Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Enemies

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Enemies


A sword possessed by the souls of slain warriors, driven by revenge.512512Damascus SwordNest of Evil

Witches banished by the Gothic king Filmer.196212DalmaticaDark Academy, 13th Street

Alura Une
An Une fattened with copious pools of blood.573440Rose Corsage, Muse's Tiara Dark Academy

Amalaric Sniper
A fallen angel who is now a fearsome archer.179218Pudding, Blessed Ankh 13th Street, Nest of Evil

A demon in the form of a unicorn. One of the best musicians in hell.19991280Thor's Bellow, Record 4Nest of Evil

A double-headed snake. Its name means "able to move in both directions".26694Pearl Tiara, Ruby CorsetSandy Grave

A demon who rides a wolf and carries a flaming sword.7017Biker's Jacket, FalchionCity of Haze

Armored Fleaman
A little Fleaman armed with an axe and protected by armor.80125Bhuj, BerserkerForgotten City, Nest of Evil

Armor Knight
An armored zombie warrior who carries a spear.6048Long Spear, JavelinSandy Grave, Nation of Fools, Burnt Paradise

Axe Armor
An armored warrior powered by blood. It cannot be killed.63255Magical TicketForest of Doom, 13th Street

A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle.11Entrance, City of Haze, Buried Chamber

Bee Hive
A hive of killer bees. Highly prized among demons as a delicacy.288118BeehiveForest of Doom

Black Crow
An evil crow that has developed a taste for human flesh.3369Summon CrowDark Academy

Blue Crow
The spirit of a crow that continues to fly, even after death.1334Summon CrowForest of Doom

Bone Ark
A mobile Bone Pillar. Considered an innovative breakthrough.500354Nest of Evil

Bone Pillar
The skulls of dinosaurs, animated by a demonic force.10023Sandy Grave

Buster Armor
An armored warrior who specializes in long-range attacks.288330Gold Plate13th Street, Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

This ox-like beast's breath turns living things to stone.12060Milk, Tasty MeatGreat Stairway

Cave Troll
A blood-sucking beast that extracts the entrails of cows with its tongue.320414Jamon Iberico, Peking DuckNest of Evil

An acrobat from hell that entertains demons.8054Diamond, Clown Shirt Nation of Fools

A grown Une that bears the face of the human it fed on.14853Orchid CorsageSandy Grave, Forest of Doom

An artificial being created by a mad scientist.40005000Nest of Evil, Boss of Dark Academy

Crossbow Armor
An artificial being created by a mad scientist.11195Silver Plate, CrossbowSandy Grave

Dead Crusader
A zombie warrior bearing a sturdy shield.99150Impervious MailMaster's Keep

Dead Warrior
A dead knight whose spirit still lusts for battle.210193Samurai PlateDark Academy, 13th Street, Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

Death Mask
A demon who flies about, wearing the face of a dead human.2010City of Haze

An inhabitant of hell, set free by dark magic.666666Super Tonic13th Street Nest of Evil

Demon Head
An ancient devil that only has a face and six wings.199266Rotten DurianDark Academy Forgotten City, Nest of Evil

Devil Wheel
A demonically-possessed wheel that is obsessed with speed.5556CoffeeSandy Grave, Nation of Fools, Forgotten City

An extremely rare bird. It is rather cowardly, and runs away quickly.100365Fried Chicken, Heart Brooch Forgotten City

A magical being created by a forbidden spell.144157Monocle, Stone CircleForest of Doom, Nest of Evil

Double Axe Armor
An elite Axe Armor warrior who wields two axes with deadly precision.191287Berserker Mail, Super PotionBurnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

An insect that spits burning liquid.40115Dark Academy, Nest of Evil

Dragon Zombie
A zombie dragon. It lost its magic, but has become mindlessly violent.350150Gladius, ZweihanderBuried Chamber, Sandy Grave

A substance created by souls who cannot find rest.1036Uncurse Potion, Cure CurseSandy Grave, Forgotten City

A guardian of treasure.168133Kalasiris, UraeusSandy Grave, Forgotten City

Final Guard
An elite warrior chosen to guard key areas of the castle.50500Final SwordMaster's Keep, Dark Academy, Nest of Evil

Flame Demon
A fire-wielding demon born in the molten pits of the underworld.222244Agni's FlameMaster's Keep, Forgotten City

A sinister little man who leaps about as if he were a flea.1519Fedora, PancakeSandy Grave, Nation of Fools, Dark Academy, Forgotten City

Flying Armor
A sinister cape-clad figure who flies through the air wielding his swords.112163Heaven's SwordNation of Fools, Tower of Death

