Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Characters

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Characters


Leon Belmont
The earliest known member of the historic Belmont clan. Leon is a Baron who does battle against Heretics for the Church. After his fiancé Sara is kidnapped by Walter Bernhard, Leon sets out on a journey to rescue her, and in doing so has no choice but to give up his title as a Baron since the Church will not allow him to fight a vampire.

Joachim Armster
Joachim is a vampire who is planning revenge against Walter Bernhard. Joachim promises to tell Leon of the Ebony Stone, which Walter uses to aid in battles, only if Leon can defeat him. Joachim can also become a playable character for a second quest.

Sara Trantoul
Leon's beloved Sara was kidnapped by monsters and taken to Walter's castle. Leon's journey is to rescue Sara, but what he must do in order save her soul may come as a shock.

Rinaldo Gandolfi
Leon meets Rinaldo at the beginning of the game. He gives Leon advice throughout his quest and also acts as a shopkeeper, selling many desired goods.

Elizabetha Cronqvist
Mathias' wife Elizabetha died from an illness while he was on an expedition. She was a kind and noble woman, and Mathias blames God for his loss, and now wants revenge against his maker.

Mathias Cronqvist
Mathias was grief stricken and bedridden after Elizabetha's death, and Leon was forced to continue his campaigns without his friend. When Sara Trantoul was kidnapped, Mathias told him that it was the doing of a vampire who had a castle in the east. But just how true and honest are Mathias' intentions?

Medusa proudly displays her collection of men she has turned to stone, and threatens to bring the same fate upon Leon.

After fooling Leon in thinking she was Sara, Succubus shows her true evil form, and the 2 have an epic battle.

Walter Bernhard
The master of the castle, Leon is after Walter Bernhard in order to attempt to save Sara. However little does Leon know, is that Walter will not be his final battle on his quest.

After defeating Walter, Leon must them do battle with Death. But even in defeating Death, is that really the end of this evil being? Or is it the beginning of pure evil which will curse humans for years to come?
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