Castlevania 64 Game Script

0. Reinhardt coming across a dead body at the game’s intro
He has breathed his last…A local villager?

1. Reinhardt/Carrie and Dracula at Castle Wall
(Dracula is floating at the window from which the moon and the Demon Castle can be seen)

Dracula: Miserable worm, upstart weakling. All who oppose the dark lord must die. Come, meet your doom! Ho ho ho ho!

2. Reinhardt/Carrie and Rosa at Villa
(player examines the red roses all around)

(Rosa enters the room carrying a water can)

Rosa: I wish to water the roses. Please step aside.

Reinhardt: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Carrie: Who are you? What are you doing in this place?

Rosa: I am Rosa. I look after these white roses.

Player: White roses?

(Rosa tips her can to reveal not water but blood)

Player: You…you are a vampire?!

Rosa: Why have you no fear? Only vampires and demons live here. Wandering carelessly in this place will soon cost you your life.

Reinhardt: I can never disobey my father’s teaching, to never attack the weak.

Carrie: But you are somehow different from these creatures of evil.

Rosa: Such sentimentality will cost you your life. I will forget I saw you. Flee now.

Reinhardt: The destiny of my blood means I must destroy Dracula.

Carrie: While Dracula exists, children live in terror. I cannot desert them!

(Rosa nods)

Rosa: As you will. First you must go the castle archives. The key to the archives…ah yes, a previous adventurer took it.

Player: …

Rosa: I can help you no more. Do not lose your life too quickly.

(Rosa fades away)

3. Reinhardt/Carrie and Charlie Vincent at Villa
(player opens door to reveal Charlie Vincent standing there with crucifix in hand)

(moves towards player who backs away)

Charlie: Don’t move! Not even a finger! All right, you appear to be a genuine human. I am Charlie Vincent, the mightiest of all vampire killers. You look like a villager…are you lost in the forest?

Reinhardt: I am Reinhardt Schneider. I have come to destroy Dracula.

Carrie: Don’t treat me like a child…my mission is to save the world from Dracula!

Charlie: Don’t talk nonsense! Leave Dracula to me. He is not the sort of opponent for an amateur like you.

Reinahrdt: The vampire is not a foe to be taken lightly! I advise you to flee to safety now…

Carrie: You presume too much! Speak not of matters that do not concern you!

Charlie: Obstinate youth! I will give you one more warning. Leave this place without delay. Do you understand?

(If you talk to him again and you haven’t met Rosa yet)

Ah yes, at dawn I spied a young woman in the rose garden. In the midst of this nest of foes, she was calmly tending the roses.

(If you’ve met Rosa but have not yet entered the Villa Archives and gotten the Garden Key)

The key to the archives? Ah…that must be the key I found in the rose garden. My intuition tells me it is worthless. Take it if you wish.

(After getting the Garden Key)

A similar thing happened to me. When I entered the garden, a giant suddenly attacked me. I couldn’t believe it. However hard I fight, I couldn’t harm him. He was invincible…I don’t frighten easily, but my blood ran cold.

4. Reinhardt/Carrie and Villager at Villa
(player enters the Villa Archives) (door slams shut when a Villager suddenly runs in and leans on the door) (player has his back to a mirror)

Villager: He…hel…help! This place swarms with demons. You have entered the castle of Hell!

Player: What’s the matter? What has happened?

Villager: If you value your life, you will flee this place now…

(in turning to examine it, player sees the mirror and notices the villager has no reflection)

(vampire reveals itself and swipes at player who dodges)

Villager: Heh heh heh heh heh. You smell different from the usual adventurer. Come to me, I will taste your blood!

5. Reinhardt/Carrie and Renon at Villa
Same as Cornell.

6. Reinhardt/Carrie and Malus at Garden Maze
(bushes rustle)

Player: Who’s there?

(Malus emerges)

Malus: Please help me.

Reinhardt: What is a child doing in this place? I am Reinhardt, you’re safe. I am a friend.

Carrie: What’s a little child doing here? I’m Carrie, you’re safe now.

Malus: My name is Malus.

Reinhardt: So Malus why are you all alone in this fearful place?

Carrie: Malus. Why are you here alone in this terrible place?

