Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Basic Secondary Weapon Skills

Dagger Wave (400 EXP) – Press and hold the [given] button to throw multiple Daggers at one time. You can throw a maximum of five Daggers simultaneously.

Dark Crystal (Free) – With the Dark Crystal selected, press and hold the [given] button to destroy it, releasing the demon contained inside. This Secondary Weapon requires four crystal shards fused together, but it is powereful enough to annihilate most enemies around you, and will seriously damage even the most massive and powerful of foes.

Divine Shield (Free) – With Light Magic active, throwing a Holy Water Flash will create a magical barrier around you which can deflect many enemy attacks, while still allowing you to move and fight normally.

Explosive Daggers (Free) – With Shadow Magic active, Daggers will explode on impact. Some switches can be activated from a distance using Explosive Daggers.

Fairies (Free) – With the fairies selected, press the [given] button to release one against the nearest enemy. Additional fairies can be released by pressing [given button] again. Fairies will home in on their target and can distract certain enemies, allowing you time to execute a devastating attack on them. Fairies are very fragile and will die after one use.

Holy Water Flasks (Free) – With the Holy Water Flasks selected, press [given button] to throw one at the nearest enemy. Using this weapon while airborne will throw it directly downwards. Holy Water is particularly devastating against Vampires and the Undead.

Light Fairies (Free) – With Light Magic active, Fairies will explode on contact with the enemy. This explosion deals a great amount of damage and can be fatal to some enemies. However, fairies will also perish in the attack.

Throwing Daggers (Free) – With the Daggers selected, press the [given] button to throw one towards an enemy. You can manually aim the throw by pushing the left stick in the desired direction. Daggers are particularly effective against lesser Lycanthropes, Greater Lycanthropes and Wargs.
Updated: March 19, 2021 — 8:36 am