Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Armor

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Armor


Bronze Armor
Armor made from bronze.DEF +50Skeleton Soldier, Axe Armor, Flame Armor

Chain Mail
Armor made from chains.DEF +100Forest Armor, Fish Head, Lizard Man, Flame Demon

Cotton Clothes
Clothes made of cotton.DEF +20Mummy, Mud Man, Flea Man, Hopper, Zombie, Skeleton Athlete

Cotton Robe
Robe made of cotton.DEF +25, INT +100Spear Skeleton, Were-Bear, Fox Archer

Dark Armor
Cursed Armor.DEF +550, STR -10, INT -10, LCK -10Lilim

Diamond Armor
Armor made from diamonds.DEF +210Ice Demon

Gold Armor
Armor made of gold.DEF +80Thunder Armor, Earth Armor, Were-Jaguar

Leather Armor
Armor made from leather.DEF +30Skeleton, Axe Armor, Brain Float, Electric Skeleton, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Spear

Magic Robe
A robe that has magic within.DEF +200, INT +300Witch, Alraune

Mirror Armor
Armor polished to a mirror-like surface.DEF +300Devil

Needle Armor
Plate armor covered in spikes.DEF +400, STR +10Nightmare

Night Suit
A dark, black suit.DEF +60, STR +20, INT +10Hyena, Killer Bee, Golem

Ninja Garb
A black ninja suit.DEF +80, STR +30Franken, Were-Jaguar

Platinum Armor
Plate armor made from platinum.DEF +150Holy Armor, Dark Armor, Dullahan

Prison Garb
Clothes that were worn by a prisoner.DEF +20, STR +5Zombie Thief, Evil Hand, Clinking Man, Gargoyle, Ghoul

Rainbow Robe
A colorful robe.DEF +140, INT +250, LCK +15Forest Armor, Poison Armor, Ice Demon

Sage Robe
A robe said to have belonged to a sage.DEF +250, INT +500Lilith

Shining Armor
Armor that gleams with light.DEF +500, STR +10, INT +10, LCK +10Battle Arena

Silk Robe
Robe made of silk.DEF +40, INT +140Fox Archer, Wight

Soldier Fatigues
Fatigues normally worn by soldiers.DEF +120, STR +50, LCK +10Catoblepas, Franken

Steel Armor
Plate armor made of interlinking metal loops.DEF +120Ice Armor, Evil Pillar, Thunder Armor

Stylish Suit
You'll be popular while wearing this.DEF +40, STR +10Heat Shade, Harpy, Skeleton Boomerang
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