Castlevania: Order of Shadows Characters

Castlevania: Order of Shadows Characters


Desmond Belmont
The hero of the game, Desmond Belmont wields the Vampire Killer whip and tries to stop The Order, an mysterious cult planning to resurrect Dracula.

Zoe Belmont
Desmond's sister, she joins his other sister Dolores to search the castle for the sacrificial altar.

Dolores Belmont
The younger sister of Desmond and Zoe. She assists Zoe in search of the sacrificial altar.

The lord of darkness, he is pure evil. Served by humans who hope to be granted rewards of immortality.

When Desmond is killed in battle, Dracula's loyal servant Death will hover over his body and take his soul.

Rohan Krause
The leader of The Order who seeks to resurrect Dracula and sign a blood pact with him.
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