Malus: They burned the village…my home…my mother and father too…

Reinhardt: That’s terrible.

Carrie: That’s awful.

Malus: They took all the children to the castle. The devil in the black cloak was looking for a certain child…and then…then…my head hurts…I can’t remember…

Reinhardt: It’s alright. You don’t have to talk.

Carrie: Are you alright? You’re tired, that’s enough.

(stone dogs come in)

(Malus runs)

Malus: Arrrrgh!

Reinhardt: Malus, wait! Don’t leave me!

Carrie: Stop! It’s dangerous to run away alone!

(after following Malus to safety) (player opens a gate leading out of the Villa)

Reinhardt: You’ve come this far. Once you’re through the forest, you’re safe. You’re a man, you can do it.

Carrie: You’ve come this far. Once you’re through the forest, you’re safe. Watch out for the demons in the forest.

7. Reinhardt/Carrie and two vampires at the Villa crypt
(player enters the crypt and a woman Victim falls from the ceiling with bite marks on her neck)

Vampire: Very rude to interrupt someone who is enjoying his meal…or shall I think different…like the main dish has arrived?

(Vampire drops from ceiling)

Vampire: I will kill you here!

(after fight)

Vampire: C…cannot be! I, a vampire…defeated by a human?!

(Vampire dies, but the Victim, now a vampire herself, suddenly rises and attacks player)

8. Reinhardt and Rosa at Tunnel
(Rosa tries to kill self in shaft of sunlight)

Reinhardt: Stop! Don’t be stupid!

Rosa: No! Don’t stop me!

(drags Rosa out of sunlight)

Rosa: Why try to stop me? I am a vampire.

Reinhardt: Whatever you are, God forbids suicide.

Rosa: Even for a vampire?

Reinhardt: Yes.

Rosa: So…even in death, my soul cannot find forgiveness…

Reinhardt: Rosa…

Rosa: If that’s the case, you must kill me.

Reinhardt: Th…that’s…

Rosa: Why won’t you slay me? Aren’t you a vampire killer? Is it because of this woman’s shape? You can’t kill what looks like a girl or a child?

Reinhardt: …

Rosa: Such a softy. How will you ever stand up to Count Dracula…throwing away your life for nothing. Best run along home now.

9. Carrie and Actrise at Underground Waterway
Actrise: She has such power it is almost terrifying…only a child, but a true Fernandez. A shame to slay her.

Carrie : Who are you?

Actrise: Ho ho ho. I am Actrise. People would call me a witch. Our mission is to restore our ruler Count Dracula to life.

Carrie : What are you saying?!

Actrise: The power you possess would greatly help us revive the Count. I give you time to consider your choices. Lend us your power in the great work, or rot in Hell for eternity. Think it over carefully. We will meet again.

(Actrise vanishes)

Carrie : To restore him to his full power?

10. Reinhardt/Carrie meet the mutated Lizard Man
Lizard Man: I am human! I am only this shape because of a curse! You are an adventurer? I will give you some advice. To destroy the wall, you need both Magical Nitro and some Mandragora. Place them both in front of the wall. The Mandragora will detonate the Magical Nitro in a powerful explosion. Take this key. You will find Mandragora in the Torture Chamber.

11. Reinhardt/Carrie and Malus at Castle Center
Player: Malus, why are you here? I thought you had escaped.

Malus: This place…? Escape…? Say, are you going to fight Dracula? Aren’t you afraid?

Player: Malus…

Malus: Have you come to avenge my family? To rescue my friends?

Reinhardt: I swear it. I will have vengeance!

Carrie: I swear it. I will avenge your parents and destroy Dracula!

Malus: …heh heh heh.

Player: …?

Malus: Impossible.

Player: ?!

Malus: Why? Because you are trapped. You will die like wretches!

Player: Malus?!

Malus: All living creatures must consecrate their souls to the dark lord! To the kingdom of darkness, where no wretched sunlight comes.

(Malus runs away)

Reinhardt: Malus, what are you talking about?

Carrie: Malus, what have you ben saying?

