado: There are people waiting for you. Don’t break their hearts.

Soma: Everyone…

Julius: You kept your promise.

Yoko: Welcome back, Soma.

Hammer: Look like you’re all done! Your face says it all.

Soma: Arikado… you’re right…

(Mina enters)

Soma: Mina! What are you doing here? (walks over)

Mina: What do you mean? I was so worried…

Soma: Oh Mina, I’m sorry. Don’t cry.

Mina: Gotcha! Welcome back, Soma.

Julius: Poor Soma. She’ll have you wrapped around her finger.

Yoko: Oh, without a doubt.

Hammer: I’d like to be wrapped around Yoko’s finger…

Soma: Wh-what are you saying? We’re not like that!

(Julius, Yoko, and Hammer laugh)

Mina: Th-that’s right!

Julius: No need to be bashful, you two.

Arikado: If the world needs a dark lord, it will emerge. Even if it’s not you, Soma…

18. Yoko’s Shop
A. First visit
Yoko: Oh, hi, Soma

Soma: You’re going to act as Julius’ contact here?

Yoko: Yes. There was no one living here, so I thought it’d be okay. Oh, that rough-looking guy’s right across from me. What was his name again?

Soma: Hammer?

Yoko: Yes, that’s it. What is he doing here?

Soma: He came to help me.

Yoko: Honestly, you didn’t ask him to come, did you, Soma?

Soma: Of course I didn’t.

Yoko: I’m sure you wouldn’t. But it’s too dangerous for him to be here. Can’t you tell him to leave, Soma?

Soma: I told him already. He wouldn’t budge. Besides, it’s hopeless now. Epecially after someone who’s not supposed to be here showed up.

Yoko: Huh? Well, if he wouldn’t listen to you, I suppose it is hopeless. By the way, I gained a new ability.

Soma: A new ability? What?

Yoko: So, the power of dominance lets you control the souls of monsters, right?

Soma: Right.

Yoko: So I thought I could use magic to draw the monster souls out and use them.

Soma: You mean release the souls?

Yoko: Something like that. Of course, I would need your cooperation, Soma. And it’s not something that’s easy to do.

Soma: So how do you plan to use these freed souls?

Yoko: Well, I can use the freed souls with a weapon, thus creating a new weapon. The souls you use will be lost, though.

Soma: Can you even do that?

Yoko: That’s rather rude of you to ask! I may not look the part, but I am considered an exceptional spell caster. Just tell me if you need something. I’ll prove it to you.

Soma: Okay, then.

Yoko: Oh, and by applying my ability, I may be able to reduce the souls used. I’m not sure if you’ll need it, but just keep that in mind.

Soma: Got it.

Yoko: So, may I help you with anything today?

(If you talk to her again after exiting her menu but without leaving the room)

Oh, do you still need me?

(If you talk to her when first entering the room, but there’s nothing new for her to share)

Hi Soma/Welcome back, Soma. What would you like today?

B. On Julius
Yoko: Oh hello. Can I ask you something?

Soma: What is it?

Yoko: It’s about Julius. Do you think he considers me to be just a burden?

Soma: I…I don’t think he thinks that.

Yoko: Soma, you saw him. At the drawbridge, he left without a word from me. He also said the monsters inside were tough, so I offered to help. And do you know what? He turned me down as if I were a child!

Soma: Whoa, calm down.

Yoko: What? Are you on Julius’ side too, Soma?

Soma: No, that’s not it. I’m sure that Julius is just worried about you.

Yoko: But I can fight, too. There’s no need for him to worry about me!

Soma: Yoko, you just don’t understand how a guy thinks. He just cares about you and doesn’t want to see you get hurt. That would be ten times worse than getting hurt himself.

Yoko: But…

Soma: You have to try to understand for his sake…if I were in Julius’ spot, I think I’d say the same thing.

Yoko: Really? Well, I guess I can see that… but waiting around all the time isn’t much fun. When you get home, make sure you treat Mina right.

Soma: Yeah, I know…

Yoko: I’m glad I have someone to confide in. So, how may I help you?

C. On Doppleganger
Yoko: Hi Soma. Do you know about a monster that can instantly switch between two weapons?

Soma: No, I don’t.

Yoko: I think the monster’s name was Doppleganger. If you dominate that monster’s soul, it could help you in fights. You would be able to switch between two weapons to suit the situation.