Flying Skull
A skull that flies through the air.1015GlassesSandy Grave, Entrance

A demonic sea-creature from the oceans of the underworld.4413PaellaCity of Haze

A frog of ill omen.5161000 Year Egg, Summon FrogForest of Doom

Frozen Shade
A wraith that can freeze the air.5019Inuit BootsBuried Chamber

A demonic knight who serves Death. It can spit fire while flying.216188Tower of Death

A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for all eternity.89Summon GhostSandy Grave, Forgotten City

Ghost Dancer
The spirits of nobles; they dance endlessly in aristocratic abandon.55125Ballroom Masque, Tea13th Street

A foul creature that feeds on the flesh of the dead.9913Combat FatiguesDark Academy, 13th Street

Ghoul King
The rarely-seen king of the ghouls.444291Surcoat, Royal Crown13th Street

Glasya Labolas
A demonic dog with large, powerful wings.15583Acidic Bubbles, Hot DogGreat Stairway

Gold Skeleton
A skeleton made of a hard, unknown material similar to gold.255255Gold RingNest of Evil

A powerful golem created by infusing special stones with magical life.9040Tough RingBuried Chamber

A monstrous bull that breathes clouds of toxic gas.295187New York Steak, Mirror CuirassForgotten City, Burnt Paradise

Great Armor
A heavily-armored knight who commands other armored warriors.240120Iron Plate, Great SwordGreat Stairway, Entrance

Great Ghost
An enormous phantom.66240Sandy Grave

A demon who has executed countless victims in its bloody guillotine.213223Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

Hanged Bones
A skeleton that sways like a swing.8010Nation of Fools

A vicious bird-like creature with the head and torso of a woman.120113Penne ArrabiataNation of Fools, Tower of Death, Forest of Doom

Heavy Armor
An armored zombie warrior with great strength; he swings a steel ball.299310Wrecking Ball, Heavy ArmorDark Academy, 13th Street, Nest of Evil

Hill Guard
An armored warrior who specializes in fighting on uneven ground.6077GladiusEntrance, Great Stairway

A tiny demon who loves mischief.3344TridentTower of Death, Dark Academy

Invisible Man
A magician who gained invisibility, but gave up his soul in return.7532MelonBuried Chamber, Entrance

Iron Golem
A golem imbued with a powerful magic spell.999500Platinum Leggings, Platinum PlateNest of Evil

Jack O'Bones
A skeleton who specializes in throwing attack.100114Spoiled Milk, Adrenaline GearForgotten City Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

Killer Bee
A bee with a stinger that can easily pierce and kill.18Forest of Doom

Killer Clown
A murderous clown who's popular at demon birthday parties.11065Joker, HamburgerNation of Fools

Killer Doll
A cursed doll that wanders in search of living flesh.9087Tower of Death, Forest of Doom

A spirit with the head of a man and the body of a worm.96Great Stairway, Entrance

Carmilla's servant.415320Cocktrail Dress, Midnight TiaraForgotten City

An evil hunter. Uses ricocheting bullets to kill from afar.7242Amethyst Corset, Ricochet RockGreat Stairway, Nation of Fools

Lesser Demon
A demon who wields powerful magic.166199Skull RingDark Academy, Forgotten City, Nest of Evil

A demon who lights magical torches on graves.96Forgotten City, Dark Academy, 13th Street, Nest of Evil

An enchanting demon who deludes her victims with mystifying beauty.8376Silent Sandals, Lilith CorsetEntrance, Great Stairway, Forest of Doom

A pagan being from ancient times who strikes fear in anyone near him.444333Skull Mask, NightmareForest of Doom, Master's Keep

A black demon that is accompanied by crows.666573Dark Academy, 13th Street, Nest of Evil

Those who hear its scream know madness.190150Dark Academy

Maneating Plant
A carnivorous plant that grew and developed a taste for human flesh.191164Rose Stem WhipForest of Doom

Medusa Head
A monster created in great numbers from the head of Medusa.11Medusa Whip, Summon MedusaNation of Fools, Tower of Death, Burnt Paradise

Half fish, half man, and all monster. It hunts prey near the water.3513MeuniereBuried Chamber

A creature that disguises itself as treasure, then awaits its prey.9938Abalone BroochGreat Stairway, Sandy Grave

Mini Devil
A small demon who makes up for his size in ferocity and malevolence.1011TonicCity of Haze

A monstrous mollusk imbued with the castle's dark power.354414Bullova, Hercules RingDark Academy, Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

Moldy Corpse
A human consumed by evil after eating a cursed mushroom.11295Amanita, MushroomForest of Doom

Half moth, half man--he sprinkles poisonous dust wherever he goes.125EXP:8013th Street, Nest of Evil

