Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Bosses

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Bosses


Black Knight Golem
Claudia's bodyguard, created by her father.Chapter 2-9: The Black Knight

Dark Lord of the Vampires.Chapter 8-4: The Throne Room

Commander Olrox
More dangerous than his younger sibling, Brauner.Chapter 8-3: Olrox

Dark Lord of the Lycanthropes.Chapter 3-2: The Dark Lord of the Lycanthropes

Crow Witch Malphas
A huge crow that lunges her children at you.Chapter 4-2: The Crow Witch

Dracolich Titan
Creature made of bones from the deceased.Chapter 11-2: The Dracolich

Evil Butcher
A butcher with a hunger issue.Chapter 6-4: Refectory

Keeper of the army of the Necromancers.Chapter 11: Crematory Oven

Great Warg
Large Werewolf.Chapter 1-1: Besieged Village

Ice Titan
Buried deep below the surface of an ancient lake, waiting to be found.Chapter 1-5: Oblivion Lake

Lieutenant Brauner
One of the Vampire Dark Lords elite generals.Chapter 5-6: Brauner

Lycanthrope Dark Lord
Cornell's final form, the personification of hate and violence.Chapter 3-2: The Dark Lord of the Lycanthropes

Mechanical Monstrosity
Dr Friedrich Von Frankenstein's experiment into artificial life.Chapter 7-2: Electric Laboratory Chapter 8-2: The Clockwork Tower

Controls the energy of the undead and reaps havoc on the living.Chapter 11-1: Necromancer's Abyss

An ancient species, as old as Earth itself.Chapter 4-1: Mountain Fortress

The mastermind behind it all, cast down to Earth as punishment for rebellion against God.Chapter 12-1: Final Fight

Silver Warrior
Pan, once a god, now putting you on the right path for victory.Chapter 10-2: Fire Pinnacle

Stone Idol Titan
A powerful artifact created by Mage-Smiths.Chapter 2-8: Sanctuary of Titans

Swamp Troll
Subspecies of the larger cave troll.Chapter 1-3: The Dead Bog

Vampire Dark Lord
Carmilla's second form.Chapter 8-4: The Throne Room
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