Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Hidden Book Clues

Clue #1 – Town of Veros
“Clear a path at Berkeley Mansion with a white crystal.”

Clue #2 – Berkeley Mansion
“A symbol of evil will appear when you strike the stake.”

Clue #3 – Berkeley Mansion
“Destroy the curse and you’ll rule Brahm’s Mansion.”

Clue #4 – Berkeley Mansion
“A flame flickers inside the ring of fire.”

Clue #5 – Aljiba Woods
“To replenish earth, kneel by the lake with the blue crystal.”

Clue #6 – Town of Aljiba
“An old gypsy holds a diamond in front of Deborah Cliff.”

Clue #7 – Rover Mansion
“Destroy the curse with Dracula’s heart.”

Clue #8 – Rover Mansion
“Garlic in the graveyard summons a stranger.”

Clue #9 – Brahm’s Mansion
“Place the laurels in a silk bag to bring them to life.”

Clue #10 – Brahm’s Mansion
“Wait for a soul with a red crystal on Deborah Cliff.”

Clue #11 – Deborah Cliff
“Dracula’s nail may solve the evil mystery.”

Clue #12 – Bodley Mansion
“The curse has killed the laurel tree.”

Clue #13 – Debious Woods
“Dracula’s evil knife blurs Camilla’s vision.”