Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Library

There is a section in Soma’s inventory called the Library, which lists details of other characters in the game as well as related stories pertaining to Dawn of Sorrow. As Soma progresses in the game while making certain acquaintances more entries will be added to the library. There are a total of 23 library entries that can be made in the game. They are all listed below:

Dracula Vlad Tepes. The Vampire once feared as the dark lord. Resurrected many times, he waged a long and brutal war against the Belmont clan. In 1999, he was finally defeated for good, thus putting an end to his legacy as Dark Lord.

Soma Cruz. The rebirth of Dracula, he has the ability to dominate the souls of monsters and use their powers as his own. A year ago, he learned that he was destined to become the dark lord. However, he overcame the chaos that rage within and escaped the fate.

Mina Hakuba. Soma’s lifelong friend and the sole daughter of the Hakuba Shrine’s priest. A year earlier, she and Soma had gotten trapped within Dracula’s Castle, which in turn was sealed within a solar eclipse. While she has no special abilities, she is most trusted by Soma.

Julius Belmont. A descendant of a clan of vampire hunters, he wields a generations old whip named “Vampire Killer.” He lost his memory when he defeated Dracula in 1999, and only regained it during last year’s incident. He now assists the Church in their undertakings.

Genya Arikado. A member of a top-secret Japanese government agency. Shrouded in mystery, his true identity is known but to a handful of people. Although he is strikingly beautiful, his cold and detached demeanor makes him difficult to approach.

Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes. The son of Dracula and Genya Arikado’s identity. He took to sleep in 1476 after defeating his own father and awakened in 1797 to aid the Belmonts. He has sealed his own power to prevent Dracula’s return. He hopes to stop Soma, who has Dracula’s soul, from becoming the dark lord.

Yoko Belnades. A witch belonging to the Church and an expert at secretly disposing of dark beings that threaten humans. She is a descendant of a clan that helped defeat dracula in 1476. She is friendly and nosy. Long acquainted with the Hakubas, she is like an older sister to Mina.

Now a merchant, he retired from the military because of last year’s incident. While he looks rough and resolute, he is actually aimless and irresponsible. He acts as an information broker through his shady business connections. He is hopelessly in love with Yoko.

The Battle of 1999
The battle that permanently destroyed Dracula. Nostradamus’s prediction of the King of Terror was for Dracula’s resurrection. However, the priest of the Hakuba Shrine sealed his castle within a solar eclipse, cutting Dracula’s soul from his power and thus freeing it from the chains of destiny.

The Cult
A religious cult headed by the priest Celia Fortner. Its formal name is “With Light.” It preaches that for God to be absolute good, there must be a being of absolute darkness. Rather than revering a dark lord, it believes in its presence, and reveres God out of fear of the dark lord.

Chrono Mage
A monster that lurked within Dracula’s Castle when it was sealed inside the solar eclipse last year. Possessing the ability to control time, it had tried to impede Soma’s progress. It is close friends with Zephyr.

Graham Jones. A man who was convinced he was Dracula’s heir. He was born at the same exact time as Dracula’s downfall in 1999. He was defeated by Soma in Dracula’s Castle last year. It was his failed attempt, however, that gave Celia the idea of created a new dark lord.

The Power of Dominance
Soma Cruz’s ability which lets him absorb the souls of monsters he had defeated and use their powers as his own. The so-called Tactical souls come in four types: Ability, Bullet, Guardian, and Enchant, each with different attributes.

The Dark Lord’s Candidates
Humans who were born at the same time as Dracula’s downfall. Imbued with a powerful, dark energy released by Dracula upon his death, they possess supernatural abilities. For that reason, they are often feared and loathed by ordinary people.

Last Year’s Battle
As had been predicted, in 2035, Dracula’s Castle emerged from a solar eclipse in Japan. Its dark appeal lured humans to serve as its keeper. Soma defeated Graham Jones, who had believed himself to be the Castle’s heir, but then realized he himself was the heir. He was saved only by his friends’ efforts.

Bullet Souls
A type of Tactical Soul that is red in color. Use magic power to execute projectile-type spells. These spells are most effective against monsters that are tough to beat with weapons Press Up on the +Control Pad and (A) to execute the selected spell.

Guardian Souls
A type of Tactical Soul that is blue in color. They contain spells that steadily consume magic power while in effect. There are two kinds, those that go into effect while the (R) button is pressed, and those that are switched on and off by using the (R) button.

Enchant Souls
A type of Tactical Soul that is yellow in color. The contain spells that come into effect while they are equipped. They do not require magic power, they only need to be equipped to work. They are primarily used as status boosters rather than providing attack skills.

Ability Souls
A type of Tactical Soul that is silver in color. They take effect just by having them in possession, and do not consumer magic power. Many of them are for aiding movement, such as the back Dash. Some are triggered using the (L) button.

Doppelganger (Soul)
An ability type soul that enables the switching of two kinds of equipment by pressing (X) button. The two pieces of equipment are identified as “A” and “B” on the gauge at the top of the screen. By respectively assigning equipment for movement and fighting, progress can be made more smoothly.

A monster that cleverly mimics people to strike down unsuspecting victims. Celia used this monster to create a fake Mina in an effort to awaken the dark lord within Soma. Her treachery was thwarted, albeit Just barely, by the actions of Arikado.

Vampire Killer
A whip that destroys all that is associated with the dark creatures of the night. As a result of an ancient blood pact, it can only be used by a Belmont. Its power was temporarily weakened last year when Soma broke free of his destiny as the dark lord However, its potent power has not been entirely lost.

Dracula’s Castle
The symbol of Dracula’s dark power, its appearance coincides with Dracula’s resurrection. The priest of the Hakuba Shrine sealed it in a solar eclipse in 1999. Then, during the solar eclipse of 2035, it sought a new master, but failed. Now, its dark power awaits the rise of a new dark lord…
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