12. Reinhardt Vs. Rosa at the Castle Center
Reinhardt: Rosa… (runs over to her who is holding a sword)

Rosa: Didn’t I warn you? Leave the castle now.

Reinhardt: My mission is to seal Dracula in his tomb! Until I defeat Dracula, I cannot leave!

Rosa: …so. You are determined to take the Count’s life.

Reinhardt: What?! It’s him! (sees Death nearby)

Rosa: A foe of the Count is an enemy to all vampires! Die!!!

Reinhardt: Rosa! Stop! I don’t want to fight you! (backs away)

(after fight)

(Rosa drops sword and falls to knees)

Rosa: Please finish me…

Reinhardt: Rosa, I didn’t mean to…

Rosa: I cannot stand this agony any more. A cursed soul, doomed to exist forever as a vampire.

Reinhardt: It was the curse of Dracula that made you a vampire?

Rosa: If you survive, be sure to tell my parents. Even unto death, I never fully lost my human soul.

Reinhardt: Rosa…

(Death throws a sickle and separates them)

(Death lands between them)

Reinhardt: Rosa!!!

Death: Still youthful as a vampire, she could not bear to kill you. But in time, her curse will deepen and take stronger hold. I shall enjoy watching your next encounter. Ho ho ho ho ho!!!

(both vanish)

13. Carrie Vs. Actrise at Castle Center
(Carrie enters room and sees Actrise)

Carrie : Actrise…

Actrise: Ho ho ho. Have you considered your answer? Ah… but the sight of your impudent face tells me all.

Carrie : I will destroy Dracula. Oppose and I must kill you too.

Actrise: You have power, girl. But your opponent today is not me. Ho ho ho.

(camera focuses on a vampire woman standing nearby)

Carrie : Who? I sense a power to match my own.

Actrise: She was a Fernandez too, a warrior who came to fight the dark lord. We took her alive, and made her a vampire.

Carrie : …?! What are you saying?!

Actrise: She had great spirit and struggled mightily against the curse. But now she is wholly a vampire, desperate for blood. Ha, what joy! Two cousins fighting to the death! Ho ho ho! (Actrise fades away)

(after fight)

(Carrie’s Cousin dies in a beam of light)

Carrie : Alas, I could not save you…when I destroy Dracula, you will meet my mother in Heaven.

14. Reinhardt Vs. Death at Room of Clocks
(sickle flies past Reinhardt)

Reinhardt: Damn! (turns to see Death)

Death: Heh heh heh heh! Wretched cur, I will slash you to pieces!

(Reinhardt dodges several sickles but one hits him in the back stunning him)

Death: This is the end!!!

(summons a volley of sickles and throws them at Reinhardt)

(Rosa jumps in and embraces Reinhardt, all the sickles hitting her)

(Rosa falls and Reinhardt cradles her)

Death: Have you forgotten your blood, girl?! You would give your life for him?

Reinhardt: Rosa?! Why…?!

Rosa: …your heart is strong and pure. You can defeat Dracula…as long as he exists, the horror continues. No one deserves my fate.

Reinhardt: Have no fear! I will kill the Count!

Rosa: …good. Ah, I fear death. My sinful soul cannot hope for forgiveness.

(Reinhardt makes the sign of the cross)

Reinhardt: God of compassion, forgive her. Father, forgive us our sins and lead us into eternal joy…God has forgiven all, Rosa.

(Rosa is clutching a crucifix to her bosom) (goes limp and fades) (Reinhardt stands and faces Death)

Reinhardt: But you…you I can never forgive!

Death: Heh heh heh heh! Vampire killer, you mourn a vampire’s death?

Reinhardt: This is not the anger of a vampire killer. This is the rage of all humanity!

(after fight)

Death: Arggggh! Scum of a Belmont!!!

Reinhardt: Back to your dark realm! Soon I’ll send Dracula to join you!

Death: Urggggh! Cocksure youth! I’ll wait for you in Hell! Be sure I will keep a warm place for you!

(pentagram appears under Death and sucks him into oblivion)

15. Carrie and Actrise at Room of Clocks
Actrise: You surprise me. To be able to defeat the Fernandez warrior. It is still not too late. Give your soul and power to Dracula! It is a simple matter…sacrifice the lives of 100 children. I slew my own child to attain this prize of eternal life!

