Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Cheat Codes

Play as Old Axe Armor
Kill at least 1000 Old Axe Armor, then save. You must save the game in order for the kill count to register. When you start a new game you can choose Old Axe Armor once you’ve received the good ending.

Play as Richter Belmont
Beat the whip memory at the end of the game and defeat Dracula.

Play as the Sisters
Beat the whip memory and defeat Dracula.

Boss Rush Course 2 and 3
Obtain Good Ending.

Sound Mode
Obtain Good Ending.

Magus Ring
Complete all of Wind’s quests.

Alternate Vincent Portrait
Beat the game on Hard Mode. During the credits reel, there will be a different portrait of Vincent.

English or Japanese Voiceovers
To enable English voices in the Japanese version of this game or vice versa, simply press ‘A’ while holding ‘L’ at any of the main menu choices. Jonathan will say “showtime” to confirm the activation.

Duplicate Quest Reward
Upon completing a Quest, talk to Wind to open up the quest menu. Press A twice. When you hear the “reward” chime, press START to exit the quest menu.

The quest reward is already given to you, but the quest is uncleared from the list. You can repeat this as many times as you want. This glitch does not work in the European version of the game.

Konami Man and +50 Strength
Defeat Hard Mode with Level 1 Cap. (Jonathan and Charlotte)

Twin Bee and +50 Intelligence
Defeat Hard Mode with Level 25 Cap. (Jonathan and Charlotte)

Vic Viper and +50 Luck
Defeat Hard Mode with Level 50 Cap. (Jonathan and Charlotte)
Updated: February 12, 2021 — 11:33 am