Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Characters

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Characters


Gabriel Belmont
As an infant he was found abandoned at the door of one of the Brotherhood of the Light convents. It is not known who his original parents were. Some suspect he was the unwanted bastard of a local wealthy landowner, most likely from the Cronqvist family, though this has never been proven. The Order named the boy after the blessed Archangel Gabriel and raised him as one of its own. A precocious child, quickly proved to be extremely talented, developing an unprecedented mastery of the fighting arts. Gabriel took the surname of Belmont from his love of mountains and the high places of the World. Prone to dark moods and occasional ambivalence, Gabriel was deeply affected by the death of his childhood sweetheart, Marie. He has embarked on this quest at the request of the elders of the Brotherhood, and has a burning desire for revenge.

If the chronicles of the Brotherhood are to be believed, Zobek is one of their longest serving warriors. The list of heroic deeds attributed to him is as impressive as his vast knowledge of the art of war. Despite his age, he can deploy might fighting skills. His weapon of choice is a simple long sword, which he handles with great skill. Usually, he likes to wear the old-fashioned uniform of the Brotherhood of Light that, according to him, was inherited from one of his ancestors, one of the founding members of the Order.

Marie Belmont
Marie, the youngest daughter of a rich merchant family, was always attracted by the courageous nature of the Brotherhood of the Light; curious and lively, she often escaped her duties at home in the order to help the monks, baking and cleaning for them. During one of these visits she became acquainted with the boy that would later become her husband, an orphan by the name of Gabriel. The two youngsters were made for each other; they grew up together and made promises for the future. These promises were kept when, one idyllic morning, with the blessing of both her family and the Brotherhood, the couple were married. Marie provided a good counterpoint to Gabriel's dark moods, and often just her laughter was enough to blow away the gathering storm within him. Now Marie has been tragically murdered and Gabriel seeks revenge.

Classic folklore tells of a mystical spirit that inhabits untamed woodlands, protecting them from harm. Legends tell of different forms to this spirit: an eagle, a deer, a boar, or even a horse. Some portray Pan as an evil satyr, while others tell a story of a benevolent and powerful demi-god, servant of Mother Nature herself. But Mankind, in it's arrogance, pollutes and destroys the world, and the old spirits depart, and soon Pan must choose his own fate.

Claudia is a mute orphan girl who lives in the ruins of Agharta, the destroyed capital of a once-great civilization. The race that created the city lived very long lives, often over many centuries, and Claudia shares this trait. Having endured innumerable years in the dust and decay, she had developed telepathic powers by communicating with her loyal guardian, the Black Knight. This is an ancient form of communication favored by her ancestors. The strong bond that she has developed with her armed protector has saved them both on many occasions. Claudia is brave and carefree, unafraid to confront danger. Yet deep within is a sadness that will never leave her, the loss of her beloved father.

Vincent Dorin
The abbey at Wygol had always been a place of peace and mediation. The monks that inhabited it were considered great scribes,and their wonderfully crafted manuscripts made the abbey a destination for holy pilgrimage. The current abbot, Father Dorin, was an erudite scholar, devoted to the study of old texts retained in the abbey's vast library. Shutting himself away, he studied these ancient texts and prophetic scrolls for years, turning half blind and quite mad in the process. When the vampires came, he discovered a holy relic hidden deep in the library that kept evil creatures at bay. In order to preserve the holy books and himself, he banished everyone from the abbey and disassociated himself from his people, leaving them to their fate without protection.

Three founding members of the Brotherhood of Light were brave warriors who sacrificed their physical bodies in order to become spiritual beings, able to fight God's war against evil. They performed a mystical ritual to transform themselves into angelic creatures. Their intentions were honorable, but they were deceived and their spirits were fractured; their good sides were transported to Heaven as angelic beings, while their dark sides were left behind. The second of the founders, Carmilla, was a highly skilled healer, and her talents knew no equal. When the spirit left her body that fateful night, her love for life and her purity were corrupted, giving birth to the Vampire Dark Lord.

The child-like appearance of Laura has led many to their deaths, for she is a deceptive, ruthless killer who has murdered hundreds of innocents over many centuries to satiate her blood craving. Although she has the body of a child, she has the cunning and intellect of someone far older. She can be particularly cruel, often treating the killing of her victims as a game. However, when at rest and alone, she remembers a time long past, a time of warmth and comfort and a woman's beautiful voice singing to her as she sleeps, comforting her in the darkness, a life lost long ago.

Like Carmilla, Cornell was one of the three founding members of the Brotherhood of Light whose good sides were transported to heaven as angelic beings, while their dark sides were left behind. Cornell was the youngest of the three, but he was also the strongest. Unlike his companions, he rarely used his magic powers, preferring to fight using a great sledgehammer that none but he could wield. On that fateful night, the spirit of Cornell left his body, and all the strength and anger left behind gave birth to the Lycanthrope Dark Lord.

Baba Yaga
This old hag is the subject of many a myth in popular folklore, mostly appearing as an evil witch who eats children and lives in the cabin that stands on a pair of chicken legs. Baba Yaga likes to brew a special tea made from extremely rare blue rose petals, which temporarily transforms this hideous old hag into a beautiful young woman. Although she sometimes helps people, it's usually very dangerous to ask her for a favor, unless you are very polite and can offer her something in return.

Lieutenant Brauner
This Vampire is a powerful demon, turned by the Dark Lord long ago. It is well known that young Vampires are bestial in appearance, but as they become stronger, they are able to regain human form. Indeed, many of the oldest Vampires are mistaken for high-born aristocracy. However, this creature was never human and thus cannot take that form. Rather, he is a spawn of Hell, possessing vampiric powers, which make him a formidable foe.

Commander Olrox
Another demon-spawned Vampire, he and his younger sibling were both inhuman before the Dark Lord found them and turned them. In fact, they didn't belong to this earthly plane at all, being lesser nether demons begat in the deepest corners of Hell. How they came into our world is still a mystery but what is known is that the Vampire Dark Lord found them and used her influence upon them.

Necromancy is the most evil of all the schools of magic and can only be performed by the followers of the Dark Lord of the Dead. Unlike vampirism and lycanthropy, the powers necessary to control the energies of deceased are not easily acquired. The Dark Lord only shares a small part of his power with his followers, who themselves must die in order to use the abilities given to them. Once dead, they become his thralls and their master is able to control them with his own considerable power.

Lord of the Dead
Lord of all the Dead, he is death personified and with his knowledge of the dark arts none may stand against him, living or dead.

The real mastermind behind these events, the fallen angel Satan was cast down to Earth as punishment for his rebellion against God. Satan has been searching for a way to re-enter Heaven and crush the Almighty once and for all. The God Mask is said to bestow a power that is supposed to be a key to God himself; a power that makes its wearer God's vassal on Earth, and Satan has manipulated Zobek and the other Lords of of Shadow to acquire it for his own means.

The lord of darkness appears at the end of the game. But it is uncertain as to what his purpose is, or who his true identity may be.
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