Carrie: …she was really only my stepmother. But my mother gave her life to save mine. She truly loved me. She showed me happiness. Your child received no love from her mother…that’s, that’s pathetic…

Actrise: Oh dear, you make me so sad…looking at me just as my child did…how pitiful! I love no one in this world other than myself! I will gouge out your heart as a gift to my lord!

(after fight)

Actrise: It can’t be! You have defeated me! Me! Me!!! (freezes in a crystal and shatters)

Carrie: I have the power to subdue Dracula himself. You had no chance. Dracula knows this. He used you merely to delay me. Dracula, Prince of Evil…only you I can never forgive!!!

16. Reinhardt/Carrie and Renon at Castle Keep
Exactly the same as with Cornell.

17. Reinhardt/Carrie and the vampirized Charlie Vincent
Charlie: I warned you…it does not do to treat vampires lightly. Your weak skills will be of no help to an experienced vampire hunter.

(boss fight begins)

18. Reinhardt/Carrie Vs. Dracula Servant at Castle Keep
(coffin lid flies off with bang)

(mist fills the room)

Servant: Ho ho ho ho ho. Worm, you dare oppose the power of darkness? Is it death you seek?

(mist takes form of Dracula Servant and he comes down from above)

Servant: As you wish. Come, I will tear you limb from limb.

(after fight)

Servant: Arrrrgh! Urgh! Ugh. Hah. Ah. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!! So you thought you had won? To save the world is not so simple. Miserable creature. How dare you oppose my evil might. Darkness will rule. Die, weak fool! (Dracula falls and vanishes in gold light) (cape falls to the ground and burns)

19. Reinhardt/Carrie and Malus (if player did not take too long reaching the Castle Keep and thus did not fight Charlie Vincent as a vampire)
(player runs out of the tower and down the flights of stairs as it crumbles)

(near the bottom, player sees Malus riding a bat-winged horse)

(rides an elevator to the rooftop and meets Malus) (Malus disembarks)

Reinhardt: What evil is this? It surpasses even the foul aura of Dracula. Malus, what are you?

Carrie: The strength of this evil surpasses even Dracula’s foul aura. Malus, what are you?

Malus: …you have destroyed my servant. I did not expect such power. Enough! Now you face the dark lord himself.

Player: What? Not Dracula?! You…the dark lord? Oh no!

(energy surrounds Malus and transforms him into the True Dracula)

Dracula: Imbecile. You thought you could defeat me? I waited only to regain my full power. Now I will crush you! I, Dracula Vlad Tepes! Slaves, welcome the return of your master! You have killed my servant, the guardian of my sleeping spirit. Now, after 100 years, I return in the body of this child. I never dreamed it would last so long…ah the wasted years! I live again!!! Miserable worms! Your rigthful lord has returned! I will wrap the world in darkness and crush all to my will! On your knees before the might of Dracula! Oppose me and die!!!

(after fight)

(lightning surrounds Dracula and reverts him to Malus lying prone)

(Malus slowly gets up and player kneels before him)

Malus: Where am I? What has happened to me?

(player offers hand) (Malus reaches to take it) (is suddenly doused by holy water)

Charlie: You cannot deceive me!

(Malus is reeling and bathed in flames)

Malus: Arrrrrrgh!

Charlie: Ha! Your appearance does not fool me. Do you still not understand? This child is really Dracula! Hah! Try to stop me, would you?

Malus: Miserable human scum! How long do you think you can oppose me? Very well…prepare to cower before the true shape of Dracula! (white out to the battle with Dracula’s dragon form)

20a. Reinhardt’s Bad Ending (you took too long before defeating Dracula’s servant, who is still believed to be Dracula)
Dracula: Arrgghhh!!! Urgh… Ugh. Hah. Ah. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!! So you thought you had won? To save the world is not so simple… Miserable creature. How dare you oppose my evil might. Darkness will rule! Die, weak fool! Ho ho ho ho ho!! (the servant is banished in a blaze)

Reinhardt: Rosa… I have avenged you…

(from behind a pillar, Malus appears)

Reinhardt: Malus!!