Soma: Yeah, that sure would be helpful.

Yoko: So, how may I help you today?

D. On Hammer’s “attention”
Yoko: Oh, Soma? Am I glad to see you!

Soma: Glad?

Yoko: What was that man’s name? Hammer?

Soma: Did he try something funny?

Yoko: I often notice him glaring at me.

Soma: (I don’t think he’s glaring, but…)

Yoko: Since he is a neighbor, I usually give him a smile, but he always looks away. Did I do something to upset him?

Soma: No, you’re imagining it. He just looks rough, so it looks like he’s glaring. I’ll ask him about it the next time I have the chance.

Yoko: You will? Thank you. How may I help you today?

E. How Do You Do?
Throughout the game, Yoko will sometimes ask Soma how he’s doing. Soma’s response depends on how far into the game the player has gotten.

Yoko: Hi, Soma. How are things going?

a. I think I’m only getting started.

b. I think it’s going okay.

c. I think I need to buckle down for the last dash.

Yoko: I guess you’re trying hard. So, how may I help you?

F. Information on the cult members
a. Celia

Yoko: Hi, Soma.

Soma: What can you tell me about that Celia woman?

Yoko: All I know is that she’s the priestess of this cult. And the fact that she has the ability to open gates to the dark side.

Soma: What can she do by opening those gates?

Yoko: Mainly summon monsters and demons. She also creates zones that draw energy from the dark side. You’ll need magic seals to close those gates.

Soma: I see.

Yoko: May I help you with anything else?

b. Dario

Yoko: Hi Soma.

Soma: Do you know anything about a man named Dario?

Yoko: Dario Bossi. He has the ability to create fires. He’s been implicated in countless inexplicable fires. He’s a wicked criminal who’s wanted all around the globe.

Soma: I see.

Yoko: That’s all I know. Do you need anything else?

c. Dmitrii

Yoko: Hi Soma.

Soma: What do you know about a man named Dmitrii?

Yoko: That must be Dmitrii Blinov. Actually, I don’t know much about him. Apparently, people call him Dmitrii the Mirror.

Soma: Mirror…

Yoko: He always lurks behind the scenes and never comes out in the open.

Soma: I see.

Yoko: That’s all I have. Do you need anything else?

G. Julius Hints
Yoko: Oh Soma. I’ve got word from Julius. Would you like to hear it?

Soma: Of course.

Yoko: Let’s see…

a. you can get through tight spaces if you could switch places with a small object. With your abilities Soma there may be a way for you to do that.

b. There are rooms with panels that can be moved around like a picture puzzle. There are also controls for sliding the panels to make a picture. I think some rooms can’t be entered unless the puzzles are solved.

c. There appear to be monsters that can slip in and out of mirrors. I wonder what you would be able to do if you were to dominate their souls.

d. There are some switches that only respond to hammers. Unfrtunately, Julius doesn’t know why they were made.

e. There are walls that only react to certain kinds of spells. Since you have the power of dominance, you should try various spells on them. Watch the walls closely. You should be able to see what needs to be done.

f. There is a room in which time has stopped. Something may happen if you use magic to affect the flow of time.

Soma: I see.

Yoko: That’s what Julius had to report. Anything else today?

(There is actually a seventh hint, and it is the only one given by Arikado. Yoko can tell you this after you receive Mina’s Talisman.)

Yoko: By equipping the talisman it should suppress the darkness in your soul. You, of all people, should especially be aware of this.

(Aside from a name change, Yoko says the same lead-in and closing as with Julius)

H. After beating Dmitrii at the Dark Chapel
Yoko: Hi Soma. I heard. You defeated Dmitrii?

Soma: Yes, but it was weird.

Yoko: What was?

Soma: I didn’t finish him. But he died anyway.

Yoko: Can you tell me in detail?

Soma: Well I… (I explained what had happened in my battle with Dmitrii)

Yoko: Hmm…that does sound peculiar. Given the situation, suicide sounds unlikely… what worries me more is that thing that entered your body. When this is all over, we should investigate it at the Church.

Soma: Yeah…

Yoko: So, how may I serve you today?

I. On Arikado’s presence
Yoko: Welcome Soma. By the way, it appears as if Arikado came too.

Soma: Yeah, he said he’s here to keep an eye on me.

