Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Armor

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Armor


Barbarian Belt
Piecemeal armor worn by barbarians.STR +10, CON -10King Skeleton

Body Suit
An open-chested, black bodysuit.DEF +12, CON +1, INT +1Tristis Pass

Casual Clothes
Everyday clothes for around the house. (or castle!)DEF +1Start of game

Copper Plate
Bronzed chest armor.DEF +8Jacob's ShopLizardman

Corset Dress
A slightly uncomfortable dress.DEF +20, INT +6, MND +12Jacob's Shop

Cotton Dress
A simple cotton dress.DEF +7, INT +1, MND +3Monica's Quests

Crimson Mail
A beautiful suit of armor in translucent red. DEF +15, STR +2, MND +3Fire Demon

Empire Dress
An elegant dress with a high waistline.DEF +20, INT +5, MND +7Jacob's Shop

Gold Plate
A chest protector forged of gold.DEF +40Jacob's Shop

Heart Cuirass
When taking damage, you lose hearts instead of HP.DEF +25Dracula's Castle

Iron Plate
A steel breastplate.DEF +18Jacob's ShopRed Smasher

Knight Cuirass
Cast-iron armor worn by knights.DEF +28, CON +15, MND +8Final Knight

Leather Cuirass
Leather chest protection.DEF +5Jacob's Shop

Military Wear
Clothes made with a specialized fiber to be blade-resistant.DEF +5, Resist BladesMinera Prison Island

Minerva Mail
Armor blessed by a war goddess. Prevents the effects of Curse.DEF +40, STR +8, MND +7, Resist CursesLarge Cavern

Mirror Cuirass
Mirrored armor protects the wearer from petrification.DEF +25, Resist PetrificationGorgon Head

Party Dress
You'll be the belle of the ball in this gorgeous party dress.DEF +24, INT +3, MND +9Monica's Quests, Jacob's Shop

Platinum Plate
Fancy armor forged of white gold.DEF +55Jacob's Shop

Reinforced Suit
Clothes forged with artificial musculature.DEF +8, STR +2, MND +2Somnus Reef

Robe Decollete
This luxurious formal dress will have everyone talking.DEF +32, INT +6, MND +30, LCK +5Training Hall

Rubber Suit
Clothes that absorb impact to resist heavy blows.DEF +5, Resist StrikesKalidus Channel

Sequined Dress
A dress embroidered with dazzling sequins.DEF +12, INT +3, MND +7, LCK +2Jacob's Shop

Silk Dress
A delicate silk dress.DEF +15, INT +2, MND +5Monica's Quests, Jacob's Shop

Silver Plate
For a spotless chest sheen, choose silver.DEF +28Jacob's Shop

Valkyrie Mail
Armor blessed by a war maiden. It prevents poison effects.DEF +25, STR +4, MND +5, Resist PoisonDracula's Castle

Wedding Dress
The wedding dress of your dreams costs more than a pretty penny.DEF +26, STR +3, INT +2, MND +15Jacob's Shop
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