Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Enemies

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Enemies


A possessed sword driven to seed revenge by the souls of slain souls.291564NonePinnacle, Abyss

Alura Une
An Une fattened with copious pools of blood.600480GrapesSubterranean Hell

Amalaric Sniper
A fearsome archer and a fallen angel.9984ChakramDark Chapel

Arc Demon
Uses the powers of darkness to wreak havoc upon the world.666666Mana Prism, Demon's MailAbyss

Armor Knight
An armor-clad soldier equipped with a deadly spear.1515SpearLost Village

Axe Armor
An armor-clad soldier that is highly skilled with axes.1810Axe, Leather ArmorLost Village, Demon Guest House

One of the dungeons of the guardians of hell.3989Blunt SwordGarden of Madness, Dark Chapel

A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle.11NoneLost Village, Silenced Ruins

Black Panther
A jet-black beast that runs with great speed.40200NoneAbyss

Bomber Armor
An armor-clad soldier that tosses bombs.4542BreastplateWizardry Lab

Bone Ark
A mobile Bone Pillar. It is considered an innovative breakthrough.16080NoneSubterranean Hell

Bone Pillar
The skulls of dinosaurs animated by a demonic force.5010NoneDark Chapel

A beast with many legs.8485NoneDemon Guest House, Condemned Tower

A single-eyed fiend cloaked in thunderbolts.122180NoneCursed Clock Tower, Pinnacle, Mine of Judgment

This ox-like beast's breath turns living things to stone.7085Milk, MeatGarden of Madness, Dark Chapel, Cursed Clock Tower

Cave Troll
A blood-sucking beast that extracts the entrails of cattle with its tongue.98156PaellaWizardry Lab, Subterranean Hell

An Une that feeds off the nutrients of corpses.4355NoneGarden of Madness

A humanoid creature constructed from numerous corpses.150130Tinned SpinachWizardry Lab, Dark Chapel

Dead Crusader
A zombie warrior bearing a sturdy shield.99195Blocking MailSilenced Ruins, Pinnacle

Dead Mate
A zombie that protects graveyards together with its beloved dog.212210PuddingSilenced Ruins

Dead Pirate
A zombie pirate cursed by its own greed.126180Rusty Food Tin, FalchionSubterranean Hell, Cursed Clock Tower

Dead Warrior
A dead knight that seeks to fight for all eternity.120188Rice Ball, PartizanPinnacle

Hell's keeper.113178Mind Up, Skull NecklaceDemon Guest House, Subterranean Hell, Cursed Clock Tower, Silenced Ruins, Abyss

A demon in the shape of a starfish.120140Boiled StarfishSubterranean Hell

Disc Armor
An armor-clad soldier that is an expert at throwing giant circular blades.100160Scale MailCondemned Tower

One of the guardians of the dungeons of hell. He is quite the pessimist.48113KatanaCondemned Tower

The goddess of revenge.200300Hauberk, MelonPinnacle, Abyss

Final Guard
A powerful armored soldier given the task of guarding the castle's key spots.4001500Super Potion, CuirassPinnacle, Abyss

Fish Head
The skeletal remains of a fish animated by dark power.7015NoneSubterranean Hell

Flame Demon
A fire-wielding demon born in the fiery pits of the underworld.333444Wyrm RobeDemon Guest House, Pinnacle, Abyss

A sinister little man that leaps out as if he were a flea.1525Kung Fu SuitGarden of Madness, Condemned Tower

Flying Humanoid
A mysterious figure that hovers in the distance.11NoneCursed Clock Tower

Frozen Shade
A wraith that manipulates frigid air.150190Ice Cream, AquariusSubterranean Hell, Abyss

A fiend that serves the Grim Reaper. It can spit fire while flying.322422NoneMine of Judgment

A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for all eternity.11NoneWizardry Lab

Ghost Dancer
The spirits of nobles that dance with great elegance.1853TeaDark Chapel, Demon Guest House

A foul being that rose from the grave to feed on corpses.2010Rotten Meat, PendantGarden of Madness, Dark Chapel, Silenced Ruins

Giant Slug
A gigantic mollusk with an equally huge shell.300300NoneMine of Judgment, Abyss

A giant clay figure imbued with an artificial life force.12050NoneWizardry Lab

A monstrous bull that breathes clouds of toxic gas.230280Milk, Tasty MeatSilenced Ruins

Great Armor
A heavily armored knight built out of the corpses of powerful warriors.115180Ring MailDark Chapel

Great Axe Armor
An armor-clad soldier that mows down its victims with a massive axe.250300Tomahawk, Chain MailLost Village, Wizardry Lab, Condemned Tower

Rumored to have chopped off hundreds of heads with its bloody guillotine.80134NoneDark Chapel, Pinnacle

A bizarre bird-like creature with the torso of a woman.80120NoneCursed Clock Tower

Heart Eater
A horrific bug that loves to feed on hearts.87102Noodles, Heart PendantWizardry Lab, Abyss

Hell Boar
A boar from hell with exceptional fighting skills.149146Hot Dog, Spoiled MilkLost Village, Dark Chapel

A malevolent, artificial life form created by a demonic scholar.104177NoneWizardry Lab

A tiny demon who loves mischief.3066NoneCursed Clock Tower

Iron Golem
A golem with impenetrable durability. It has no known weaknesses.502000NoneWizardry Lab, Demon Guest House, Abyss

