Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Characters

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Characters


Soma Cruz
Soma is the rebirth of the legendary dark lord, Dracula. He has the power to dominate the souls of others and use their powers as his own. One year ago, he learned that he was destined to become the dark lord, but overcame the chaos that raged within him, and escaped that fate. Now, Soma is living a peaceful life with his friends, but unfortunately for him, peace doesn't last long.

Mina Hakuba
Soma's best friend, and the sole daughter of Hakuba Shrine's priest. One year earlier, she was trapped within Dracula's castle along with Soma. Although she doesn't have any special abilities, she is most trusted by Soma.

Genya Arikado
Arikado is a member of a top-secret Japanese government agency. He is a very mysterious person, and his real identity is only known to a handful of people. Strikingly beautiful, but cold and detached. Approaching him isn't always very easy, not even for Soma.

Yoko Belnades
A witch belonging to the church. She is a specialist when it comes to disposing of monsters and creatures that are threatening humans. She is a descendant of a clan that helped defeat Dracula in the year of 1476. While Yoko is pretty nosy, she's like a big sister to Mina Hakuba. She sets up a shop where she fuses souls into weapons for Soma, resulting in new and more powerful weapons.

A military veteran, that has now retired because of the events of last year. Hammer is now a merchant, and while he looks pretty rough, he is actually completely aimless and irresponsible. He also acts as an information broker through his shady business connections. Hammer has a crush on Yoko.

Julius Belmont
A descendant of a clan of vampire hunters, Julius wields the legendary whip named Vampire Hunter. Julius lost his mind when he defeated Dracula in 1999, and only regained it last year. Although he is starting to show age, he now assists the church in their undertakings, working together with Yoko Belnades.

Julius Belmont encounters Alucard in the Demon Guest House, where he provides Mina's Talisman. Alucard is also a playable character in the Julius Belmont mode.

Celia Fortner
A dark priestess that has formed a cult bent of resurrecting the lord of darkness, and killing Soma off in the process. She's able to use very powerful magic spells, but has lost some power after Dracula disappeared. Scared of losing even more strength, she's desperate to resurrect the dark lord.

Dmitri Blinov
A potential successor to Dracula's reign, with the power to duplicate magic attacks. Although he displays an outer impression of  rashness and irresponsibility, he is fully prepared to take any measures to accomplish his goal. Dmitri isn't very good friends with the other potential successor.

Dario Bossi
The second potential successor to Dracula's reign. He has the power to manipulate fire. He's possessed this power ever since he absorbed some of Dracula's powers a year ago. His fiery attitude and impulsive tendencies push him to immediate action.
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