Mud Man
A figure made of mud, imbued with a tormented soul.820Buried Chamber

A mummified warrior, buried in a tomb to protect his king.2464Stone MaskSandy Grave, Forgotten City

The master of night.206160Heart, Princess Coat13th Street, Nest of Evil

Old Axe Armor
A veteran zombie warrior wearing antique armor.156145Voulge, Ancient ArmorDark Academy, Forgotten City, 13th Street, Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

Peeping Eye
A creature that keeps watch in the castle.1521Eye for DecayCity of Haze

The count's demonic maid. She seems to have bought a new vacuum cleaner.3560Frilly Camisole, Pudding BucketGreat Stairway

Poison Worm
An enormous worm, poisonous to the touch.8001200Forgotten City

A reincarnation of the ancient snake god.228128Forgotten City, Nest of Evil

Razor Bat
A bat that attacks with razor-sharp blades.8050Rahab's FrostMaster's Keep

Red Axe Armor
An armored warrior powered by blood. It cannot be killed.22563Magical TicketForest of Doom, 13th Street

Red Skeleton
A skeleton warrior that has absorbed blood. It can regenerate.1271Sandy Grave, Forgotten City

A fiend who takes great pleasure in slaughtering people with knives.127EXP:80Porkpie Hat, Spicy Shrimp13th Street, Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

Ruler's Sword
A sword controlled by an evil will. Causes poltergeist phenomena.400300Jagdplaute, Dragon SlayerMaster's Keep, Dark Academy, Nest of Evil

Sand Worm
An enormous worm that lurks in the ground to snare its prey.100250Sandy Grave

A skeleton that expertly hurls boomerangs.7781BoomerangGreat Stairway, Forest of Doom

A skeletal corpse controlled by magic.310Summon SkeletonEntrance, City of Haze, Sandy Grave

Skeleton Blaze
An elite skeleton warrior armed with two swords.193180Katar, Slick Boots13th Street, Nest of Evil

Skeleton Farmer
A skeleton with a green thumb. Even hell could use a plant here and there.590439Rice BallNest of Evil

Skeleton Flail
A skeleton warrior armed with an old musket.7580Morning StarGreat Stairway, Tower of Death

Skeleton Gunman
A skeleton warrior armed with an old musket.5450Summon GunmanGreat Stairway, Tower of Death

Skeleton Tree
A skeleton that grows like a tree.15058Burnt Paradise

Skull Archer
An archer made of bone.4060Buried Chamber, Great Stairway

Skull Bartender
An archer made of bone.4060Buried Chamber, Great Stairway

A creature made of a slimy gel. Resistant to physical attacks.2045Buried Chamber, Nation of Fools

A skeleton that attacks by throwing his own ribs.199City of Haze, Entrance

A demonic knight who serves Death. It fights on the ground with a spear.208188CouseTower of Death

Spin Devil
An evil blade possessed by a demented demon.99100Master's Keep

Spittle Bone
A four-legged skeleton that crawls on walls.1033Sandy Grave, Entrance

Student Witch
An immature witch who's still learning her spells.4210Cotton Apron, Witch's HatCity of Haze, Forest of Doom, Dark Academy

A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful maiden to drain vitality.185191Europa's Dress, Succubus BootsMaster's Keep

A poisonous creature made of a slimy gel. Resistant to physical attacks.155201Forgotten City, Burnt Paradise

The result of a demonic ritual gone wrong.3034PiyokoDark Academy

A gravestone that rattles around violently.30114Forest of Doom

An ancient tree animated by a malevolent will.340205ClubForest of Doom

A burning demon who likes to play with fire.1619Great Stairway

An eerie plant that feeds on blood.105StrawberryBuried Chamber

A demon with a lion's body and a griffon's wings.420396HexDark Academy, 13th Street, Nest of Evil

Vice Beetle
An insect with crushingly powerful jaws. Crawls on the ceiling.3064Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

Wakwak Tree
A nasty tree that produces Fleamen.550185GrapesDark Academy

White Dragon
The bones of a long-necked dinosaur, animated by a demonic force.80110Sandy Grave, Nation of Fools

A powerful undead being, born from a rotting zombie.4430Poncho, Penters NaturalCity of Haze

A spellcaster who rides an enchanted broomstick.106124Traveler's Hat, Astral BroochForest of Doom, Dark Academy

A winged beast related to dragons.293229Master's Keep, Nest of Evil

A skeleton that ceaselessly chases its own skull.110151SpadeForgotten City, Burnt Paradise, Nest of Evil

A stylish and sociable demon who is quite attentive to the ladies.359Hero's Cape, CutlassCity of Haze

An animated corpse.82Rotten Meat, Hobo's Clothes Entrance, City of Haze
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