Castlevania 64 Keys

Castlevania 64 Keys


Left Tower Key
Opens the left tower near the stage's entrance.Castle Wall - After dropping down from the right tower, it rests in a candle on the second floor.

Archives Key
Opens the far-north door of the Villa mansion's second floor.The Villa - Found in a vase on the second floor of the Villa mansion's first large room.

Storeroom Key
Opens the door immediately left of the Oldrey bedroom.The Villa - Found in a vase in the Villa's ghost-haunted living room on the second floor.

Copper Key
Opens a locked door in the Villa hedge maze that leads to the stage's exit.The Villa - Given to you by Mary Oldrey after you bring her son to safety.

Chamber Key
Opens the door the mandragora room on the stage's bottom floor.Castle Center - Given to you by the mutated lizard man on the stage's fourth floor.

Science Key 1
Opens the double doors that leads to the surrounding halls.Tower of Science - Found in a candle in a room guarded by turrets.

Science Key 2
Opens the way to the stage's machinery room.Tower of Science - Found in a small room room (in a set of three), guarded by a single turret.

Science Key 3
Opens the door the leads to the stage's exit route.Tower of Science - Found in the machinery room by working past a deadly production system.

Execution Key
Opens a locked grating that leads to some power-ups.Tower of Execution - Found in a sarcophagus on a hidden ledge on the stage's third floor.

Clock Tower Key
Opens the locked door in that same room.Clock Tower - Found in the stage's very first room, in a candle hidden near some gears.

Clock Tower Key 2
Opens the locked door in that same room.Clock Tower - Second room, guarded by a pillar of bones in a small indent right of the locked door.

Clock Tower Key 3
Opens the locked door high above in that same room.Clock Tower - Found innocently at the bottom of the stage's third room.
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