Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Leg Protection

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Leg Protection


Artemis Shoes
Shoes blessed by a goddess.DEF +4, INT +2, MND +2, LCK +2Burnt ParadiseCharlotte

Combat Boots
Boots with a knife pocket. Designed for combat.DEF +3, STR +3Vincent's ShopBoth

Diamond Shoes
A pair of sparkling, diamond-encrusted shoes.DEF +6Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Enamel Pinheels
Shiny enamel pinheels.DEF +1City of HazeCharlotte

Engineer Boots
Sturdy boots with steel plating in the toes.DEF +2Vincent's ShopBoth

Glamorous Pumps
Gorgeous high-heeled shoes worn by celebrities.DEF +3, LCK +3Sandy GraveCharlotte

Glass Shoes
An impractically fragile pair of shoes.DEF +2, LCK +5Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Gold Leggings
Leggings made of gold.DEF +7Burnt ParadiseJonathan

Hiking Boots
Heavy, thick-treaded boots.DEF +2, CON +1Vincent's ShopJonathan

Inuit Boots
Boots made of seal fur.DEF +1, CON +2Frozen ShadeCharlotte

Iron Leggings
Leggings made of steel.DEF +5Great StairwayJonathan

Mercury Boots
Boots that allow the wearer to move faster.Dark AcademyBoth

Boots that enhance the ability to dash backwards.City of HazeBoth

Nun's Shoes
Shoes worn by nuns.DEF +1, MND +2City of HazeCharlotte

Thick-soled leather shoes.DEF +3Vincent's ShopJonathan

Platinum Leggings
Leggings made of platinum.DEF +9Iron GolemJonathan

Prima Shoes
The ultimate toe shoes, reserved for prima ballerinas.DEF +3, STR +3, CON +2Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Royal Sandals
Sandals decorated with precious gems.DEF +4, INT +3, MND +5Sandy GraveBoth

Samurai Leggings
Leggings worn by a samurai.DEF +5, STR +3, CON +313th StreetSkeleton BlazeJonathan

Comfy-looking sandals made of leatherDEF +1City of HazeBoth

Silent Sandals
Shoes with an unusual sole that lets the wearer walk silently.DEF +3, INT +3, MND +3Vincent's ShopLilithCharlotte

Silver Leggings
Leggings made of silver.DEF +6Forest of DoomJonathan

Slick Boots
Boots that enhance sliding ability.Tower of DeathSkeleton BlazeBoth

Spiked Boots
Boots that deal extra damage when kicking.Nation of FoolsBoth

Steel Greaves
Steel armor for the legs.DEF +813th StreetJonathan

Succubus Boots
A pair of boots worn by succubi.DEF +4, INT +4SuccubusCharlotte

Winged Boots
Boots that enable you to run like the wind.13th StreetBoth

For the fashionably-dressed vampire hunter.DEF +4, MND +3Vincent's ShopJonathan
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