Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Characters

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Characters


Jonathan Morris
Wielder of the legendary whip, "Vampire Killer". A hot-headed energetic young man, but has confidence, poise and a sense of humor. At times, this makes him seem like he's not taking things seriously. But when it really counts, he can be very clever. His most common answer to most things: "No problem".

Charlotte Aulin
Grew up with Jonathan. Intelligent, but is a little too confident in her book smarts. Talks a lot, and sticks her nose into other peoples' business. She takes a logical approach to everything so she comes off as unemotional. Has great magic power, and seen as a potential final weapon in the final battle against Dracula. Throughout the game she is usually referred to as a child.

The true ruler of the castle.

Dracula's right-hand man, who was resurrected along with Dracula's castle. Lawful evil. Has samurai-like aspects.

A vampire who lost his daughters 30 years ago, and had his magical powers awakened by Dracula's castle. Revived Dracula's castle by collecting the tortured souls of those who died in World War II. His goal is to destroy humans, who have yet again started war.

The older of the twin vampire sisters. Has a flashy, aggressive personality. Looks down on humans condescendingly. Is skilled at physical attacks. One of Brauner's so-called "daughters".

The younger of the twin vampire sisters. Her physical appearance is a little plain, and she is intelligent, rational and unemotional. Looks down on humans, like her sister. Is skilled at magical attacks. One of Brauner's so-called "daughters".

The person who teaches skills and gives items to Jonathan and Charlotte. He was killed by Brauner and was almost made a part of Dracula's castle, but the strength of his soul allowed him to retain his consciousness. His soul is trapped within Dracula's castle, however, so he cannot move or put his soul to rest.

Vincent Dorin
A priest (a very greedy one at that) who acts as your guide. Not the courageous type. He runs the store.

Richter Belmont
The legendary Richter Belmont appears as an enemy known as "Whip's Memory". He is also an unlockable character after you beat himself and Dracula.

Maria Renard
Maria shows up as Richter's partner when you play the game in Richter mode.

Old Axe Armor
If you kill 1000 Old Axe Armor enemies in Jonathan mode you can then play the game as an Old Axe Armor.
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