Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Armor

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Armor


Adrenaline Gear
Makes time appear slower when taking damage.DEF +15Jack O'BonesBoth

Amethyst Corset
A corset decorated with bright amethysts.DEF +11Forest of Doom, LerajieCharlotte

Ancient Armor
Any damage reduces HP by 10% of maximum HP.Old Axe ArmorJonathan

A soft, luxurious terrycloth robe.DEF +6, LCK +5Great StairwayCharlotte

Battle Jacket
Made from a special fiber resistant to slashing attacks.DEF +7Nation of FoolsJonathan

Berserker Mail
Armor that increases damage dealt out and received.STR +30, CON -30, MND -30DoubleAxe ArmorJonathan

Biker's Jacket
A jacket with protective padding.DEF +4, STR +2, CON +2AndrasJonathan

Casual Clothes
Clothes worn regularly.DEF +1Start game with itBoth

Clown Shirt
A cheerful-yet-horrifying clown shirt.DEF +12, LCK +3CoppeliaCharlotte

Cocktail Dress
A dress perfect for an elegant-yet-fun night on the town.DEF +14, INT +5LauraCharlotte

Combat Fatigues
A standard-issue military uniform.DEF +10Vincent's ShopGhoulBoth

Copper Plate
A breastplate made of copper.DEF +9Buried ChamberAxe ArmorJonathan

A tight, form-fitting dress for the well-dressed lady.DEF +18, STR +5Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Cotton Apron
The maid who owned this obviously quit a long time ago.DEF +7Student WitchCharlotte

A garment with wide sleeves, worn by religious orders.DEF +25, INT +10Vincent's ShopAliorumnasCharlotte

Dancer's Blouse
A light blouse favored by dancers.DEF +16, LCK +1Nation of FoolsCharlotte

Diamond Corset
A corset blazing with the hard sparkle of diamonds.DEF +32Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Emerald Corset
A corset decorated with sparkling emeralds.DEF +16, INT +3Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Europa's Dress
A beautiful one-piece dress blessed by a goddess.DEF +23, STR +3, CON +3, INT +3, MND +3, LCK + 3 SuccubusCharlotte

Feather Gear
Magical lightweight clothes. Get knocked far back when hit.DEF +32Vincent's ShopBoth

Frilly Camisole
A camisole with cute frills.DEF +9, MND +5PersephoneCharlotte

Gold Plate
A breastplate made of gold.DEF +25Dark Academy, Buster Armor Jonathan

Healing Mail
Armor that heals HP as the wearer walks.DEF +12City of HazeJonathan

Heavy Armor
Cumbersome armor. High defense, but slows down the wearer.DEF +55, STR +5, MND +40Heavy ArmorJonathan

Hobo's Clothes
Ragged, worn clothes. Your mother would be ashamed.DEF +2Zombie Both

Holy Mail
Armor that reduces damage from holy attacks.DEF +25, MND +10Forgotten CityJonathan

A roomy robe with large, hanging sleeves.DEF +5City of HazeBoth

Impervious Mail
Armor that completely blocks some attacks.DEF +8Dead CrusaderJonathan

Iron Plate
A breastplate made of iron.DEF +15Great StairwayGreat ArmorJonathan

Jade Corset
A corset decorated with jade gems.DEF +6Great StairwayCharlotte

Extravagantly decorated 17th century coat.DEF +8, INT +2, MND +2Vincent's ShopJonathan

A translucent robe worn by ancient Egyptian nobility.DEF +20EligizaBoth

A plain, long dress.DEF +2, INT +1City of HazeCharlotte

Leather Corset
A corset made of leather.DEF +3City of HazeCharlotte

Leather Cuirass
Body armor made of leather.DEF +4City of HazeJonathan

Lilith Corset
A corset worn by a Lilith.DEF +17LilithCharlotte

Armor with a muscular design. Worn by Roman officers.DEF +32, STR +3, CON +3Sandy GraveJonathan

Miko Dress
Clothes worn by priestesses of Shinto shrines.DEF +5, MND +15Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Mirror Cuirass
Mirrored armor that protects the wearer from petrification.DEF +16GorgonCharlotte

Nun's Robe
Clothing worn by nuns.DEF +9, MND +3Great StairwayCharlotte

Platinum Corset
A corset made of platinum.DEF +25Forgotten CityCharlotte

Platinum Plate
A breastplate made of platinum.DEF +45Iron GolemJonathan

A simple piece of clothing; a blanket with a hole on top.DEF +7Great StairwayWightBoth

Princess Coat
A coat with an ornate, feminine cut.DEF +28, LCK +10NyxCharlotte

Robe Decollete
An elegant dress for the most formal of events.DEF +30, INT +5, MND +5, LCK +5Throne RoomCharlotte

Ruby Corset
A corset decorated with fiery rubies.DEF +16, STR +3Vincent's ShopAmphisbaenaCharlotte

Samurai Plate
Traditional body armor worn by samurai warriors.DEF +35, CON +10, MND +10Dead WarriorJonathan

Sapphire Corset
An elaborate corset decorated with sapphires.DEF +16, CON +3Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Scout Armor
Defense improves as more of the map is uncovered.DEF +5Boss Rush ModeJonathan

Sequined Dress
A dress covered with glittering sequins.DEF +10, STR +3Great Stairway, Forest of DoomCharlotte

Silk Negligee
A silk garment designed for comfortable sleeping.DEF +5, CON +3, MND +3Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Silver Plate
A breastplate made of silver.DEF +18Forest of Doom, Crossbow ArmorJonathan

Spiked Mail
Armor covered with sharp spikes. Wear with caution.CON -20, MND -20Vincent's ShopJonathan

A garment bearing a noble family crest.DEF +18, INT +5, MND +5Ghoul KingJonathan

Just an everyday coat. Stylish, but offers little protection.DEF +3Vincent's ShopJonathan

Tuxedo Coat
The finest of formalwear (in classic black, of course).DEF +10, LCK +2City of HazeJonathan

Wedding Dress
A pure-white bridal dress.DEF +20, STR +15, CON +1013th StreetCharlotte
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