Killer Clown
A creepy jester with a murderous intent. Also a shrewd poker player.160160Hamburger, Three 7sDemon Guest House

Killer Doll
A murderous doll that wanders about in search of living bodies.9070NoneDemon Guest House

Killer Fish
An ancient, man-eating fish. Rumored to be quite tasty.99156Salomon MeuniereWizardry Lab, Subterranean Hell

A wickedly cruel spirit that inhabits a giant worm.4976NoneWizardry Lab, Silenced Ruins

An alluring demon that deludes its victims with its mystifying beauty.7898CoffeeDemon Guest House

A pagan being from ancient times that strikes fear into all in its presence.333356High Mind UpDemon Guest House, Cursed Clock Tower, Pinnacle, Abyss

A long-tailed demon that serves as the head of the dungeon guardians.166333KotetsuAbyss

A mythical plant that is said to inflict death upon those who uproot it.4850NoneGarden of Madness

A monster with the body of a lion, the wings of a bat and a scorpion's tail.7090SpaghettiWizardry Lab

Medusa Head
A monster created in great number from the head of Medusa.112NoneSubterranean Hell, Cursed Clock Tower

It assumes the guise of a treasure chest to lure in unsuspecting victims.108102NoneWizardry Lab, Garden of Madness, Demon Guest House, Subterranean Hell

Mini Devil
A little demon with a big heart.2066NoneDark Chapel

A monstrous mollusk imbued with the castle's dark power.5580Anti-VenomGarden of Madness

Half man, half moth. It appears to be attracted to the light.199355NonePinnacle

Mud Demon
A good-looking demon formed out of dirt.100198NoneAbyss

A furious beast from ancient Babylonia.460399SpaghettiPinnacle

A giant sea urchin that has been driven close to extinction from over-fishing.3010Meat StripSubterranean Hell

Ouija Table
An enchanted desk summoned by a spirit in séance.84NoneLost Village

Peeping Eye
A creature that keeps watch in the castle.158NoneLost Village, Demon Guest House, Silenced Ruins

A demonic maid in the employ of an unearthly baron.14082Silk Robe, StrawberryDemon Guest House

A liquid demon that appears on the surface of water.81136NoneSubterranean Hell

A reincarnation of the ancient snake god.62120Biker JacketDark Chapel, Demon Guest House

A fiend that takes great pleasure in slaughtering people with knives.5080Black CoatMine of Judgment, Abyss

A monstrous bird that wields lightning.3256Fried ChickenGarden of Madness

A skeleton that expertly hurls boomerangs.3250BoomerangLost Village, Garden of Madness, Demon Guest House, Silenced Ruins

A skeletal corpse controlled by magic.44NoneLost Village, Wizardry Lab, Garden of Madness, Demon Guest House, Silenced Ruins

Skeleton Ape
A skeletal corpse of an ape that is controlled by skeleton.3048NoneLost Village, Garden of Madness, Condemned Tower

Skeleton Farmer
A skeleton that sows haunted plants.9460NoneGarden of Madness

Skull Archer
An archer made of bone.1610NoneWizardry Lab, Silenced Ruins

A savage man that kills with its bare hands.4840Piroshki, Gym ClothesWizardry Lab

A monster composed of a gel-like substance.2035NoneWizardry Lab, Cursed Clock Tower

A fiend that serves the Grim Reaper. It fights on the ground with a spear.334422NoneMine of Judgment

Spin Devil
An evil blade possessed by a demented demon.1615NoneLost Village

A wise, old creature said to have considerable intelligence.80080Mana PrismAbyss

Student Witch
A witch-in-training who is still learning how to cast spells properly.4118Cream PuffLost Village, Wizardry Lab, Demon Guest House

A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful woman to drain vitality.182242Flame Necklace, Pitch Black SuitDemon Guest House, Pinnacle, Abyss

A jelly-like monster that is resistant to physical attacks.155255NoneCursed Clock Tower, Mine of Judgment, Abyss

Possessed by the grudges of the dead, it attacks all living things.3048NoneDark Chapel

An ancient tree animated by a purely malevolent evil.128150NoneGarden of Madness

An enraged demon whose body is engulfed in flames.6098NoneSubterranean Hell

An eerie plant that feeds on blood.1212NoneGarden of Madness, Subterranean Hell

A female warrior with a pretty face and a wicked heart.7090Breastplate, PancakeDark Chapel, Demon Guest House

Waiter Skeleton
A skeleton that inhabits the castle. Always carries around a pot of curry.6060Beef curryDemon Guest House, Silenced Ruins

Wakwak Tree
A horrifying tree that can produce pods of men.600190AmanitaGarden of Madness

A wolf that breathes intense flames.2112NoneLost Village

A madman that can transform into a savage wolf.260262Black BeltCondemned Tower, Pinnacle

White Dragon
The fossilized remains of a long-necked dinosaur animated by a demonic force.90150NoneLost Village, Dark Chapel, Abyss

A spell caster with the ability to cast a wide array of clever spells.7886Magic Robe, Cream SodaDark Chapel, Demon Guest House

The notorious abominable snowman.200200Pitch Black SuitLost Village

A skeleton that ceaselessly chases after its own skull.3252NoneGarden of Madness

A rotting corpse of a villager, animated by magic.31Cloth TunicLost Village
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