Yoko: I thought he was supposed to be guarding Mina.

Soma: That’s what I thought too. That’s why I came here feeling confident.

Yoko: Well since it is him, I doubt there would be any problems. But his being here must mean this situation is very dangerous.

Soma: He lectured me to behave.

Yoko: I don’t blame him. I would rather see you go home too.

Soma: But I…

Yoko: I understand that. But it’s not a bad thing to rely on the help of others. Don’t try to carry the burden yourself. That’s why we’re here.

Soma: …thank you.

Yoko: So, how may I serve you today?

J. On Mina 1
Yoko: Oh welcome. By the way, how do you think Mina’s doing? I bet she’s worried.

Soma: I know.

Yoko: With a boyfriend like you, it can’t be easy for her.

Soma: B-boyfriend?! We’re not…!

Yoko: No need to be so bashful. You’re so easy to tease you know that?

Soma: …

Yoko: So what’ll it be today?

K. On Mina 2
Yoko: Oh, hi, Soma. Are you getting homesick?

Soma: No. Not especially. Why do you ask?

Yoko: It’s no use to lie. You haven’t seen Mina in a long time. I bet you really want to see her badly.

Soma: Wh-what are you saying? This isn’t the time for that sort of thing.

Yoko: I knew you’d get all adamant about this. I hit the bull’s eye.

Soma: …

Yoko: Ahahaha. But you wouldn’t fight for Mina unless you felt that strongly. It make me feel a little envious, even. So how can I help you today?

L. After defeating Agni but before going to the center room at the Garden of Madness
Yoko: Hi, Soma. What’s wrong? You look unhappy.

Soma: Both the dark lord’s candidates are gone. But Celia’s not done…

Yoko: She’s still planning something? That does sound ominous…

Soma: Yeah…but I’m gonna see her like she wanted. If I don’t, I won’t know what she’s scheming.

Yoko: That’s true. But you be careful, you hear?

Soma: Thanks, Yoko.

Yoko: So, how may I help you today?

M. After Dmitrii’s return
Yoko: Hi, Soma. Is it true that your power of dominance was copied?

Soma: It’s true. Dmitrii was alive inside me. And there, he directly copied my power.

Yoko: I didn’t know that was possible…

Soma: I have to eliminate his power myself.

Yoko: I see. I can understand how you feel. If there’s something I can do to help you, please tell me.

N. On Mina 3
Yoko: Oh, hi, Soma. I’ve been meaning to ask you this, but…

Soma: What is it?

Yoko: How far have you gone with Mina?

Soma: Wh-what, what are you talking about now?!

Yoko: Well Mina’s like a little sister to me. So it makes me wonder.

Soma: Well, ask her yourself as if you were her older sister. And rather than worrying about others, why not worry about yourself?

Yoko: Ouch! That one stung a little. But you’re right…in this line of work, I don’t get to meet too many…wait, this isn’t about me.

Soma: That’s why you shouldn’t pry right?

Yoko: Y-you’re right. I guess I have too much time on my hands. Sorry! So, how may I serve you?

19. Hammer’s Shop
A. First visit
Hammer: Hey, welcome. So whaddaya think? Not a bad shop, hey?

Soma: Of all the weirdest places to set up a shop…

Hammer: Have a look around and don’t be so cheap!

Soma: ??

Hammer: Yoko’s in the area. I saw her earlier. She must’ve come after me.

Soma: That’s not it.

Hammer: Geez! You sure are quick to put a man down, aren’t ya?

Soma: She’s here to investigate this cult, she said.

Hammer: Well, whatever the case, I can tell you I’m a lot more motivated this time.

Soma: (Didn’t you come to back me up?)

Hammer: Anyway, look around and buy something already!

(If you talk to him again after exiting the menu but without leaving the room)

Hey did ya forget somethin?

(If he has nothing else to say)

Hey, welcome. I got some good stuff in.

B. On UMA News
Hammer: Soma? You came at the right time.

Soma: ?

Hammer: I just got a new magazine in today, “UMA News”. It’s about real monsters. I think it’s got news about this area, too. It’s gotta be good.

Soma: I’ll buy it if I feel like it.

Hammer: Hey, but watch out. Don’t you dare read it in my shop. These things sell info. If you look at it for free, it’s the same as stealing.

Soma: I know that.

