Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Head Gear

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Head Gear


Arachne Hennin
A beautiful hat created by Arachne the weaver.DEF +7, INT +3, MND +3, LCK +3Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Attica Helmet
A helmet with a feathered crest.DEF +7, STR +5Forgotten CityJonathan

Ballroom Masque
A mask worn by nobles at formal dance.DEF +4, INT +1Ghost DancerJonathan

A piece of cloth to protect the forehead.DEF +3, STR +1, CON +1Buried ChamberJonathan

Clover Tiara
A tiara made of flowers from a meadow.DEF +1, MND +2City of HazeCharlotte

Combat Beret
A standard-issue military beret.DEF +2, STR +2, CON +2Tower of DeathBoth

Diamond Tiara
A tiara encrusted with diamonds.DEF +10Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Eye for Decay
Enable the wearer to see breakable walls.Peeping EyeBoth

A fashionable hat that just feels right with a whip.DEF +4FleamanJonathan

Gambler Glasses
Enable the wearer to see enemy item drop percentage.LCK +2Wind's QuestsBoth

Make you look older and wiser.DEF +2Flying SkullBoth

Protective eyewear that provides safety.DEF +5Great StairwayBoth

Head Guard
Protects the head from impacts.DEF +2EntranceJonathan

Holy Veil
A veil imbued with hidden power.DEF +5, INT +10Nation of FoolsCharlotte

Iron Helmet
A helmet made of iron.DEF +5Hill GuardJonathan

Midnight Tiara
A tiara with jewels shining in a black background.DEF +7, MND +5LauraCharlotte

A lens for one eye. A favorite among distinguished gentlemen.DEF +2, INT +2, MND +2Great StairwayDogetherBoth

Mourning Veil
A black veil of sadness.DEF +2, INT +2, MND +2Vincent's ShopCharlotte

Muse's Tiara
A tiara blessed by a goddess.DEF +6, INT +8Alura UneCharlotte

Nun's Habit
Head covering worn by nuns.DEF +2, MND +3Great StairwayCharlotte

Open Veil
A headcovering that frames the face.DEF +3, STR +3, INT +3Tower of DeathCharlotte

Pearl Tiara
A tiara adorned with pearls.DEF +3AmphisbaenaCharlotte

Porkpie Hat
A felt hat with a small brim.DEF +5RipperJonathan

Princess Tiara
A tiara covered with brilliant gems.DEF +5, LCK +7Forgotten CityCharlotte

Royal Crown
A crown encrusted with precious jewels from all over the world.DEF +2, INT +2, MND +2, LCK +2Ghoul KingBoth

Shogun Helmet
A helmet worn by the tyrant shogun Nobunaga.DEF +10, STR +3, INT -513th StreetJonathan

Silk Hat
The hat of a true aristocrat.DEF +5, INT +4Nation of Fools, Vincent's ShopJonathan

Skull Mask
A frightening mask patterned after a skull.DEF +13, INT -3, MND -3, LCK -3MalachiJonathan

Stone Mask
A creepy mask used in ancient rituals.DEF +3, LCK +1MummyJonathan

Stylish eyewear that protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays.DEF +10Vincent's ShopBoth

Thick Glasses
A pair of glasses with very thick lenses.DEF +1, INT +3City of HazeBoth

Traveler's Hat
A wide-brimmed hat perfect for the well-traveled man.DEF +6, INT +3, MND +3Vincent's ShopWitchJonathan

An Egyptian royal crown decorated with a golden cobra.DEF +3, LCK +5ElgizaBoth

Velvet Ribbon
A fine ribbon, soft to the touch.DEF +2City of HazeCharlotte

Viking Helmet
The distinct two-horned helmet worn by Viking warriors.DEF +4, STR +3Tower of Death, Vincent's ShopJonathan

Witch's Hat
The traditional pointy hat of the well-dressed witch.DEF +3, INT +3Student WitchCharlotte
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