Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Accessories

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Accessories


Black Belt
A black belt worn by skilled fighters.DEF +2, STR +5Werewolf

Black Cloak
A cloak the color of inky darkness.DEF +5Ripper

Bloody Stud
A deep-red stud earring made of ruby.DEF +5, INT +2Wizardry Lab

A plain cape.DEF +2The Lost Village

Chaos Ring
A ring that ceaselessly draws dark power from chaos. Soma's MP regenerates very quickly.DEF +1, STR +1, CON +1, INT +1The Abyss (once all of the souls are collected)

Crimson Cloak
A cloak in a vivid crimson color.DEF +4The Lost Village

Flame Necklace
A necklace that symbolizes fire.DEF +2, INT +5Succubus

Gold Ring
A ring that makes monsters drop more money.DEF +1Wizardry Lab

Gold Stud
A stud earring made of gold.DEF +4, INT +1The Lost Village

Heart Pendant
A heart-shaped pendant.DEF +1, LCK +2Heart Eater

Hoop Earring
An earring in the shape of a hoop.DEF +1, INT +1The Lost Village

Lucky Charm
A good-luck charm for prosperity.LCK +1Hammer's Shop

A belt worn by a deity of war. It amplifies power.DEF +5, STR +10Dark Chapel

Mina's Talisman
A talisman from Hakuba Shrine. Said to suppress dark souls.No boostDemon Guest House

Neck Warmer
A cold-beating garment made of a new synthetic material.DEF +3, CON +10The Lost Village

A plain pendant.LCK +1Hammer's ShopGhoul

Platinum Stud
An expensive stud earring made of platinum.DEF +6, INT +1Cursed Clock Tower

Power Belt
A belt that provides support to muscles.DEF +3, STR +2Dark Chapel

Rare Ring
A ring that raises the appearance of rare items.LCK +5Silenced Ruins

Red Scarf
A red scarf that has an air of melancholy.DEF +2, CON +5Hammer's Shop

Beads with a cross made of silver.DEF +3, INT +10Wizardry Lab

Rune Ring
A ring that boosts the speed of MP restoration.DEF +1Demon Guest House

Satan's Ring
A ring once worn by the dark lord.DEF +6, STR +3, CON +3, INT +3The Pinnacle

A scarf made of knitted wool.DEF +1, CON +2Hammer's Shop

Shaman Ring
Gain more experience points.DEF +1Cursed Clock Tower

Silver Stud
A stud earring made of silver.DEF +3, INT +1Condemned Tower

Skull Necklace
A macabre necklace.DEF +5, INT +2, LCK -1Devil

Soul Eater Ring
A ring that raises the appearance of souls.LCK +5Hammer's Shop

Tear of Blood
A red jewel the color of blood.DEF +8, STR +1, CON +1, INT +1The Lost Village

Traveler Cape
A sturdy cape popular among travelers.DEF +3Dark Chapel

Turquoise Stud
A stud earring embedded with a blue-green gem.DEF +2, INT +1Demon Guest House
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