Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Quest Guide

1. Preparations
“The priest should have some useful things for you in the next room. Get the potions and map.”

How: Go to the next room and buy the Castle Map 1 and one Potion.

Prize: Lizard Tail

2. Supersonic Punch
“Go to the butcher in town and mince some meat to get “ground meat”.

How: Go to the City of Haze and head to the room in the top left corner. There is some meat hanging on hooks. You must hit it with a hammer. The meat will break and drop the ground meat, if not, go out of the room and repeat.

Prize: Bullet Punch

3. Ghosts of the Desert
“There is a room in which many ghosts gather. Defeat the great ghost that appears there.”

How: Go to the Sandy Grave and head to the room on the far upper side of the pyramid, a large room that’s a dead end. You’ll find a bunch of little ghosts floating around. Destroy them all until the Great Ghost shows up. Destroy him and the quest its complete.

Prize: Bible

4. Defender of the Stairs
“Go defeat 10 hill guards”

How: Hill Guards are found in the Great Stairway area. They attacks sliding up and down the stairways. Destroy 10 of them.

Prize: Whip Skill 2

5. The Spinning Art
“Johnathan, let’s see you enter this command: left, down, right, left + attack”

How: Here you must perform this command: forward, down, back, forward + attack. Hit attack at the same time you press forward for second time. This may require some practice.

Prize: Spinning Art

6. Art of the Zephyr
“Jonathan, perform the “spinning art” in front of me three times in a row”

How: Perform The Spinning art three times in a row without leaving the room.

Prize: Rocket Slash

7. Find the King of Birds
“Find the rare Dodo and defeat it”

How: The dodo resides in the forgotten city. From the entrance of the painting, head straight until you get to the poison worm. Go to the section directly to the left of the worm and wait for a few seconds. You’ll see the dodo appear. Kill him quickly because it will panic and run. A powerful spell or a combo attack should kill it (it has 100HP).

Prize: Thief Ring

8. Overcome the Curse
“Go, and come back when you’ve been cursed.”

How: Become cursed and talk to Wind/Eric while still cursed. Go to the sandy grave and touch the ectoplasm then QUICKLY RUN with Wind/Eric (you can use the transportation tablets) and talk with him.

The second way is heading at the Clock room in tower of death (where you’ve faced Death in battle). Head to the room at the left of the elevator and just touch the killer doll at the end of the room. Now quickly turn around and go back to the nearest warp room and go to Wind/Eric. You must head straight to him with no delay.

If you have a Skull Ring (dropped from a Lesser Demon monster) you can just equip that to curse yourself.

Prize: Blessed Ring

9. The Statue’s Tear
“Find the ‘statue’s tear’ buried under the rubble and bring it here.”

How: The statue is found in the bottom left corner of Nation of Fools. Stand under the statue and hit up, if the statue bleeds, you have the tear.

Prize: Holy Water

10. The Martial Art
“Johnathan, let’s see you enter this command: up, left, down, right + attack”

How: Perform the command up, back, down, forward + attack.

Prize: Martial Art

11. Holy Appearance
“Charlotte, I’ll teach you a healing spell. Come back wearing three nun items.”

How: Equip Charlotte with three nun items and talk to Wind/Eric.

The items can be found at the following locations:

Nun’s Habit: Bottom right corner of main castle map. Use the bottom right Great Stairway warp point. It’s in the big room across from the save point. Head to the bottom left corner of the room to find it.

Nun’s Robes: Found in the main castle. Use the left-most Great Stairway warp point. Head to the room to the right of the nation of fools. It’s in a hidden room in the ceiling.

Nun’s Shoes: Found in the City of Haze. Take the warp point to the right most area of the map and head down to a large room. At the top left corner of the room is a hidden room in the ceiling.

Prize: Heal

12. Number of Fortune
“I’ll teach you a lucky spell. Come back when the last 3 digits of your money are 777.”

How: Find a torch and keep destroying it to get money. Keep an eye on your money to make sure you don’t go over it. If the torch doesn’t drop the right denomination, just exit the room and return.

Prize: Luck Boost

13. Mental Training 1
“Go reduce your MP, then come back.

How: Just use all of your MP and then talk to Wind/Eric.

Prize: Max MP increased

14. Mental Training 2
“Go find the “Thick Glasses.” That should make you look a little smarter”.

How: Thick Glasses are found in the City of Haze. In the top right of the map is a room with a wall in the middle. The wall has a hole that can only be passed through while in frog or owl form.

Prize: Max MP Increased

15. The Spear of Legend
“Become a master of the “Javelin.” I will then bequeath you my spear.”

How: Master the javelin by using it many times. You must hit an enemy with it, but it doesn’t have to deal the killing blow.

Prize: Alucard’s Spear

16. Mental Training 3
“Go raise your intelligence to at least 100, then come back.”

How: Equip as many INT boosting items as possible. Also, use the INT boost spell. If you still don’t have 100, you’ll have to come back when you’ve leveled up a few times. tip: works better with Charlotte.