Malus: Is Dracula dead?

Reinhardt: Ah…

Malus: Are you sure Dracula will never return?

Reinhardt: That depends on what we humans do in the future.

(the two escape the castle) (when we rejoin them, they’re headed home on horseback)

Reinhardt: Dracula, prince of evil, has vanished into the dark abyss. But the sinful desires of humanity may yet allow his return. As long as I live… Nay, even after my death, the struggle will continue. This is the quest of all who inherit the blood of the Belmonts. When Dracula next returns will be long after my death. But whenever he comes, a new hero will arise to fight him. Perhaps it may even be this youth here.

(Malus is startled by this comment)

Malus: What?

Reinhardt: Oh, it’s nothing. Come, let’s go home.

(befre fading out, the camera moves in for a close-up of Malus, whose eyes burn red) (Reinhardt is oblivious) (the credits roll)

20b: Reinhardt’s Good Ending
(after Drago is sucked into the underworld, Reinhardt is transported to the safety of a nearby mount cliff. From here, he watches the castle collapse. As he grieves, he witnesses a divine happening)

Reinhardt: …Tell me. Will this struggle against Dracula never end?

(a rose falls from the sky) (Reinhardt looks up to see even more roses falling, which signals the return to this world of Rosa)

Rosa: Reinhardt…

(they embrace)

Reinhardt: When desire rules people’s hearts, evil arises and Dracula can return. The fight between Dracula and humanity is endless. I know no way to escape this struggle against evil.

Rosa: Yes… That is the fate of humanity.

Reinhardt: But we have faith in each other and we have love. That gives us hope, and the strength to fight against despair. As long as we have hope, evil can never defeat us!!

Rosa: Reinhardt…

Reinhardt: Come, let’s go home. Your family will be waiting for you!

(for the final time, they turn and look toward the collapsed castle) (as they look on, the camera pulls back slowly before the credits begin to roll)

21a. Carrie’s Bad Ending (you took too long before defeating Dracula’s servant, who is still believed to be Dracula)
Dracula: Arrgghhh!!! Urgh… Ugh. Hah. Ah. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!! So you thought you had won? To save the world is not so simple… Miserable creature. How dare you oppose my evil might. Darkness will rule! Die, weak fool! Ho ho ho ho ho!! (the servant is banished in a blaze)

Carrie: Fernandez warrior. Mother. Were you watching…

(from behind a pillar, Malus appears)

Carrie: Malus!!

Malus: Is Dracula dead?

Carrie: Yes…

Malus: He can never coem back to life again?

Carrie: That surely depends upon what people do…

(the two escape the castle) (when we rejoin them, they’re headed home on horse-pulled carriage)

Malus: Say, Carrie… When we get back to the village… Will you marry me?

Carrie: What!?

Malus: Please, Carrie! Do say yes.

Carrie: But, this is so sudden…

Malus: I’ll make you happy, I promise.

Carrie: But we are both too young. It’s far too soon to get married.

Malus: Well then, when we grow up we’ll be married?

Carrie: Malus, you will become a brave warrior and protect me?

Malus: Yes! Whatever happens, I’ll protect you!!

Carrie: Is that so? Well, I’ll think about it…

Malus: No, no. You must promise now! Say you will be my bride!!

Carrie: Oh, all right. When you grow up, I will be your bride. Is that alright?

Malus: Yes. Very good. Now we have a binding contract…

Carrie: (startled) What? What did you just say?

Malus: Oh, nothing.

(following his response, the camera begins to tail back slowly) (the credits then roll)

21b: Carrie’s Good Ending
(after Drago is sucked into the underworld, Carrie is transported to the safety of a nearby mount cliff. From here, she watches the castle collapse. Afterward, she meets with a carriage-owning peasant who transports her away)

Peasant: It’s been two years since you visited your mother’s grave?

Carrie: Yes.

Peasant: Are you sure you want to get down here? I’ll take you up the hill.

Carrie: Thank you. This is fine. I want to walk the rest of the way.

(Carrie begins the slow walk up the hill, to her mother’s grave. She reflects and then places a bouquet at the headstone. As she leaves, the camera pans out) (soon after, the credits roll)
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