Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Characters

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Characters


Nathan Graves
The hero of the game, Nathan Graves is the star pupil of Morris Baldwin. After Dracula captures Morris and casts Nathan and Hugh Baldwin to the depths of his castle, Nathan vows to ensure the safety of his legendary master, and ventures throughout the castle battling the most vicious monsters known to man.

Hugh Baldwin
The son of the great vampire hunter Morris Baldwin. Hugh is so determined to rescue his father that he unknowingly allows Dracula to control his mind, and slowly turn him against Nathan Graves in a jealous rage.

Morris Baldwin
The legendary Morris Baldwin, who along with his apprentices Nathan Graves and son Hugh, venture into Dracula's Castle to prevent the return of the evil Count. The group is too late, as Dracula has already been revived and Morris is taken captive and prepared to be used as a sacrifice for Dracula.

Count Dracula is brought back by one of his minions, Camilla, after he had been sealed away since 1820. He has plans of using Morris Baldwin's energy to fully complete his revival, and wreak havoc on the human race.

One of Dracula's most loyal servants in Circle of the Moon. Camilla helps bring Dracula back once again, and is also a thorn in the side to both Nathan Graves and Hugh Baldwin.
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