Hammer: Okay, so long as you get that through your head. It’s released every so often, so check in to see if a new issue’s arrived.

Soma: Okay.

Hammer: So, wanna buy it now?

C. Hammer Depressed
Hammer: Oh man…

Soma: What’s the matter? You look depressed.

Hammer: Well see…

a. I think Yoko’s been kinda cold to me lately…

b. I haven’t seen Yoko today. Did I do somethin’ to upset her?

Soma: Uh, you must be imagining it. I’m sure…

Hammer: Yeah, you’re right. That’s gotta be it. It’s all in my mind. I’m feelin better already! So, onto business!

D. Hammer Happy
Hammer: Hey Soma! Listen to this!

a. A few days ago, Yoko waved hi to me.

b. Today, you know, Yoko and me, our eyes met!!

c. Yoko flashed a smile at me! That lady’s in love with me, I tell ya!

Soma: Aha. Good for you…

Hammer: I’m on a roll here! Everything’s on special today.

E. On Julius
Hammer: Hey Soma. That old guy. What’s his name? You know…

Soma: You mean Julius?

Hammer: Yeah yeah, Julius. He seems to come around to see Yoko a lot. Do you think…?

Soma: Of course he comes around. Yoko is Julius’ contact.

Hammer: Uh…you’re right! I’m letting my mind get the better of me. Man, gotta snap out of it! Anyway, how can I help you today?

F. On Julius 2
Hammer: Hey Soma?

Soma: What’s wrong?

Hammer: I can kinda understand, but… don’t you think it’s a little too frequent?

Soma: What is?

Hammer: Julius. You know, how often he goes to see Yoko.

Soma: It’s their job. They have to keep in touch.

Hammer: Well I get that, but…a little age gap doesn’t get in the way of love.

Soma: You’re imagining things. Yoko said that Julius is just a business partner. (She didn’t really, but…)

Hammer: Yeah yeah, I get it. That’s okay then. Anyway, how can I help ya today?

G. On Arikado
Hammer: Soma, did that guy come by?

Soma: Who?

Hammer: You know. That Arikado guy.

Soma: Oh yeah. He’s supposed to be keeping me under watch.

Hammer: You don’t have it so easy do you? But eh, onto bigger things. I trust Yoko and all, but that “pretty boy”, Arikado. You think she likes him?

Soma: Yes, but Arikado doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone.

Hammer: Yeah that’s true. You have to love and be loved in return, huh… Eh, enough of that! Let’s talk business.

H. On Mina
Hammer: Hey, thanks for stoppin’ by! Ever wonder how Mina’s doin’? I bet you wanna see her, huh?

Soma: Uh…yeah.

Hammer: Gahaha! Stop blushin’, ya baby! So, what’ll it be today?

I. On Mina 2
Hammer: Soma? When we get out of this, we should throw a party. You bring Mina, okay?

Soma: What? A party?

Hammer: Yeah, and you know, you can invite Yoko too. So you can be with Mina. And I…

Soma: Quit daydreaming and get back to work.

Hammer: Yeah, yeah. You have no sense for romance at all…

Soma: …

20. Julius Mode
A. Meeting Yoko
Julius: Yoko?

Yoko: Julius! How rude of you to just run off without saying a word to me!

Julius: Sorry, but this is my duty. I belong to the Belmont clan after all.

Yoko: Well, isn’t that rather insulting? We Belnades have fought alongside the Belmonts to defeat Dracula.

Julius: That’s true, but…

Yoko: You don’t have to bear the grief alone. People support each other. I wish you would at least trust me a little more.

Julius: You’re right. I’m sorry. I do have faith in you.

Yoko: And me in you.

B. Meeting Alucard
Alucard: You’re late, Julius.

Julius: Arikado? Or should it be Alucard?

Alucard: That doesn’t matter. I had to transform to draw out my full power.

Julius: He’s grown so powerful that you have to go that far?

Alucard: Yes. Failure isn’t an option. I need your help.

Julius: That’s why I came. You have my trust.

C. Final Battle
(What is said depends on which of the trio is talking to Soma)

a. Julius: Soma…it’s time I fulfilled my promise to you.

b. Yoko: I’m sorry, Soma. I will free you from your torment.

c. Alucard: Soma… I never wanted it to end this way…but I can’t allow you to wreak havoc anymore…
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