Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Misc Items

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Misc Items


Black Ink
Black ink extracted from an octopus.Dark Octopus

You're just borrowing it, so BE CAREFUL.Received from Marcel

Cashmere Thread
Cashmere thread of the highest quality.Misty Forest Road, Skeleton CaveWhite Fomor

Cat Collar
It's a cat collar made of chrysoberyl.Received from Laura

Eagle Feather
This quill could be a pen if one were so inclined.Altair

"Frontier" Issue 1
Shocking News!!! Cave Troll spotted at Peroli!Jacob's Shop

"Frontier" Issue 2
Live and On the Prowl!! The Jersey Devil's Hot Body!Jacob's Shop

"Frontier" Final
Tons of Exclusive Shots! 16 Pictures of the Elusive Yeti!Jacob's Shop

Gold Ore
This ore is as valuable as it is heavy.Mystery Manor, Training Hall, Large Cavern, Dracula's CastleTin Man, Double Hammer, Weapon Master

Horse Hair
Horsehair is used in bows for stringed instruments.Nightmare

Iron Ore
Iron ore is part of a balanced blacksmith.Kalidus Channel, Minera Prison Island, Tymeo MountainsRock Knight, Automaton ZX26

Magical Ticket
A one-way pass to return to the village immediately.Monsastery, Kalidus Channel, Ruvas Forest, Minera Prison Island, Jacob's Shop

Mandrake Root
Commonly used in many rituals and ceremonies.Mandragora

Tom seems to want this.Kalidus Channel

A medicinal herb native to southern Europe.Misty Forest Road, Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass, Argila Swamp

Medicinal herbs from a purple-flowered plant.Minera Prison Island, Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave

Silk Thread
Who doesn't love smooth, beautiful silk?Kalidus Channel, Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave, Somnus ReefArachne

Silver Ore
An ore containing the finest silver.Tymeo Mountains, Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave, Somnus Reef, Tristis Pass, Argila Swamp, Dracula's CastleOwl Knight, Tin Man, Hammer Shaker, Automaton ZX27

VIP Card
A discount card for the shop's best customers.Received from Jacob
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