Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Attribute Cards

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Attribute Cards

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A lizard bathed in flames. Embodiment of the fire spirit, Salamander. Has the power of fire.Skeleton Bomber, ImpCatacombs, Underground Warehouse

The Serpent is said to be a dragon swimming in the sea. Has the power of ice.Earth Demon, Holy ArmorCatacombs, Underground Warehouse

The Mandragora is represented as a humanoid with roots instead of feet. Has the power of plants.Axe Armor, Lizard ManAbyss Stairway, Underground Waterway

The Golem is a mockery of a man made from clay. Has the power of Earth.Electric Skeleton, MinotaurAudience Room, Observation Tower

The Cockatrice is said to have the ability to turn things to stone. Has the power of stone.Stone Armor, Death MantisMachine Tower, Underground Gallery

The Manticore is said to have a body of a lion and the venomous tail of a scorpion. Power of poison.Thunder Demon, SuccubusMachine Tower, Audience Room

The Griffon is said to have the head and wings of an eagle and body of a lion. Has the power of wind.Skeleton Athlete, SirenAudience Room, Underground Waterway

The legendary Thunderbird is said to have been able to release lightning. Has the power of electricity.Were-Panther, DullahanChapel Tower, Observation Tower

The Unicorn is said to have been white with a single holy horn on its forehead. Has the power of light.White ArmorBattle Arena

Black Dog
The Black Dog is said to consume darkness. Has the power of darkness.Devil ArmorBattle Arena
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