Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Healing Items

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Healing Items


Cures Poison status.Poison Worm, Slime, Killer Bee, King Moth, Poison Armor

Cure Curse
Cures Curse status.Marionette, Legion

Gain 10 Hearts.Bat, Mummy, Spearfish, Bone Head, Bone Tower, Gorgon, Man-Eater, Mimic Candle

Heart EX
Gain 50 Hearts.King Moth, Scary Candle, Fallen Angle, Flame Armor, Hippogryph, Spear Fish

Heart High
Gain 25 Hearts.Ghoul, Gargoyle, Arachne, Bone Tower, Catoblepas, Dryad

Heart Mega
Gain 100 Hearts.Trick Candle, Arachne, Dryad

Mind EX
Recover 100% MP.Lilith, Fish Head

Mind High
Recover 50% MP.Lilem, Siren, Wind Demon, Marionette, Myconid, Poltergeist, Specter, Wight

Mind Restore
Recover 30% MP.Brain Float, Nightmare, Ectoplasm, Mud Man, Spirit, Specter, Will-o'-Wisp, Witch

Restores 20 HP.Skeleton, Zombie, Abiondarg, Demon Lord, Devil Tower, Flame Demon, Fox Hunter, Hyena, Myconid, Skeleton Bomber, Wind Armor

Potion EX
Restores all HP.Alraune

Potion High
Restores 250 HP.Wind Armor, White Armor, Devil, Devil Armor, Legion

Pot Roast
Restores 50 HP.Gorgon, Were-Horse, Merman, Fox Hunter, Hippogryph, Werewolf

Spiced Pot Roast
Restores 100 HP.Imp, Grizzly, Golem, Abiondarg, Minotaur
Updated: October 22, 2021 — 2:25 pm