Prize: Max MP increased

17. Nest of Evil
“When 888% of the map is filled, the path to the “nest of evil” will open at the castle gates.”

How: Get at least 888% map percentage and then talk to Wind/Eric.

Prize: Access to Nest of Evil (Under the Castle Gates)

18. Defeat the Ghoul King
“Go and defeat the Ghoul King”.

How: Go to the 13th street map and find the room with all the ghouls. Start killing them and eventually a blue colored ghoul will appear. That’s the ghoul king. He’s much faster and stronger than the other ghouls. Kill it fast or it will disappear. tip: It has 444 HP so a spell or combo works well.

Prize: Immunity Ring

19. Abandon Greed
“You lack desperation. Come back when you have no money”.

How: Spend all your money.

Prize: Miser Ring

20. A Rank Hunter
“Defeat a total of 1500 enemies. As a reward, I’ll give you a new weapon”.

How: Kill at least 1500 enemies.

Prize: Royal Sword

21. Mental Training 4
“Go raise your MND to at least 100, then come back”.

How: Have 100 MND and talk to Wind/Eric. You can use the MND boost spell to help. (Works better with Charlotte)

Prize: Max MP increased.

22. S Rank Hunter
“Defeat a total of 3000 enemies”.

How: Kill at least 3000 enemies.

Prize: Undead Killer

23. The Gambler
“Collect 5 cards”.

How: There are 5 different playing cards that different enemies drop.

Joker – Killer clown (found in nation of fools)
Diamond – Coppelia (found in nation of fools)
Club – Treant (found in forest of doom)
Heart – Nyx (found in 13th street)
Spade – Yorick (found in forgotten city)

Prize: Gambler Glasses

24. Hands of the Clock
“Come to me when the short hand of the great clock points to 12”

How: When the clock tower’s hour hand is on 12, talk to Wind/Eric. The clock follows the DS so you can adjust it if you don’t want to wait.

Prize: Time Stop

25. Poison vs. Poison
“If you want a poison sword, bring me ‘moldy bread’, ‘amanita’ and a ‘longsword”.

How: Find the three items and bring them to Wind/Eric.
Moldy Bread – Forest of Doom. Near the entrance.
Amanita – Moldy Corpse monsters in the Forest of Doom drop them.
Long Sword – In the City of Haze.

Prize: Assassin Blade

26. Build Your Strength 1
“You should be able to find a beehive somewhere. It should help you build your strength.”

How: Head to the Forest of Doom and look for one of the big beehives. Break it and it might drop a beehive item. If it doesn’t just keep coming back into the room and destroy it until it does.

Prize: Max HP increased

27. Build Your Strength 2
“You can’t fight on an empty stomach. Go find a New York Steak and bring it here”.

How: The monster Gorgon found in Burnt Paradise drops New York Steaks. The New York Steak is also found in the Dark Academy. Head to the vertical room all the way on the left side of the map (just to the right of the save point). In the middle of the room, attack the edge of the platform to break it and find the steak.

Prize: Max HP increased

28. The Lonely Stage
“There’s a ghost that hopes to hear a performance in a classroom in the underworld. Grant his wish.”

How: Go to the Dark Academy. There is a room with a piano Wait in the room near the music stand and the ghost will appear and play the piano.

Prize: Record Player

29. Build Your Strength 3
“You can’t fight on an empty stomach. Go and find five different kinds of cakes.”

How: There is a secret room in the City of Haze in the right of the ground passageway at the right of the first save room, and in 13th street at the right of the ground passageway at the left of the first save room, with various cakes.

Prize: Max HP Increased

30. Pray Before the Cross
“Pray before the cross in the church under the cover of darkness”.

How: The cross is found in 13th street. There is a room in the left side of the map that you must enter from the top.

Prize: Cross (Sub-Weapon)

31. Build Your Strength 4
“You must be able to fight to your full potential. Go raise your CON to at least 100”.

How: Get 100 CON and talk to Wind/Eric. You can use the CON Boost spell to help.

Prize: Max HP Increased

32. Lost Page
“Bring me Tome of Arms page 1 and Tome or Arms page 2. They’re missing from my Tome of Arms.”

How: Both pages can be found in the Nest of Evil.

Prize: Tome of Arms X

33. The Hundred Tasks
“Defeat 100 different kinds of enemies”.

How: Kill 100 different enemies.

Prize: Sage Ring

34. Master of the Holy Power
“Master these three moves of holy power: cross, holy water, and bible”

How: Like with the spear of legend, Master these 3 Sub-Weapons.

Prize: Grand Cruz

35. Almighty
“Jonathan, the time has come for you to learn all of the Vampire hunter’s skills”.

How: Learn all of the Sub-Weapon skills. Master them, or not, its your choice.

Prize: Stellar Sword

36. The Great Sage
“Charlotte, the time has come for you to learn all of the great sage’s skills”.

How: Learn all of the spell skills.

Prize: Sorceress Crest

37. Kill Gergoth
“Charlotte, use the Blank Book, to put Gergoth out of his misery”

How: Use to Blank Book weapon (buy it from Vincent) to deal the final blow to Gergoth.

Prize: Cocytus
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